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September 29 2003

I'm not sure how to summarise Frightnight. It's kinda the web comics equivalent of a themed anthology, only you're given the first panel so it's a bit like a jamcomic, but then it's also a competition because the best comic for each 1st panel wins that panel. Whatever, it's a keen idea and Roger Langridge is involved so GO ENTER!

(via Groc's Blogette)

# Posted by Pete Ashton
September 28 2003

It's always nice when you stumble across a quality little community of comics types, and Bent Comics is just that. Admitedly I know Robin Bougie's work from the old BugPowder distro days but the others are all new to me and all of top quality. Loads of archived strips there too. Go read and enjoy.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
September 27 2003

I'm not placed to judge how effective or useful this Colour Scheme web app is but I'm sure it's worth bringing to people's attention.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

On the 24th October I am getting the ferry across from Guernsey (where I live) to attend the Quai des Bulles, Festival BD de Saint-Malo in the port of St. Malo for the day. The roster of artists and publishers detailed on the website have got my mouth watering but have any Bugpowder contributors/readers attended this convention before? Was it a good one?

As long as the October weather does not delay my crossing I will post some photos of my visit on my website once they are done.

# Posted by Mikal Dyas
September 24 2003

Here's a thing. Follow these instructions for fun and illumination as to the wonders of the internet...

Go to Bloglines (thanks to Mike for the link) and set up an account.

Now go to Tapestry (thanks to LMG for the link). Pick three or four strips you'd like to read (tricky I know, but they're not all naff) and copy the "RSS Feed" address for each one.

Paste each RSS Feed into the "URL Subscribe" box on Bloglines, one by one. Click on the link in the right hand column and the most recent strips will appear in the left hand column. Come back tomorrow and, if anything new has been posted, it'll appear there.

You're now reading comics via the magic of RSS.

Next, add the RSS feeds for the stripblogs of UK small press types Jeremy Dennis and Matt Abbiss. Getting the idea?

# Posted by Pete Ashton
September 23 2003

Lee Kennedy is off to Serbia and wants to take your comics with her...

Against all odds, I seem to be bound for the GRRR! Comics Convention in Belgrade, 17-19 October. I have just been asked to bring as many examples as possible of the products of UK small-press and self-published cartoonists to be exhibited for the delectation of toon-hungry Serbian artyfolk. If you want your work to be admired in the Balkans,(and who wouldn't?) the organisers are looking for up to 4 pages from each artist, originals appreciated, or very clear copies, and a short ( one or two paragraphs-) CV. Samples of your minis, ashcans, whatever, would also be great.

Please send by 5 October to:
L Kennedy
58 Durrington Tower
Wandsworth Rd
London SW8 3LF

(SAEs would be greatly appreciated!)
Also requested are any comic-related trading cards for an exhibit. They may not be returned, as they might be kept on display, so don't send any you really,really want...

May good karma rain upon all those who contribute to this worthy

You can find out more about GRRR! in Chris Lanier's report on last
year's meeting in The Comics Journal 251.

You can see the venue and details of last year's programme here

GRRR!'s founding father , by the way, is Sasa Rakezic, (aka Alexandar Zograf) well-known Serbian visionary cartoonist and journalist, who visited Caption back in '97.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
September 22 2003

Debra writes on the mailing list that her rather keen idea of a comics workshop has reached fruition:

"If you think you might like a jolly weekend away with comics people doing comics stuff - doesn't matter whether you're Wassily Kandinsky, Charles Dickens, a doodler in the margin of the telephone directory or a scrawler of dirty limericks on toilet walls, please check out the links below and let me know ASAP. I need an expression of interest at this stage and a commitment (and cash) by 17/10/03."

Details on her blog here and here.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

The answer to the Belleville Rendez-vous competition question - who won this year's Tour de France? - was, of course,

Lance Armstrong
Thanks to everyone who entered. Congrats to winners Phil, Damien, Eamon, Dave and Terri. Your swag - a T shirt and little promo film thingy provided by the film's PR people Beatwax - will be in the post shortly.

# Posted by Jez Higgins
September 20 2003

Cabanon Press artist, Simone Lia presents Fluffy. "A story of unanswerable questions, love, despair, adventure and

Being part one of four, this softback book, 42 pages long, costs only 6.00, (not 7.99 as listed on the website), and can be purchased at Simone's brand new website www.simonelia.com

# Posted by Gary Northfield

Cape are publishing a collection of Posy Simmonds' Literary Life strips originally published in the Guardian. Also, interview/article in The Bookseller. via Journalista.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

Yeay! A new UK comix convention - aimed at types like us!

