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June 25 2005

Dan Clowes talks about his latest book 'Ice Haven' in this radio interview.

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June 24 2005

I really like this illustration blog 'Drawn!'. There's usually lots of classy links and it's updated daily.

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June 18 2005
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June 17 2005

The guys from A Bit Nice have a Shop. Which is nice. (sorry)

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Go read this post by Barry Renshaw where he outlines all the things he's planning and thinking about regarding British small press comics under the banner UK Comics Nation. Then, when suitably inspired, get in touch with him.

Barry's endless enthusiasm to keep pushing things forwards and drag everyone along with him is somewhat inspiring.

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June 13 2005

Andy Roberts, whose presence on the UK small press comics scene has been quite significant over the last couple of decades, has been in a serious accident and is currently in intensive care. Jenni Scott has more news and is keeping us informed.


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June 10 2005

Brighton based cartoonist Richard Cowdry, author of Kartoon Kuts and The Bedsit Journal has a new website. Richard's been selling his comics on the UK circuit for a few years now and is one of the most original talents around. Sez me. If you haven't checked out his comics yet, now's the time!

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American cartoonist and illustrator Meg Hunt's beautiful website was brought to my attention.

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June 8 2005

This was forwarded to me and may interest any Manchester based cartoonists:

Call for Graphic Novel Artists & Writers (Salford)

Salford City Council's Arts Development Service is about to commence its second programme of its Literacy through Graphic Novels project and we are looking for artists with experience in this type of art form, workshop skills, working with young people (with CRB check complete) and an understanding of arts in the community.

A successful pilot project has been completed with the production of two professionally produced graphic novels/comics. The second project will be a 12-week sessional programme (Saturday mornings) commencing at the end of June 2005.

If you are interested in this innovative project then please contact:
Kellie Royle, Project Coordination & Administration Arts Development
Service, Salford Museum & Art Gallery, Peel Park, Salford
M5 4WU

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June 6 2005

Sparkplug Comic Books write to tell of the publication of
Christina and Charles, a book by Austin English.

Christina and Charles will be premiering at MoCCA in
New York next week, on the 11th and 12th of June. The
book is previewed for sale on the site and all orders
will go out after the 13th. Advance orders are, of
course, welcome!

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