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October 29 2003

Previews of Steve Martin's excellent Terrible Sunrise project can now be viewed here

Declaration of vested interest - Steve gave me permission to create this site as a ZUM! sub site

# Posted by mooncat
October 28 2003

Venue: Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Date: November 1, 12.00 noon.
Details: presentation on the relationship between anime and manga, with guest speaker Yoshihiro Shimizu, a well-known figure in the field of Japanese animated films who was invloved with animated versions of works by renowned comic-strip author Osamu Tezuka. Followed by a screening of an episode of the Shimuzu produced TV series 'Astroboy Tetsuman Atom'.
Web-site: www.irishfilm.ie

# Posted by John Robbins
October 22 2003

Venue: Multimedia Centre, Curved St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Date: Thursday 30th October, 7p.m.
Details: here.
Free of charge, but limited seating - to reserve a place, email criticalvoices@artscouncil.ie
(This info courtesy of event organiser Philip Barrett - of Matter fame.)

# Posted by John Robbins

Part one and part two of an interview with Jeffrey Lewis discussing comics and life, courtesy of the rather fabulous Do Something Pretty Fanzine.

# Posted by Mardou

The Art Spiegelman / Philip Pullman event at the ICA is on Tuesday 4th November, not the 3rd as previously announced.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
October 20 2003

Pat Mills has been confirmed (subject to dates, etc) as a guest at Caption next year. (Caption is a long running UK small press comics convention held in Oxford, for the unaware). Seemingly unorthadox but actually I think a rather keen idea.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
October 19 2003

Philip Pullman acclaims the craftmanship, emotion and truth that make the masterpiece that is Art Spiegelman's illustrated Holocaust history, Maus I and II, now published for the first time as a single edition

Behind the masks

# Posted by Steve Block
October 13 2003

Not a UK comics release - but still cause for at least a little bleat of joy!
Steve Willis is active again...
From one of those old fashioned news group things there is the following posting:

Morty the Dog returns in Cranium Frenzy #10. 64 pages, digest. 5 bucks, I pay postage. Yes, I am still alive. Steve Willis, PO Box 390,
McCleary, WA 98557-0390.

# Posted by mooncat
October 4 2003

Some new up and coming events at the ICA, London, hot on the heels of the success of the events in June:
(From Paul Gravett, via Bugpowder mailing list):

"Tuesday October 28th, 7pm:
Three Very Big Comic Artists
Comic books are one of the most exciting creative forums of the moment, collapsing the boundaries between visual art and literature. Tonight Steven Appleby, Tom Gauld and Simone Lia will be talking about their work as comic artists. Gauld and Lia are at the cutting edge of the next generation of graphic artists; they publish together as Cabanon Press and next month the quirky and surreal collection Both is published by Bloomsbury. Tom also creates the comic strips 'Move to the City' for Time Out and 'The Writer at Work' for the Guardian. Appleby is one of the country's leading cartoonists whose work currently appears in the Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Telegraph. His forthcoming book is Jim: Nine lives of a Dysfunctional Cat. Chair: editor and co-publisher of Escape and curator of the ICA Festival Comica, Paul Gravett.
Tickets 8, 7 Concs., 6 ICA members, www.ica.org.uk or 020 7930 3647

Looking ahead to Future Comica events at the ICA:

Art Spiegelman, in London for just one event, talks with Philip Pullman on Tuesday November 4th [corrected] to tie in with the new collected edition of Maus.

Posy Simmonds in conversation with writer Ian McEwan about her new collection of Guardian strips, Literary Life, on Wednesday December 3rd."

# Posted by Gary Northfield