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April 28 2005

Comics International, the UK comics trade paper thingy, has had a rather nice website redesign featuring a blog, and the blog is of note because Paul man-at-the-crossroads Gravett is posting to it.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
April 23 2005

Caption 2005 has been announced, taking place on July 30th - 31st at Wolfson College in Oxford. It'll be the last one run by the current organisers, but as long-time Captioneers know, an announcement like that is never fatal, more a call for new people to take over.

But in case it does turn out to be the last one it goes without saying that everyone should endeavour to attend. Okay?

[Caption is a long-running convention for small press and self published comic and the people who make them. Details of Captions past are on the website. it's a lovely event - both relaxing and energising.]

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April 17 2005

Sean Michael Wilson of Boychild Productions writes with news of his latest comic, currently being solicited through Diamond:

"Beautiful Things is illustrated poetry and short stories in comic book form. It is an unusual literary book, all the 'poem-comics' are written by Sean Michael Wilson (of ‘Angel of the woods’, and ‘Manga mover’ books) and drawn by various artists from several countries, including Neill Cameron, Pedro Belushi and Juan Chavarriga.

"Expressionistic, intimate, sensual, obscure, …These poem-comics are like lightening flashes in that we only see part of a situation or mood for a brief time, then its gone, leaving us wondering. Its comic book influences include Alan Moore, Adrian Tomine, Chris Reynolds, as well as the writings of Kafka and Borges."

Details on the Boychild site where you can order it for £7.99. It's also stocked by Shane at SmallZone.

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April 13 2005

This Saturday is the first annual London Zine Symposium at 76-78 Gower St, London, "a day celebrating zines, zine culture, zinesters and independent media. A place to meet up, talk to each other, trade zines, watch movies, drink coffee, eat food, make things, and to have fun."

Entry is free and it runs from 2-8pm. via Andy R.

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Printing Comics is a guide to, well, getting your comic book ready for print in this modern age of computers and the like.

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April 11 2005

Michel Faber reviews The R Crumb Handbook whilst Craig Taylor has a roundup of recent releases, namely Dave Gibbon's mod drama The Originals, Richard Sala's Maniac Killer Strikes Again collection, Steve Brodner's portrait of US politics Freedom Fries and Tom Strong's Terrific Tales: Book One, the first collection of the anthology comic from Alan Moore's ABC imprint, by the man himself amongst others.

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Received in the Bugpowder email account

Hello there just to let you know about a compilation comic out now.... features bits and pieces from:

Liam (Roadkill records)
Lucy (Coffee is for Grown Ups comic)
Joe Tucker (Munkyfest, films, and things)
Olie (OBRP)
Antony (Punk rock flyers and the dole)
Nick Birchall (My dad!)
Adam (plays drums)
Dave (Extricate)
Hywel (Roku Distro)
Huw (Runs a bike repair shop)
Dr Larry Peeklass
In the UK they are £1.50 cash and the same via Paypal to this email address.

contact: blackandwhitecatpress or fenedge4life for order details.

Also available from the following shops and distros thus far :

Dead trees & Dye distro (Cambridge)
Travelling Man comic Store, Dale St (Manchester, round the corner from Vinyl Ex)
Basement Social Centre, Lever St (Manchester)

Don't wanna spoil the intro but two quick things: 1. "Tegne" = drawing in Norwegian 2. this is the same comic as the 30 copies that came out with hideous luminous screen printed covers a month ago, sadly those covers just weren't practical!

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Crock #2 Cover
Over on The Comics Journal Message Board they are soliciting submissions for Shiot Crock #10. It's basically an apa that facilitates peer review of your work, and I've participated in a few and they can be quite fun.

Editorship of the Crock changes with each issue, and current editor Andrei Molotiu hasn't drawn up his own submission guidelines as of yet, although he has offered these guidelines:

"...format is 8 1/2 x 11 pages, leave blank strip near binding edge, send in as many copies as there are contributors, etc. etc --but each issue turns out pretty different from the others. As I said, I have some pretty cool plans for the binding/packaging, and I would also like to encourage everybody to be as creative as possible within this format: think color stock, foldouts, pop-ups, pockets glued onto a regular-size piece of paper (or, in this case, preferably card stock) in which you can slide a mini, for example. Of course, plain old-fashioned xeroxed B&W comics is still the golden standard--especially if they rock. I think that's what I will put in myself (I can't guarantee the rocking part, however), as I probably will have spent all my creative energies on the covers.

One last thing: I would like this book to last, so I'd suggest that everybody use acid-free materials. They have some pretty good acid-free 25lb weight typing paper at Home Depot, for just over $4 a 500-sheet pack. You can easily take it and stick it into the machine at Kinko's (or at your office, where you just happen to be working late...), and your comic will look that much shinier and brighter.

Also: one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn (or potato-printed, or collaged, or whatever) contributions are always welcome."

