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May 29 2003

This press release comes from Heidi MacDonald's messageboard:

Fantagraphics Books Needs Your Help!

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May 27 2003

Paul Gravett has just announced the full line-up plus details of the upcoming Comica ICA exhibition;

A Festival of International Comic Art and Literature

ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH
Friday June 27th - Sunday July 6th.

27 June - 6 July
'The graphic novel is not literary fiction's half-wit cousin, but, more
accurately, the mutant sister who can often do everything fiction can, and,
just as often, more.' Dave Eggers
A 10-day annual ICA festival involving significant and emerging creators
from Britain and abroad, unleashing the vibrancy of contemporary
international comics, curated by Paul Gravett.

Fri 27 Jun, 9pm
Comica Opening Party
Comica opening party in the bar with comic artist Charles Burns, John
Bagnall, Marc Baines, Ed Pinsent, Woodrow Phoenix DJing.
Free with ICA Day membership

Fri June 27th - Sun July 6th
The OuBaPo: Potential Comics Exhibition T
The ICA will launch the British branch of OuBaPo (Ouvroir de Bande Dessinee
Potentielle or 'Workshop for the Potential of Comics'). A team of artists
including Tom Gauld, Test-Tube Comics, Les Cartoonistes Dangereux, as well
as guests, will experiment with the comic format in an evolving, wall-sized,
multi-pathed artwork. Plus a capsule exhibition exploring the history and
legacy of American underground comics.
Free with ICA Day Membership

25 Jun - 6 Jul
Digital Studio opening times
An exhibition of work that provides a comprehensive look at the very best of
comics on the web.
Free with ICA Day Membership

25 Jun - 6 July
Digital Studio opening times
OuBaPo: Potential comics online
The Digital Studio becomes a home for the online version of the OuBaPo, the
comic that is being created in the ICA Concourse Gallery throughout the
Comica festival.
Free with ICA Day Membership

Wed 25 Jun, 7pm
Curator Talk: Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
Curator of the Digital Studio Comica exhibition Daniel Goodbrey takes the
audience on a tour of the selected works in the Digital Studio offering a
glimpse of the prolific webcomics scene.
Free with ICA Day Membership

Sat 28 Jun 4pm
New Practices, New Comics
Paul Gravett, John Barber and John Dunning look at how new media tools are
changing comics.
Free with ICA Day Membership

Sun 29 June
An Afternoon of Conversations
DIY Comics: Online vs Offline (2-3pm)
Independent comics creators discuss straddling the small press and internet.
Warren Ellis and Mike Carey (3.30-4.30pm)
Discuss their work.
Alan Moore: An Extraordinary Gentleman (5-6pm)
Various collaborators discuss working with the High Priest of comics.
The Great Escape (6.30-7.30pm)
A look at the revolutionary Escape Magazine with co-editor Paul Gravett and
some of its favourite contributors.
Each Talk: £4, £3 Concs.£2 ICA Members, or 4 tickets for the price of 3,
Nash Room

Mon 30 Jun, 7pm
Charles Burns: The Dog Boy Speaks
'I read Skin Deep from cover to cover, smiling and laughing. It's so sick. I
felt a lot better after.' Iggy Pop
Cult American illustrator Charles Burns discusses his darkly delicious
£6,£5 Concs. £4 ICA members, Nash Room

Tue July 1st, 6.45pm
Chris Ware: Smartest Cartoonist in the World
ChrisWare (Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Kid in the World, Guardian First Book
Award winner) in conversation with Alex Garland (The Beach)
£8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA members, Cinema 1

Wed July 2nd, 6.45pm
Joe Sacco: Moral Draughtsman
Joe Sacco (Palestine) in conversation with Tariq Ali
£8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA members, Cinema 1

Friday July 4th, 7pm
Sophie Crumb: A Brand New Person
Sophie Crumb (Ghost World film illustrations), daughter of comic giant
Robert, and rising comic star in her own right, will talk about her work and
demonstrate her tattooing.
£8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA members, ICA Theatre

