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January 31 2005

Thu 3rd Feb, 7:00 pm: The Culture Show
"Mariella Frostrup discovers the power of graphic novels"

hmmm... that doesn't sound promising on the surface of it - but if it does feature Epileptic, interviews with Paul G, David B, Marjane Satrapi, Posy Simmonds, and Andy Roberts - then it should hopefully be worth tuning in for!

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The Times catches up with the collected Epileptic, by David B.

"...but Epileptic, the astonishing, autobiographical graphic novel with which he has made his name, is anything but restrained."
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January 26 2005

Interview has been transcribed at comic book resources, or is available at the BBC until this Thursday, whereupon Alan Moore interviews Brian Eno.

Radio 4:
Thursday 27th Jan: 18:30 - 19:00


Thanks to Mikal for the heads up.

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January 25 2005

The webcomics list is a provides direct links to over 1600 updated webcomics. Need I say more?

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January 21 2005

The Mancunian Comics artist David Bailey will be exhibiting his art in Manchester. What I've seen looks terrific and is well worth checking out if you're in the area. David's comic 'Characters of Manchester is available from Magma. Here's the press release:

Porthouse presents....

The Drawings of Mount Pleasant-the lovely duo Lucy Jones and David Bailey who have terrorised the streets of Manchester with their music posters and David with his book "Characters of Manchester". well David has now got himself a little section to play with each week on the NME and well Lucy, she's just sewing and drawing all the freaking time.

private view: 17th February 6-9pm
dates: 17th Feb-15th March 2005

opening times: the usual, knock on the shutters or email me at contact@porthousespace.co.uk

where?: 75 Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EG, 5 mins from picadilly station and it's pea green house in a somewhat rundown area with rent boys for neighbours but you'll be fine...

what else?

oh, they will draw on the walls and paste all the posters they've done for bands (like Joanna Newsom) to venues (like Night and Day) in the toilet. and I'll be serving shots of vodka during the private view : )

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January 20 2005

Sof'Boy! Archer Prewitt talks to David Peschek for The Guardian.
Ostensively this is for his new CD; Wilderness, but as it's also about him as a creative individual, so there is a fair amount of chat about his comic Sof'Boy, as well.

Checking Mark Pawson's Disinfotainment website, there don't seem to be any Sof'Boy comics at the moment - but there is a natty Sof'Boy figurine, as well as a lot of other cool things.

Mr Archer Prewitt

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January 15 2005

British web cartoonist John Allison gets a nice mention in the Comics Journal (number 264) article 'Pleasant days in McCloud Cuckooland' It's not archived online so you will have to buy it if you want to read it!

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Th truly awesome Lauren Weinstein has a preview of he new Goddess of War comic on her site. Please do check it out, then go buy her book 'Inside Vineyland'.

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January 14 2005

A Will Eisner documentary is in production and there's a ten minutes teaser on this site.

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January 13 2005

Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown, John Hankiewicz, and Paul Hornschemeier are profiled in New City Chicago, also via Egon

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Book Cover
Detailed information about MQ Publication's "R. Crumb Handbook," authored by R. Crumb and Peter Poplaski appears on their website. It's due in Spring 2005.

From the website:

"In addition, the famed counter culture hero, creator of Fritz the Cat and Mr Natural, is going to bare all to cult cartoonist Steve Bell at a special Guardian Interview at the National Film Theatre, and Crumb will feature in a week-long Guardian G2 supplement special, beginning Monday 7 March. From March 16-22 the NFT will be screening a special season of films related to Robert including American Splendor and Terry Zwigoff’s acclaimed documentary Crumb."

Also from website:

* R. Crumb Handbook featured in exclusive Guardian G2 series w/c 7th March
* The R. Crumb Exhibition, Bonhams’ Gallery, New Bond St. 17th March – 2nd April
* The NFT Crumb film season 16th -22nd March
* Stella McCartney previews R. Crumb T-shirt, Bruton Street Thu 17th March
* The Guardian Interview at the NFT: Robert Crumb with Steve Bell Fri 18th March
* R. Crumb exhibition at Whitechapel Art Gallery Wed 30th March - 31st May

More information:
About the book - Claudia Guerretta at MQP 020 7359 2244
Exhibitions and T-shirt – Lucy Wilson at Theresa Simon Communications 020 7629 9645
Films - Brian Robinson at the NFT 020 7815 1327

Via Egon

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Matt Madden has added six new strips to his Exercises in Style site.

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January 12 2005

Tom Gauld has put Hunter and Painter,
his strip that ran in the Guardian over Xmas, online. And very nice it is too.

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January 9 2005

Hampstead and Highgate Express review The Carton Art Trust's current exhibition, Grin and Blair it, which has been extended for another month.

The Cartoon Art Trust Museum
7 Brunswick Centre
Bernard Street
Exhibition ends on February 6.

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Tom Spurgeon interviews Alvin Buenaventura of Buenaventura Press, a new entry into the boutique art-comics publishing scene who's approach, coming from a print-making background, looks pretty interesting.

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January 7 2005

Abadzis feet sketch

A well worked, comprehensive site to boot, including previews of upcoming material, a section for ordering works and sketchbook selections. Recommended.

(Obliged to mention I spotted it on the obligatory The Comics Reporter)

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January 5 2005

The Future of Webcomics is a long and involved roundtable discussion between T. Campbell, Alexander Danner, Shaenon Garrity, William G., Bob Stevenson, and Neal Von Flue; moderated by Joe Zabel.

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January 4 2005

Will Eisner passed away Monday, 3rd January.

Will Eisner.jpg

Pete's blog & Egon have more info.

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Baz of Engine Comics pointed out a Times article from New Years Day which looks back at the British comic scene.

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