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November 3 2003

Sean Wilson writes about a new project funded by the Arts council, and an artcle about getting that grant should hopfully appear here soon.

Hi all, This is to announce that, thanks to a grant by the arts council england, my first graphic novel 'Angel of the woods' will be available from the first week of Dec 2003. Written by myself, Sean Michael Wilson, art by an Argentinean, Jorge Heufemann.

The book is a US format graphic novel, 80 b/w pages, colour card cover, illustrated in a rather classical European art style and available from the address below for only 7.99 (which includes postage and packing).

boychild productions
11 Montpelier Rise
London, NW11 9SS, UK

Blurb follows...

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Paul Gravett writes to the mailing list:

Just got back this morning and heard that Spiegelman has had to cancel his iCA/Comica talk with Pullman tomorrow Tuesday, as his son is ill and Art had to go back to New York. Both he and Philip are keen to re-stage this conversation next year.

# Posted by Pete Ashton