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January 26 2004

TCJ Dirk points to quite different lessons in Twenty Two Panels That Always Work from Wally Wood and Ivan Brunetti

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Major congratulations to London based, but internationally aware, anthology Sturgeon White Moss on winning the fanzine award at Angouleme this year. Stupendous news!

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January 25 2004

Adhouse books write to announce the publication of Simone Lia's new book Monkey and Spoon, while it's come to my attention that Penguin are published the UK edition of the Chris Ware edited McSweeney's Comics Issue.

[Upate 27/1 - Just heard that Penguin are also publishing a collection of Art Speigleman's In The Shadow Of No Towers strips in November.]

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Indy Magazine, the journalistic arm of Alternative Comics enters it's third incarnation as a quarterly web publication edited and designed by Bill Kartalopoulos (of the excellent Egon blog). Lots and lots of good stuff stuff there - if it was a printed venture I'd probably pay good money for it.

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January 23 2004
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Dispensing with photocopying, folding & stapling, Richard Argent has released his latest comic, Conversations With Space on a CD.
It's a densely packed & intense comic, with a well crafted story; a compelling read (oh - cynical & funny too).

Purchase, for 4 from Richard Argent, PO Box 5663, Southend on Sea, SS1 2ZJ (UK).

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January 21 2004

Neil Gaiman does great services once again to the world of comics by revealing the existence of and then, through his chums at HarperCollins, providing an mp3 of a song by Alan Moore from 1983 entitled The March of the Sinister Ducks. Go download it NOW before HC realise their bandwidth is being blown away.

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Sean Michael Wilson writes in about his new release.

My graphic novel Angel of the Woods is now fully out via boychild productions and in some London shops already (Gosh, Comic showcase, Mega City). An article about it will appear in issue 168 of Comics international, and it's been very well received so far.

Price £5.99 in the UK and $8.99 in the US (postage and package £1 or $2 extra). It will be available in the Diamond and Redroute and FM international February catalogues (page 218 in Previews) out about now. It is also available from amazon.co.uk or direct from myself at the boychild website: - please get a copy!

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January 19 2004

The Sequart Manefesto is another attempt to get away from the embarrassing connotations of that word "comics", should you be embarrassed by it. Sometimes I am, most times I'm not, but this also has a nice long run down of most of the alternative terms before proposing "Sequart" as a new one.

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January 7 2004

Boing Boing points to three animated shorts by Jim Woodring courtesy of the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. Shame about the RealPlayer feeds but worth a look.

Also, The Comics Journal Audio Archive this month is an interview with Woodring from 1993 which is well worth a listen as, quite frankly, he's a loon.

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January 6 2004

A note from Patrick Findlay:

If the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2004 doesn't get 30 fully paid up and accepted exhibitors by the end of January it will be cancelled, so if you're in the UK and you've been thinking about it then pay up and show your cards.

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January 5 2004

Kingly Books have an archive of articles from Hairy Hi-fi fanzine including interviews and appreciations of Moe Tucker, The Archies, Yma Sumac, etc.
by cartoonists John Bagnall, Ed Pinsent and Marc Baines, plus a comic strip by
John Miller.

Adrian V emailed to plug his strip blog. Some nice naive black and white stuff there.

David Thompson reviewed Ware, Sacco, Simmons and more for New Statesman magazine and Craig Thompson's Blankets for Bookmuch.

Those in New York might like to pop along to the Legal Action Comics art show at CB'S 313 GALLERY, 313 Bowery at Bleecker. It opens on January 7 and runs to the end of the month. Legal Action Comics volume 2, a 292-page paperback featuring work by seventy top cartoonists is now available. For more information visit: www.dannyhellman.com.

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Borderline Blog - just in time for the co-Polish launch.

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January 4 2004
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January 2 2004

Jessica Able has put the whole first issue of her excellent series La Perdida online due to it's paper-based equivalent being out of print. If you've not read it, go read now, then buy the rest.

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