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February 25 2004

Matt Broersma's 158 page travel comic The Grand Tour was published recently by the French publisher Flblb, in French. In lieu of having it published in English (Matt is a Texan living in the UK) he's released it as a 7.7mb PDF online.

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February 24 2004

Kevin Bramer writes to inform that he's turning his massive reviews site Optical Sloth into a (US based) mail order distro.

Hi everybody, I just thought I'd let you all know that I'm turning the site into a distribution center and I'd like you all to participate. I may have liked your comics or I may not have, but I'd like there to be a huge selection on my site and everybody should be included. If you'd like to write your own comments for the books you sell I'd be happy to include them. As for the specifics, I'd like everyone to send me 5 copies of whatever comics you have available and a listing for how much to charge per book. I'm thinking of a 50/50 split right now, as the responses I've gotten seem to indicate that that is standard. How I pay you is up to you. I can send you a Paypal payment every time a book sells, or you can set it up where I just pay you every time you make $5, $10, or some other figure you come up with. I honestly can't wait to get started with this. The site is also going to have an overhaul, meaning basically it's not going to be as ugly as it is right now, and it should have a forum and an insite search engine. I'm hoping to get the whole thing officially started on April 1st at the latest. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please get back to me at whitey108@hotmail.com. I'm new at this and could use the suggestions. Take care and please let me know what you think and if you'd like to participate!
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February 22 2004

Matt Madden's Exercises in Style strips are back online at a new home. Twelve new exercises have been added with more promised.

Exercises in Style was inspired by a work of the same name by the French writer Raymond Queneau. In that book, Queneau spun 99 variations out of a mundane, two-part text about two chance encounters with a mildly irritating character during the course of a day. He started by telling it in every conceivable tense, then by doing it in free verse and as a sonnet, as a telegram, in pig latin, as a series of exclamations, in an indifferent voice... you name it.

The goal of this project is to apply the same principle to comics by creating as many variations as possible on a simple one-page non-story: different points of view, different genres, different formal games, and so on.

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February 18 2004

The date for this years Caption have been announced. It's being held at a new venue, Wolfson College in Oxford, on the 14th and 15th of August. The theme this year is "History". More details to follow.

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February 17 2004

LMG points to a nice interview with Sophie Crumb in the New York Times.

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February 16 2004
Just found on Slashdot. It's too ticklish to pass over -
Can you teach a physics class with only comic books to illustrate the principles? University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios has been doing it since 1995, when he explained the principle of conservation of momentum by calculating the force of Spider-Man's web when it snagged the superhero's girlfriend as she plummeted from a great height.
# Posted by Jez Higgins

UK small presser, BugPowder contributor and all round nice guy Gary Northfield has landed a gig at The Beano with his new character Derek the Sheep debuting in issue 3214 (dated February 21st).

He writes, "Running along the bottom throughout the majority of the issue, it tells the tale of Derek and his quest to get to the lovely field of grass on the other side of the river. There'll be another Derek story to follow next month; and if he proves popular with the readers, there's a good chance he'll get a regular monthly slot. So, if you like it, then email the editor and tell him so. Readers opinions really count!"

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February 10 2004

Comicon.com has an interview with Phil Elliot concerning the re-publication by Slave Labour of Absent Friends, a collection of his and Paul Grist's 80's small press comics.

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February 8 2004

Robert Wells writes to annouce his new website Gitland where as well as new stuff he'll be archiving previously published strips from his 90's SP comic Crisp. Good stuff, says I.

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February 3 2004

Denise Chiappetta writes to inform that her husband Joe has a 255 page collection of his work coming out from Reed Press this spring collecting old material plus new stuff. Chiappetta's Silly Daddy was a key title on the US mini-comics scene back in the 90s and Joe was a great inspiration, so this can only be good news.

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Paul Rainey writes in to properly announce a new project of his, The Book Of Lists, a series of list-strips updated panel by panel on a day by day basis. Top form as ever. He's also giving away copies of his old Memory Man and Love Bomb comics to people who get in touch so if you're not familiar, become so.

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April 24th 2004 is 24 Hour Comics Day when the comics creating world shall unite in a global orgy of creating 24 page comics in under 24 hours. More about 24 hour comics should you be unaware of them. I wonder if the Ninth Art guys will be having another go?

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February 2 2004

Matt Broersma writes:

I've collected some of the comic strips I drew during Angouleme into an e-book which can be downloaded from my website. "Les 9 vies du chat blanc" was inspired by the Underboom space in Angou, which this year featured a DIY minicomic zone, complete with photocopier. I'm planning to do an actual photocopied version of this as well, with a silkscreened cover if I can manage it.

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Patrick Findlay writes with glee to confirm that his Comix Thing event in London on March 20th is definitely going ahead. The exhibitors are listed here and there's still time to book a space if you've been in two minds. There's also some publicity material for you to throw about the place.

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