Andrei's contact details can be found on page 2 of the thread, if you require further details or wish to express interest. Please also note the following two deadlines;

Page-count deadline: May 15

Submission deadline: July 1

You do need access to a paypal account to participate, although if you are keen to participate and don't have a paypal account, I'd be happy to paypal the money through in exchange for a cheque. Postage on the Crock usually comes in at about $9, other than that the only costs are in reproducing your work to the required number of copies.

For further info, see the thread on TCJMB, or see previous Crock submission guidelines.

Previous sets of Shiot Crock info:
Shiot Crock 6
Shiot Crock Guidelines

Previous Crock Covers

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ImageText, at least according to its website, aims to advance the academic study of comic books, comic strips, and animated cartoons. There's two issues up so far, and amongst all the articles are; a transcription of Comics on the Main Street of Culture, Eddie Campbell's talk at the 2002 UF Comics Conference, a transcription of Joe Sacco's presentation at the 2002 Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels at the University of Florida, and a history of Zippy The Pinhead by Bill Griffith, amongst other things.

Link via Drawn

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April 8 2005

Just stumbled across this festival whilst surfing, which has a comic book weekend incorporated into it, as well as a Will Simpson Exhibition.

Vamps page, W. SimpsonFriday April 29/Saturday April 30
Various locations and times, see individual event

We are proud to present a series of events which celebrate the humble Comic Book - perhaps the most derided and misunderstood of artforms - and which give it the attention it so richly deserves.

Friday April 29
10am-5pm | Studio ON Comic Book Workshop | Upstairs, Dream Ireland
Comic book artists Will Simpson and Garry Leach lead a group of 15 people through the process of creating a comic book story. Pete Briggs, screenwriter of Hellboy, will give a talk to the workshop at 4pm.

This workshop is open to people aged 16-25 years and costs £4.00. To register, please contact the festival office on telephone 028 90232403.

9pm-1am | Comic Book Club Night and Smallaxe Comics launch | McCrackens
A club night of music related to comic book culture, featuring visuals from comic books old and new. This is also the launch event for a new comic book by Belfast-based Smallaxe Comics

Admission Free


Saturday April 30
2pm-3.30pm | Comic Book Panel Discussion | Duke of York
A panel discussion taking a closer look at all things comic book and featuring: graphic artist Feargal O’Malley (Chair), screenwriter Pete Briggs (Hellboy), female comic book artist Jeremy Dennis (Caption, UK comics convention), comics-based animator Rufus Dayglo (Gorillaz) and artist, writer and publisher Garry Leach (Judge Dredd, A1.)

Admission Free.

4pm-5pm | Screening: Fantastic Planet | Upstairs, Duke of York

René Laloux’s animated tale of humans kept as domesticated pets by an alien race of blue humanoid giants called Traags. The film won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 1973.

Admission Free

7pm | Launch of Will Simpson exhibition – upstairs at Dream Ireland

Will Simposon artworkBelfast-based Simpson has been illustrating comics for major companies such as DC Comics, Marvel and 2000 AD on a professional basis since 1984.He helped develop some of the greatest comic strip heroes of all time, including Batman, Judge Dredd and John Constantine of Hellblazer. Come and see the work of an extraordinary visual storyteller.

Exhibition continues until Friday 6th May – opening hours 12pm-4pm from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th May inclusive. Contact the Festival Office on telephone 028 90232403 for further information.

Exhibition launch Saturday April 30 at 7.00pm

Contact details


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April 7 2005

All from the excellent Drawn blog

Coconino World offers up a smorgasbord of Illustration history and links from artists both new and old. Be warned: you can get lost in here. Check out these great mini-sites on Winsor McCay and George Herriman.

Cheap screen printing tutorial
Materials needed: a t-shirt, yucky/cheap paint brushes, an embroidery hoop, screen printing ink (I use Speedball brand), a glue that isn’t water-soluble (I use Modge Podge), curtain sheer material/tulle/old nylons, and a computer with a printer (or a good hand for drawing things).

Double Fine Action Comics! The small group comprises three San Francisco computer game artists who create these super-fun comics on the side: Scott Campbell, Nathan Stapley, and Razmig Mavlian, all three of whom contribute to the Hickee anthologies.

Check out this Drawn entry, So You Wanna Be an Illustrator?, for a few links to sites that offer tips and tutorials.

Drawn also recommend searching Google for “model sheet”, points a link to Guardian illustartor Adrian Johnson's website and a link to a website that collects Radiohead promo art.

Shame prevents me from stealing anymore links from Drawn. At least for this entry.

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In case anyone is interested, the Ledgers, the Australian Comic Awards, have announced their 2005 recipients, and the Usenet awards have opened for voting.

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Bart Beaty's account of six days in London can be found on Tom Spurgeon's The Comics Reporter.

