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April 29 2004

City of Glass, adapted from a Paul Auster novel (the first part of the New York Trilogy) by Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli, is being republished this year. To celebrate Indy Magazine, recently overhauled by Bill Kartalopoulos of Egon, has put together a very impressive collection of articles including interviews with Karasik and Mazzucchelli, a long analysis of the book by Martha Kuhlman and art spiegelman's introduction to the new edition. All available free online. Stunning stuff.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
April 28 2004

I've not had time to plumb all the depths of Patrick Farleys Electric Sheep site but there seems to be a colossal amount of stories and information about the creator on there. Take a packed lunch maybe...

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A taster of Anna and Karen Rubins comic series Dark, can now be sampled online. I can recommend it!

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April 26 2004

Marc Bains writes in to inform that he's hosting a Chris Reynolds photo-story on the Kingly Books gallery as a suitably eccentric "taster for a book length collection of Chris' comics 'The Dial And Other Stories' that Kingly is publishing in the summer, hopefully coinciding with an appreciation of his comics in the Comics Journal by Seth."

Reynold's Mauretania Comics were some of the most beautiful, understated and mysterious comics to come out the early 90s UKSP scene so a forthcoming collection is good news indeed!

# Posted by Pete Ashton
April 20 2004

Roger Langridge's new daily webcomic Hotel Fred has launched. New episodes can be read for free while the archives are on Modern Tales.

(I've also noticed that Modern Tales sites now have RSS feeds: Modern Tales, Girlamatic, Serializer, Graphic Smash - about time!)

# Posted by Pete Ashton

This years Comica at the ICA is themed 'Confessions and Convictions'. Once again it looks pretty great:

The ICA Presents
ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH, Box Office and Enquiries 02079303647

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April 19 2004

Happy to announce a website containing samples of Richard Argent's comics & cartoons has been created for your perusal & amusement.

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See a previously unseen Harvey Pekar strip here!
Collective writes "Pekar, once banned from David Letterman’s Late Show for publicly criticising NBC, says the editors of Entertainment Weekly objected to the portrayal of Bragg as “a liberal”. And so, after repeated requests to “tone down the references” and make it more “editorially friendly”, the strip was rejected. "

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April 17 2004

Cortoonist/Comics Artists/Illustrator John Welding now has a website!
He also seems to be doing A Wakefield Diary - a continuation of the principal behind his excellent Goathland comics a few years back mayhap?

Link via Book of Lists

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April 15 2004

Seminal UK comic creator Glenn Dakin, has a brand spanking new collection of his highly influential comic-strip Temptation out now from Active Images Comics. An essential purchase!

# Posted by Gary Northfield
April 14 2004

Joe Ahern died on the evening of Tuesday 6th April 2004. He had just completed a commercial art job for the Pertemps Agency, felt cold, sat down in a chair and passed away.
Joe contributed the Sindrome strip to the fanzine Amalgam before doing illustrations for Fantazia magazine. He did work for the small American publisher Blue Comet Press and assisted James Hodgkins on a number of projects for major publishers. The last 12 months had found him forging ahead, taking on clients of his own. He was very talented and not enough people knew that. More importantly, he was a loyal friend who loved nothing better than a good chin-wag.
Funeral arrangements have yet to be made. If you knew Joe, either as a person or through his work and would like any messages passed onto his family please do not hesitate in contacting me.
Thanks for taking time out to read this, now give your loved ones a hug then phone up a mate and have a chat!
Paul Birch (In an email.)

# Posted by John Robbins
April 11 2004

OK - so there's this Red-Dog - & this Blue-Dog, & they like - love pooh!
Mr. David M Golding will send you pictures of them via electronic mail if you write & ask nicely.

# Posted by mooncat
April 2 2004

Congratulations to cartoonist Lucy Sweet who won a Face magazine award for her self-published girl-mag cum comic, Chica! You go girl!

# Posted by Mardou

Three page short by John Robbins and Neill Cameron who despite not living in Northern Ireland grasp the look and the dialogue as well as the best of them. I really enjoyed this.

Neill has some other strips up there in a bloggy form in a site worth a look.

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