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November 30 2003

Discovered an article about this idea by Jeffrey Lewis, although I haven't seen any of the strips in question. Sorry if it's old hat. Clever idea.

Here's the link.

He also has a strip up on the Rough Trade site here.

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The irregular round up of Graphic Novels appeared in The Observer again. A Small Killing among the four briefly reviewed.Click here to read.

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November 28 2003

From The Guardian:

Some of the most exquisite illuminated book illustrations in the world - including the apparent equivalent of an early religious cartoon strip - are going on display in an exhibition at the Royal Society of Arts in London from this weekend.

Full Article

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November 20 2003

...Captain Dolphin!

Ralphie has allowed the first 2 issues of his Captain Dolphin comics to be archived on the interweb thingy!

Declaration of vested interest - Ralph gave permission that this site be hosted as a ZUM! sub site

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A new mailing list for the distribution of (primarily) UK Small Press Comics has been created:
Reviews from ZUM!, TRS & CI will be passing through.
Hopefully more review sources will join in.

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November 14 2003

Ada Gadomski writes about an interesting talk in London next week:

New Voices from Serbia

Salon Des Arts, 191 Queens Gate, London SW7 020 7589 3668

Under the Milosevic regime in Serbia, a group of 'official' writers and artists represented the reality of the country devastated by war in a distorted and simplified way. However, a generation of younger artists, who wrote, painted and sang about what was really happening coexisted alongside the "mainstream"... Vladimir Arsenijevic, Milena Markovic, Hajdana Baletic and Aleksandar Zograf, all established writers/artists, will join us to present their work, views and experiences of the conflict in former Yugoslavia and how it has influenced their lives, visions, and their writings. They will discuss the issues of living in war and post-war Serbia, the role of artists and the importance art in helping to start a dialogue...

Thursday 20 November 2003 Doors open 7.00pm - symposium starts 8.00pm
Free Entry.

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The new issue of The Comics Journal has a lead feature on the Fort Thunder collective with interviews and the like. If you think the kind of stuff available from the Catastrophe shop is just too good and super, this should be of interest. If you don't know their owrk, the Fort Thunder website might help. Then again, it might not.

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November 13 2003
Larry Niven's much mentioned but rarely read essay Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex, online with permission.
All known forms of kryptonian life have superpowers. The same must hold true of living kryptonian sperm. We may reasonably assume that kryptonian sperm are vulnerable only to starvation and to green kryptonite; that they can travel with equal ease through water, air, vacuum, glass, brick, boiling steel, solid steel, liquid helium, or the core of a star; and that they are capable of translight velocities.
What kind of a test tube will hold such beasties?
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November 9 2003

The Posy Simmonds interview is to publicise her new collection literary life a collection of her stuff in The Guardian, and is here...

The interview of Paul Levitz was in yesterdays Guardian business section and can be found here...

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November 3 2003

Sean Wilson writes about a new project funded by the Arts council, and an artcle about getting that grant should hopfully appear here soon.

Hi all, This is to announce that, thanks to a grant by the arts council england, my first graphic novel 'Angel of the woods' will be available from the first week of Dec 2003. Written by myself, Sean Michael Wilson, art by an Argentinean, Jorge Heufemann.

The book is a US format graphic novel, 80 b/w pages, colour card cover, illustrated in a rather classical European art style and available from the address below for only 7.99 (which includes postage and packing).

boychild productions
11 Montpelier Rise
London, NW11 9SS, UK

Blurb follows...

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Paul Gravett writes to the mailing list:

Just got back this morning and heard that Spiegelman has had to cancel his iCA/Comica talk with Pullman tomorrow Tuesday, as his son is ill and Art had to go back to New York. Both he and Philip are keen to re-stage this conversation next year.

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