Friday July 4th, 8pm
Cult Outsider comic artist and musician Daniel Johnston, beloved of the
likes of Kurt Cobain, Beck and Harmony Korine, will be performing material
from his latest album in this alternative Independence Day celebration.
Support DJing by Everett True of Careless Talk Costs Lives and Savage
£10, £9 Concs. £8 ICA members, Theatre

Sat July 5th, 5pm
Frederic Boilett: Manga, Mon Amour
Frenchman Frederic Boilet, now resident in Tokyo, will discuss his elegant
hybrid of European and Japanese sensibilities and launch the English edition
of Yukiko's Spinach.
£8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA members, Nash Room

Sat July 5th 7pm:
Top Secret Screening of a Hot New Comics Movie
Sorry,can't tell you which film this will be! Nobody can know ahead of the

# Posted by Gary Northfield
May 24 2003

Slightly disturbing but hugely thought-provoking 32 page comic available to download in Adobe Acrobat form at Dramatica. Titled 'How Does Story Work?', it offers overview of a complex recipe for construction of a satisfying story, and provides essential reading for the indisciplined, intuition-lacking writer. Be sure to (queasily) delve further - this is a site with plenty of scary stuff!

# Posted by John Robbins
May 19 2003

'Publishing can only be made to pay if you don't value your own time at all' - Jonathan Cape.

Found, via The Scribblers, some advice from Peter Finch's handbook on self-publishing. Well worth a goo, and a nice supplement to the Bugpowder 'Resources' resource!

# Posted by John Robbins
May 16 2003

According to the ever polished, ever informative Comic Time (50p, from Mystery Studios Ltd, PO Box 32, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 8YN), Editor-in-Chief of Bulletproof Comics Matt Yeo reflects "there is a wealth of incredible untapped comics talent in the UK, and Bulletproof has been set-up to get them under the spotlight." Check the Bulletproof website for confirmation that this venture isn't just re-tapping an already tapped-out source.

# Posted by John Robbins
May 11 2003

Hi all. About time I fetched up here, eh?

Two Ladyfests are happening later this summer. One in Bristol in August, one in Manchester in September. Ladyfest is kind of a feminist punk rock arts & activism festival. Unlike other festivals, there's no one group that's behind it - each event in each city is put on by a brand new group each time, inspired by previous Ladyfests. The first one was in Olympia, in the US, in 2000, and last year's Ladyfest London was one of the most fun weekends of my life.

The Bristol and Manchester groups are collaborating on an exhibition of female comix artists, with international scope. They're looking for other places to show it, too (wonder if it'd be ready in time for Caption?). It's surely got to be shown in London - but where? Paul G or anyone else - any ideas?

(PS: Mardou, did you get my email? Your comic rocks.)

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May 10 2003

Contemporary artist Paul Noble has in the past done work in the form of comics. (imagine if Viz had Kafka guest editing for a month). But that doesn't mean you should ignore his fantastic pencil drawings of Nobson Newton, his imaginary town.

# Posted by Mikal Dyas

A few days ago they ran an item on PERSEPOLIS by Marjane Satrapi on the Radio 4 arts review show "Front Row." Will it be this years highbrow-comic-that-is-picked -up-and-championed-by-a-mainstream-publisher-and -therefore-recieves-some-press-attention as it was for Jimmy Corrigan or Ghost World or Palestine? Maybe not as I do not recall it being published before.

The publishers website describes it thus: "Persepolis tells the story of Marjane Satrapi's life in Tehran from the ages of six to fourteen, years that saw the overthrow of the Shah's regime, the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and the devastating effects of war with Iraq."

And while Radio 4 made reference to Maus and Jimmy Corrigan the publishers site makes no reference to it being a comic or graphic novel or has any examples of the drawings. But luckily Lambiek does!

# Posted by Mikal Dyas