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March 29 2003

Please discuss:
Is this comics?
The Weebls may be funny, but they move...
I would assert that they have a 'comics sensibility'.

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March 28 2003
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March 27 2003

Craig Thompson's much anticipated graphic novel, Blankets, is now available to preview over at artbomb.net
Absolutely luscious.

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Bob Monkhouse (yes... that Bob Monkhouse... What do you mean you didn't know he did comics?) has been doing a "three-part series celebrating the children's comic Radio Fun" on Radio 4. The last episode was broadcast this week, but you can still listen to it here.

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March 26 2003

COMICA a look at international comic art and literature

ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH, Thursday June 26th till Sunday July 6th.

This will be the first of an annual event looking at the burgeoning area of comics, internationally. Comics have long been known for their genre-bending subversion of culture and artistic forms, and the Comica programme will reflect this. There will be various strands of the festival talks with the likes of Charles Burns (Who has done album covers for Iggy Pop, amongst other key works) in conversation with Nick Hornby (to be confirmed) and Chris Ware (creator of Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Kid in the World, Guardian First book Award winner) in conversation with Alex Garland (to be confirmed), as well as the new wave of comic talent emerging from the UK.

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A radio play about illustrator Edward Gorey is on BBC Radio 4 at 14:15, Thursday 27 March.

With David Suchet, Alison Lurie, Frank Langella, Steven Appleby and Ogdred Weary, Miss D Awdrey Gore and Wardore Edgy.

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Andy Roberts (long time UK small press cartoonist now (sadly for those of us who loved his comics) concentrating on his music) works in a branch of Waterstones and has been looking at sales figures across the company for the UK edition of Palestine. He finds that in twomonths it's become the bestselling graphic novel ever in the chain.
"This vindicates completely the idea - dismissed as unrealistic for years in the comics press and bookselling circles alike - that a) comix can be sold in bookstores, if they have some appeal beyond superhero fans, and b) graphic novels on mainstream subjects can capture a large audience (1,800 copies in two months makes it a bestseller, especially considering the price) if the audience gets to see them."
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March 25 2003

Life with Leslie is a really great stripblog. I particularly like the juxtaposition between the trad 3 panel humour strip setup and the despressing despair of the author. At times it's so effective it hurts.

Via Jeremy

# Posted by Pete Ashton
March 24 2003

Hello all,

As those of you who either know me or follow my weblog will know, I've had a rather.. interesting few months which have culminated in me quitting my job, putting my stuff in storage and heading off to work on an organic farm on the Isle of Wight. Obviously this affects BugPowder somewhat which is why I'm writing this both for the mailing list and to be posted on the site.

As you may or may not be aware, BugPowder has been around for about 6 or so years in various forms and came out of other comics / zine projects I've been involved with since, god, 1989. Over the last couple of years I've been slowly moving the focus of BugPowder away from "my comics site" towards something more community based, to the stage now where I pretty much have nothing to do with it on a day to day basis. I've got ideas and plans for the site, but they merely expand on what's there, and what's there looks after itself most of the time.

As such, if I were to personally give up on BugPowder it would not suffer too much in the long term, if at all. And I should really add a big "thank you" to everyone who's participated in this community project at whatever level. You've made it what it is, so well done.

I'm not giving up on BugPowder - however I will have bugger all to do with it for the next few months, and maybe for longer than that..

Jez Higgins has kindly agreed to look after the site from now on. While this isn't a huge job, it's still a job, so thanks Jez. Any questions about the site or the list should be directed at Jez and any decisions about what happens to BugPowder are with him. Jez and I have been friends in and out of comics for a long time now and he's always been the Mr Big figure behind bugpowder.com. He also has joint custody of TRS2. So it makes sense for him to be running things from now on.

All the contact details on the site will be changed over the next few days to reflect this.

As for the future, I may well come back into the fold and work within the small press / art comix scene. I've been doing this kinda thing for nearly 15 years now - half my life - and I'm not about to give up on it. I see working on this farm as a chance to rejuvenate my body and mind and as a stepping stone to "something else". Whether that is a continuation of the minimalist farming lifestyle, a return to salaried work, a move into computing, travelling abroad or something I haven't even considered, I don't know yet.

In some ways, and without sounding pious (and failing miserably) I like to see this as a sabbatical from the work that I do so that when I return I can do it better. Working on stuff for this community has been one of the most rewarding and important things in my life and while I accept I've done some good stuff, I know much more can be done by me if I have the time and, more importantly, the right frame of head-space.

My web site, while annoyingly down at the moment, is the best place to get in touch with me through over the next 6 months, but please be aware that I'm going to be pretty isolated from computers, phones, etc.

I plan to come to Caption this summer, but will not be going to Bristol for financial reasons.

That's about all for now. Keep doing whatever good work it is you're doing.


# Posted by Pete Ashton
March 20 2003
The Drawn and Quarterly website has been revamped and very nice it is too.

Also, Robert Young of magazine The Comics Interpreter has done a q&a for the Italian Komix site where he gives a heads-up to BugPowder - thanks chum!

And in more personal news, my site is currently down awaiting the renewal of the domain to kick in. Should be back on in a day or so. My email also seems to be down so please email me on for now.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
March 18 2003

The Favourite Crayon website is up and running and looking pretty nice. Should be familiar to fans of Pulp Kitchen.

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March 17 2003

From TCJ:

Two SPX Steering Committee Members Resign Over Issues Surrounding Pending Move to Baltimore Comic-Con.

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Art Spiegelman has resigned from the New Yorker in protest against censorship. There's an interview here.

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March 16 2003

The follow up to Goodbye Chunky Rice is due out in July. Press release from Top Shelf follows:

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Saturday 12 April
At the Institut Francais | 17 Queensberry Place | South Kensington | London SW7 2DT
Heros de tous les jours
Autobiographies in BD
3.00 pm-4.30 pm
in English
free admission

Paul Gravett chairs a debate on autobiographical comics. Some British
and French cartoonists push back the boundaries of the superhero comic
genre. They draw their everyday life and daily routine with humour.

With Jean-Christophe Menu, co-founder of L'Association Publishing and
author of 'Livre de Phamille' about his marriage and family life;
Fabrice Neaud, Alph'Art award-winning author of 'Journal' recording his
life as a young gay man, and Glenn Dakin, author of the witty stories of
his alter ego Abe, collected in 'Abe: Wrong for All the Right Reasons'.

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March 11 2003

Jeremy Dennis mentions on her site that she's been contacted by someone investigating Stripblogs. The questions she was asked follow...

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March 9 2003

The second issue of the Brit-based comics anthology Sturgeon White Moss is out now and while I haven't seen it yet, it's no doubt worth checking out. (TRS review for issue one here.)

# Posted by Pete Ashton

Portfolio site of Matter creator Philip Barrett has something to offer the comics connoisseur: sample strips from previous publications, the Wage Slave cartoon archive, and for those eagerly anticipating the new issue of Matter, #2's sublime cover and a couple of sample pages to whet the appetite. (See also the TRS2 review of Matter #1 here.)

# Posted by John Robbins
March 7 2003

When it comes to the extreme "art" end of the comix world, the Fort Thunder collective are pushing many envelopes. Lotsa stuff on their site, including many online comics. Go check it out.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

I've been wondering what to do with the mass of small press comics and zines I've accumulated over the last 10-15 years. You can read about my musings here.

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