He talks about the Crumb exhibition at the Whitechapel gallery and amongst other things.

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Darren Worrow of toonedelic writes:

Hi All!

I am sending this out to all artists involved with my comic and anyone else
i feel might enjoy putting pen to paper and sending us a doodle or anyone
who wants to spread word.

This is an invite to all to create a drawing or a quick doodle of Rat Arsed
and Shit Faced or Ruff or anyother characters in Toonedelic Times as seen in
your own interpretation. It does not matter how well it is drawn, I welcome
anyone who has a go!

I will print them in the next issue, the 10th birthday special. The best 5
will win the backlog of Toonedelic comics and all who enter will recieve the
new issue!

Thanks go to Steve Smith who suggested drawing a picture of RA&SF for me,
springing this idea to life. I hope you can take part and look forward to
seeing your picture!!!

Email small files!! to: toonedelic@hotmail.com or contact me at the email address for postal submissions.

# Posted by Steve Block

If so, Chris Yates has some quality smart photo comics for you.

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Don’t Lose it again!
“Don’t Lose it again!” The war-time cartoons of Philip Zec

3 May – 8 August 2005

Philip Zec was the greatest and most controversial cartoonist of the Second World War. He was the political cartoonist for the Daily Mirror between 1939 and 1946. This exhibition will include the originals of his two most famous cartoons, ‘The Price of Petrol’, which almost led to the Daily Mirror being banned by Prime Minister Winston Churchill when it was published in March 1942 and his memorable VE Day cartoon “Here it is, Don’t lose it again”. The latter cartoon being the most iconic cartoon of the Twentieth Century. The exhibition will be
> accompanied by a biography of Zec, written by none other than his brother, Donald, who also worked for the Daily Mirror for many years as a journalist. The book will contain one hundred and fifty war-time Zec cartoons; the vast majority having not been seen since the day they were published in the paper.

Churchill Caricature‘Churchill - IN – Caricature’ Exhibition.

Winston Churchill: The Most Caricatured Politician of all time!

26 May – 17 September 2005

This is the first ever cartoon exhibition to focus exclusively on Sir Winston Churchill’s long and illustrious political career. We will have original work by leading American, Australian, Soviet and British cartoonists, showing their many and varied views of the great war leader who became renowned for his fondness for cigars, siren suits, hats and victory salutes. Stubborn, irascible, incisive and
> inspirational, Churchill’s character and achievements live again through the medium of these vivid contemporary original drawings. A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition. The Exhibition includes over 60 original cartoons including many of the most famous and contentious ones by the likes of David Low, Boris Efimov, Sidney Strube, Leslie Illingworth.

A summary of some of the twentieth century’s most important events as experienced and influenced by one of its most remarkable characters.

‘Churchill - IN – Caricature’ is sponsored by Sotheran’s of Sackville Street

The Political Cartoon Gallery at 32 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 11am – 5.30pm. (Nearest underground Station Goodge Street Station {Northern Line}) Phone Dr Tim Benson on 020 7580 1114 or 07973 622371 for further details or email him at info@politicalcartoon.co.uk

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image leeched from comics lifestyleAgain from Comics Lifestyle:

Hello All

PHARE Art school is the only art school in Cambodia that regularly teaches comics. This last week a munitions depot near the school exploded, damaging the school and the nearby village. Benefit performances are underway, and Phare will also raise funds for the local community. Donations are welcome, keep in mind they are a bit overwhelmed on email right now.
We are hoping PHARE comics teaching will resume in Cambodia with the upcoming visit of Sera, and the potential visits of Sylvain Mozie and Lisa Mandel in collaboration with Libellus Association.

- J. Weeks

PHARE Web Site (under construction)
Comics/Art Classes

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From the Comics Lifestyle blog:

The second part of Came the Dawn, Tim Kidd's twelve part Graphic Novel is now available here.

A New Zealand compiled list of links for the teaching and learning of cartoons and comics.

A sketch a day courtesy of waferbaby.

Justin Hall of allthumbspresstravels and sketches his way through Southeast Asia.

Moira Clunie's Small Press Event, New Zealand

Nouvelle Manga
French-Japanese manga manifesto, from the author of 'Tokyo Est Mon Jardin', and an Andrew Arnold archived article.

Finally, Creative Commons licenses in comic format.

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Hello there!

Announcing Issue 1 of the first edition of a quarterly Underground British Comic called disAssociates.

disAssociates is an independently published comic featuring a collection of serialised stories, focussing on the gritty realities of a cavalcade of quirky characters.

Within the comic are narratives of satire, black-comedy toilet-humour and subversion. Our stories tackle issues such as unemployment, mundane jobs, disenchanted youths, embarrassing medical conditions and student life in education factories. From call centre coops to the horrors of war, disAssociates bring you a satirical look at life in the 21st Century.

