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November 14 2003

Ada Gadomski writes about an interesting talk in London next week:

New Voices from Serbia

Salon Des Arts, 191 Queens Gate, London SW7 020 7589 3668

Under the Milosevic regime in Serbia, a group of 'official' writers and artists represented the reality of the country devastated by war in a distorted and simplified way. However, a generation of younger artists, who wrote, painted and sang about what was really happening coexisted alongside the "mainstream"... Vladimir Arsenijevic, Milena Markovic, Hajdana Baletic and Aleksandar Zograf, all established writers/artists, will join us to present their work, views and experiences of the conflict in former Yugoslavia and how it has influenced their lives, visions, and their writings. They will discuss the issues of living in war and post-war Serbia, the role of artists and the importance art in helping to start a dialogue...

Thursday 20 November 2003 Doors open 7.00pm - symposium starts 8.00pm
Free Entry.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

The new issue of The Comics Journal has a lead feature on the Fort Thunder collective with interviews and the like. If you think the kind of stuff available from the Catastrophe shop is just too good and super, this should be of interest. If you don't know their owrk, the Fort Thunder website might help. Then again, it might not.

# Posted by Pete Ashton