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June 29 2004

For the last month BugPowder contributor Paul Schroeder has been running a daily sketchblog on his LiveJournal but he's obviously been too modest to mention it here. Now the truth will out. Lovely.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

Lines on Paper is a comics advocacy group promoting comics to the wider public and all that. Part of their work is a neat project of getting eminent cartoonists to illustrate their business cards, which are all online. Neat!

# Posted by Pete Ashton
June 22 2004

As part of art therapy, Friends of Praxis (a care group) are holding an art exhibition on Saturday June 26th at Ards Arts Centre, Townhall, Newtownards, 10 -4 pm. Included on show and sale, will be fifteen pages of work by Bangor artists Andrew and Stuart Luke including the reworked 'Pens Retirement Home' and work-in-progress 'The Party'. Admission to the 'Fun-Raising Day' (sic) is free and donations of all kinds are welcome from service users and members of the general public.
Contact j_andrewluke@hotmail.com for more information.

# Posted by John Robbins

The HERE shop mentioned in previous blogs are running a mini-bus to the Caption festival and there are some places left. If you're in the Bristol area it's a cheap and fun way of getting to Oxford. It'll be 10 per person for the return journey and a bag of sweets for the driver. At this stage it's looking like Saturday only.
If your'e interested contact Camilla: Manukenkun@aol.com

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June 17 2004

Adrian Brown does a fair job at reviewing Inside The Mindscape Of Alan Moore, the new documentary of the great bearded one which premiered at ComICA.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

The minutes for last weekend's Caption open meeting are online. (Anyone interested can attend these - join the Caption mailing list to find out when the next one is). A few key things worth broadcasting:

  • There's a new thread, taking place in the bar I think, of 15 minute talks and attendees are actively encouraged to speak on a subject of specialist interest in return for a beer.
  • Serbian cartoonist Aleksander Zograf will be flying over, which is great news.
  • A large crowd from the Here shop in Bristol (see previous post) will be attending and will no doubt be up for taking new stock back with them. That means your comics.
  • Artwork is always needed for the auction.
  • Advance payment of membership is encouraged. As a reward you'll get a list of discounted hotels.
  • Also, help with leafleting, either at small press friendly venues or with any subscription mailouts you're doing in the next month, would be more than appreciated.

As something of a Caption veteran I must say this year's event is looking to be one of the best for a long while, so if you've not been before or for a while consider this active encouragement to do so.

[Caption 2004 site, email]

# Posted by Pete Ashton

Comic Alert provides unofficial RSS feeds for over six thousand online comic strips. Which is quite a lot. This is obviously great but you should have in the back of your mind the fact that this bypasses any ads on the official pages. If you're cool with that then start subscribing. (Brief tutorial here, thanks to Ravisfor the link)

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Apogeemag is a webzine collective boasting some fine work indeed, not least of all a sick and funny comic story by Shane Durgee. Good work Shane (you need help!).

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June 16 2004

Paul Gravett writes with news of an:

Friday June 18th from 6.30pm at the bookartbookshop
17 Pitfield Street, N1 (Tube: Old Street) 020 7608 1333

Don't miss this Auction Sale of Original Hand-Illustrated Covers for the Limited Edition Catalogue of A Mini-History Exhibit by: Chirs Ware, Seth, Charles Berberian, Lewis Trondheim, Bitterkomix, Sarnath Banerjee, Woodrow Phoenix, Simon Lia, Chris Reynolds, Ed Pinsent, Adam Dant, Savage Pencil, Zograf, Al Davison, iLya, Joann Sfar, Craig Thompson, Tobias Tak, Lee Kennedy, Lorna Miller, Peter Blegvad, Les Coleman, Le Gun - and many more!

Your host and auctioneer for the evening is Paul Gravett. All proceeds will be shared between the artists, the bookshop and the curators.

I had a look at these over the weekend and they're pretty neat. Each copy of the catalogue has a unique cover drawn by one of the above (Seth did four, in sequence) and the exhibit (which I haven't seen) is taken from Les Coleman's incredible collection of underground and small press comics which you may have seen selections from on display at ComICA last year. It's hoped that exhib will come to Caption in August if you can't make it to Pitfield St (which you should try to do at some point as it's a lovely little shop).

# Posted by Pete Ashton
June 10 2004

Paul Gravett emailed to remind folks that Steve Bell is hosting the Bitterkomix / Zograf talk this evening, as not mentioned in the program. This is the one ComICA event I really regret missing and it's also one of the more obscure looking talks on offer so I suspect many people will give it a miss. Don't. Aleksandar Zograf is a fascinating cartoonist not only for his work chronicling life in war-torn Serbia but also for his awareness of international comics scene. Bitterkomix is the sort of angry and aggressively unflinching comics South Africa deserved as it came out of apartheid. With Bell at the helm these guys should broaden your mind in numerous ways.

A ComICA event you might not be aware of is Andy Robert's industry-specific panel on comic book distribution (details on his blog) featuring Dan Franklin of Cape, Tony Bennett of Knockabout / Red Route, Claire Thompson of Turnaround Distribution and Deborah Lucas of the European Bookshop with Waterstone's employee Andy representing the bookshop trade. 5pm Friday at the French Institute.

On a personal note I'll be coming down to London on Friday afternoon for the above and staying for all the French Institute talks over the weekend. See you there!

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June 5 2004

Barry Renshaw kicks off his blog with an excellent introduction to the UKSP in the form of a Bristol Convention report. Some illuminating notes on the panel, mentions of players and some thoughts on were things might be headed.

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June 3 2004

I picked up Jon Chandler's BOOBYTRAP comics at the Here shop and feel the need to share.

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June 2 2004

Robert Wells writes in with happy news:

"Just thought you might be interested to know that I have a regular (daily!) strip starting on Modern Tales sometime this week (probably Friday). The strip will be called Gitland (thought long and hard about that one, didn't I?) and will feature a rotating cast of characters including, among others, Colin The Rhino, Cecelia Doom, Agent Jack Bowler (star of Twenty-Bore), The Amazing Spider-Monkey and The Man With Big Nipples. I am very excited about this!"

A cursory glance shows Robert is joining a growing bank of British creators on the Modern Tales family of sites. Roger Langridge is also on MT while over on sister site Serializer you'll find work by Phil Elliott, Metaphrog, Glenn Dakin and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. (I may have missed some - feel free to correct me.)

# Posted by Pete Ashton
June 1 2004

A couple of good link-heavy reports on last weekend's convention in Bristol have caught my eye. Garen Ewing (did I mention Rainbow Orchid is very good?) finds a link for nearly everyone he met while Jenni Scott (of the Caption crew) does a solid overview of the stalls and has a constructive moan.

If you've seen any other good reports please link to them in the comments.

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The Cameron brothers are running a competition on their excellent Unified Review Theory site to win a copy of Garen Ewing's equally excellent comic The Rainbow Orchid. In the unlikely event that you don't already own a copy you are advised to get over there right now.

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Some small pressers (including Neill Cameron of dumbass comics and BAM! fame) have entered the competition over at comicbookresources.com
Please go over and show your support by writing nice things about them on the forum and voting!!

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