Please check out our website - www.disassociates.co.uk for samples pages, and find out what shops stock our comic, or buy online!

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In case anyone is going to California, with flowers in their hair, at the weekend...

Sparkplug comic books will be at A.P.E. next weekend (april 9-10th) in San Francisco. We will be sharing a row of tables with the one and only global hobo group

However, for us cheapskates who can't afford the airfare...

For those poor souls among you who won't be making it to the city by the bay, you can still get the two new Sparkplug Books: WATCHING DAYS BECOME YEARS and REPORTER mailed to you by purchasing them through our online store. There are even a few preview pages from each. Take a look

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Mardou writes:
"The Anthology I edited for this years UK Web and Mini Comix Thing gets a nice review on TRS2

The antho features strips by loads of great Small Press artists from the UK and beyond including Lucy Sweet, Lee Kennedy, Jon Chandler, Ellen Lindner, Peter Conrad, Jeremy Dennis, Phil Barrett, John Allison and Ted May, it's 40 pages long with a fancy full colour cover. And it has an introduction by Nick Jones, Titan Comics Senior Editor on the joy of Small Press!

It's £2.50 and available from Gosh and...from me.
There's free copies up for grabs to the first five eager people who email me quoting 'Small pets'

See ya,

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Shane writes:

"Hi I'm a british comic maker, I'm currently working on a full colour online spalstick comic 'Go-Bee' which you can check out at www.angelfire.com/comics/go-bee or on my deviantart page at go-bee.deviantart.com

thanks for checking it out if you do."

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paper comix #2 coverSean of Paper Tiger Comix wrote in to the mailing list to let us all know Paper Comix #2 is out.

60 Pages! Colour Cover! Better Printing! All New Strips!

Hot off the press comes Paper Tiger Comix #2, a much more professional looking comic than issue #1's fanzine style approach. A colour card cover, thicker paper, better printing, great content...a nice 'old comics' style cover with spot printing & a limited 500 copy print run make a very interesting and collectable read.

The cream of Small Press talent are featured in this issue; from old hats like Andy Konky Kru, Bob Byrne,Paul Stapleton & Lee Kennedy, to new blood like Ben Naylor, Paul O' Connell, David Hughes, Dave Kellner, Fashion Penis etc. Plus international flavour from Tea Krulos (U.S) & Ben Hutchings (Australia), and Dave Kellner (Austria). Not forgetting our regulars; Richard Cowdry. Jim Burke, Yassin, Richard Nairn, Sally Anne Hickman, Yurt, Steve Ingram, John Freeman
and Sean Duffield.

Covering a wide spectrum of the comics medium (only 4 pages of this 60 page collection have seen print before), these strips will thrill and amuse, so don't delay, get one today!

Price for issue #2 is £2 / $4/ €3...postage is only 40p in the uk.

Email me if you want a copy, or check out the website for more info:

And speaking of the website, I've added thumbnail images of all the new strips in Paper Tiger Comix #2. Go check them out.

There's also two new small press reviews of Booby Trap by Jon Chandler & the excellent Riverwurst Anthology from Milwaukee, U.S. along with lots of others, and many new ones coming up in the next couple of weeks:

Also added new biogs with pics for Paul O Connell, Lee Kennedy, Vitamin Joe (Darren White) & Vlad Alexander (Fashion Penis), and finally myself...most of em are pretty funny so check em out

Go take a look-see!

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Ladies and gentlemaen of the universe and sweet auld reekie.

Announcement of the latest comic book release by Edinburgh cartoonist Malcy

'I can't draw: Part 2.'

Available to buy direct, email Malcy for details.

Cheques payable to M. Duff.

Launch night at legendary SUBWAY club, Cowgate, Edinburgh.
MONDAY 18th APRIL, doors 7.30pm (first band 7.45) £3.00 ENTRY.
Featuring musical notes played and constructed by


plus intermittent noisen by GIANT TANK djs and projected images from the sketchbooks of MALCY DUFF.

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Engine Comics have made HEROHUNTER by MARC OLIVENT available online for one month only here.

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CoverJohn Bagnall's 'Don't Tread On My Rosaries' is offered from Kingly Books in the latest Previews.

Foreword by Seth (Palookaville), who describes his work as like coming across a marvelous second-hand shop on a rarely frequented street. In the 27-page lead story, "The Chemist And The Capuchin," an English food color chemist is involved in a car accident which leads to debilitating mood swings and a confrontation with the Capuchin monk, Padre Pio. Other stories feature David Bowie's Berlin Diary; an alcoholic schoolteacher pursued by a charismatic motorcycling priest; a guilt-ridden stepdaughter on a road trip; and the Termite Fraternity initiation rituals.

Also included are the single-panel cartoon series "Disappearing Phrases and A Nation of Shopkeepers."

Pete reviews the work here.

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