"The UK Web Comix Thing 2004 is a convention aimed at the web and mini comix industry of the UK. Designed to provide the UK with something on par with the Small Press Expos held in the US, the event will bring together creators of web, independent, alternative, underground and unconventional UK comics and give the general public, fans and aspiring artists a chance to browse the talent of today in this leading edge industry."

# Posted by mooncat
September 18 2003

On Friday 26th September the Bristol shop 'here' will have it's Grand Opening which all are invited to attend. Concieved as an exhibition space and a place to sell comics, zines and indy-media for Ladyfest Bristol, the shop's open experimentally until the end of December. It's completely staffed by volunteers and is well worth checking out.
An exhibition in the pipeline is a tribute to Johnny Cash with artwork from cartoonists like Debra Boyask. If you want to submit some Johnny Cash related art for the exhibition and website get in touch.

# Posted by Mardou
September 17 2003

Do you know who won this year's Tour de France?

You do? Then you could be a winner in our Belleville Rendez-vous competition. Email the answer to swag@bugpowder.com before midnight tonight, (ie upto 23:59 BST, 17 September). All the correct answers go into the virtual hat, and we'll draw the winners from that.

# Posted by Jez Higgins
September 13 2003

Good opportunity (still) to expose your massive talent to an unsuspecting public! Single panel to 5 page submissions with Ireland/Irishness as the theme are invited for a one-shot comic provisionally titled 'THE JIG IS UP'. (Not a paying gig.) Stories are to be B&W/Greyscale, roughly US comic page size (258 x 168mm) and of something approaching professional standard. All forms welcome, be they political rant, funny anecdote or some mad yoke that helps dispel (or create new) misconceptions about the Emerald Isle! (A fancy full colour cover is also required!)

Send stuff to creator of Diamond distributed comic MBLEH! - that's Bob Byrne, 43 Kilclare Gardens, Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Eire. And/or contact Bob with queries and submission-related problems at bob@clamnuts.com.

# Posted by John Robbins
September 11 2003

Article about Art Spiegelman in the Independent today.

# Posted by Matthew Abbiss
September 9 2003

... what Simon Gane has been up to recently.

# Posted by mooncat
September 8 2003

Chris Bunting of Comics International has amassed a really useful set of articles on his website. Of particular use to aspiring comic book writers maybe..

# Posted by Mardou
September 7 2003

No apologies for more Belleville Rendez-vous plugging (described on The Late Review as a masterpiece by both Iain Rankin and Tom Paulin, btw), because this time I have swag. The Belleville Rendez-vous PR people have given bp.c some swag to give to you, by way of a competition. So, to win a Belleville Rendez-vous t-shirt or CD, answer this question

Who won this year's Tour de France?

Email your answer to swag@bugpowder.com by Wednesday 17 September. All the correct answers go into the virtual hat, and we'll draw the winners from that.

# Posted by Jez Higgins
September 6 2003
# Posted by mooncat
September 2 2003

Belleville Rendez-vous, a film by French cartoonist Sylvain Chomet goes on release next week (you lucky London types have it already). Champion, the adopted son of Madame Souza is kidnapped while racing in the Tour De France. Madame Souza and her dog Bruno set out to rescue him, which leads them across the sea to Belleville. There they meet three 1930s musical hall stars, who take Madame Souza and Bruno under their wing.

That's as much as I know, other than it looks rather lovely - and very French, I'm reminded of Tardi's Adele Blanc-Sec - and that it's getting terrific reviews (1, 2, 3, 4). If that's all I know, why am I writing this? Well, I was asked to by the distributor and since this is the first comics-related (however loosely) film for some time that didn't rely on overmuscled men thumping things as a major plot point, I thought why not.

# Posted by Jez Higgins
September 1 2003

This month's TCJ archive interview is well timed being with Harvey Pekar creator of the recently adapted-for-film American Splendor. "Pekar discussed his work in considerable detail, touching upon the origin of the series, the nature of his art, his friendship with R. Crumb, the reason why he's content to portray himself in a less-than-flattering light, and much more."

# Posted by Pete Ashton

I've been watching Barry Renshaw's seemingly tireless efforts to bring together disparate threads of the UK small press scene with some interest over the last couple of days so I was pleased to stumble (somewhat belatedly) on his Engine Comics site. Here you'll find the usual info about his varied comics and anthologies but also a swathe of useful information culled from his Rough Guide to Self Publishing, scene reports and photos. All he needs is a blog!

# Posted by Pete Ashton

Dave Goodman's Zip Gun Presents... anthology is now on its fourth issue and looks to me like becoming something of a welcome institution. Using a core local team as a foundation but always open to other contributors, and crucially having a theme for each issue, these inexpensive and varied comics, well, they're very nice to see. Go David!

# Posted by Pete Ashton