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February 28 2006

Caption, the longest-running UK comics festival is hoping to compile a CD for advance memberships. It will also be on sale during the weekend, containing a bunch of work by cartoonists in the UK and internationally. If you'd like to help, get in touch with me at this address

Files can be sent in any format: JPEG, GIF, BMAP, Powerpoint Presentation
Adobe PDF / CBR, Word Document
Any video files : animations
MP3s : please keep it relevant, copyright infringement-free and were possible, tied into an included strip.

Or if you don't have a scanner and wish to send copies of the originals we can scan them for you, the address to send to :

Andrew Luke
F2A Warneford Hall
Roosevelt Drive
Oxford OX3 7XA

Caption will not be liable for any damaged, lost or stolen originals, so don't send them !!

By way, of Caption news, this year its no longer taking place at Wolfson College but the progressive East Oxford Community Centre, off Cowley Road (near town). The dates remain the same as before (5-6 August) Stay tuned for more details.

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February 26 2006

A new comics review blog from Engine Comics here (with lots of reviews of small press titles such as The O Men, Hope for the Future and Malcolm Magic).

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February 25 2006

Publishers often find a spare box of books previously thought to be out of print in the corner of a warehouse. Patrick Findlay has reviewed the layout for the Web and Mini Comix Thing on March 11th and found five spare tables. If you're interested, get in touch.

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The latest issue of REDEYE MAGAZINE #5 is now available. It features interviews with Antony Johnson, The Rubins Sisters, Dal Worrow, Tharg the Mighty, Ian Edginton and D'Israeli, and Daley Osiyemi and David Bircham of Brodies Law. It also has articles on Starlord, Alan Moore and Comics in New Media.

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Some nice work being done by Manchester-based comic artist Abigail Ryder.

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Small Zone, the small press distro, has a new printing service.

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Theo Ellsworth makes comics and draws stuff very well indeed.

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February 23 2006

Darryl Cunningham, who has been putting out small press comics since, like, forever, has photoset on Flickr which gives a good overview of his work from the last decade or so. Go check it out.

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February 22 2006

Sometimes you just stumble across these things late at night. Don't know who Steven Preston is, but his comic Sputnik is beautiful. Read it here.

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February 21 2006
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Simon Mackie has a new website. He also has a comic strip exhibition at Take 5 Club Lounge, 6 Duke Street, London W1 3EN.

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February 17 2006
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Under the heading of 'Worth mentioning again':

Paul Gravett invites you to check out his new-look website, including an excellent comics-related events listing. While there, you can read all about the South Bank Show this Sunday, plus the V for Vendetta ICA preview screening and other stuff.

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According to Richard Cowdry, small press cartoonist Graham Bettany, who many will know as the mildly disturbing northern guy (on the right in this photo) who crops up at Caption and other events with borderline-offensive minicomics, has been sacked from his job because of his artwork.

"Graham, who has been working as a cinema projectionist in North Manchester since 1997 was suspended from work and then sacked due to a complaint made by a co-worker who discovered an issue of Hong Kong Pussy [NSFW] on the artists desk. On seeking advice from his union representative, Bettany was advised to destroy all copies of the comic and burn the original artwork."

Bad news, but if I know Graham this will just spur him on to greater things.

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February 16 2006

Downloads from Matt Broersma available here (browse the left hand menu and choose The Grand Tour or Hawaii). There are also some cool mini-comics to read onsite.

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February 15 2006
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I couldn't quite beleive it when I saw it. This Sunday's South Bank Show is about manga and anime.

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Rich Johnston's Flying Friar is available to purchase online at www.richjohnston.com.

Jenika has comics for sale, plus free stuff to read online at www.neptunefactory.com.

Rob Jackson has small press comics on his website at www.robjacksoncomics.com.

Sally Anne Hickman documents the year in her handmade mini comic, Sex, Drawn and Rock'n'Roll, January is on sale now for 2.

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February 14 2006

Matilda Tristram has drawn a wonderfully surreal comic strip called Crystal whilst suffering from the flu recently.

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Previews of some of the small press offerings to be available at the Bristol Expo (and all the usual/unusual places too presumably) can be found here: www.engine4.net/bristolpreview

Creators should submit their wares immediately!

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A reminder that the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing 2006, now in its third year, is taking place on March 11th in Mile End, London and is well worth attending.

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February 11 2006

Peter Rigg briefly interviewed (about 07:40) today on Radio4's Today program about their Peace Cartoons project.

This will be on Listen again later today & then should get moved to the archive eventually (Sat 11th Feb).

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February 10 2006

Corinne Mucha makes beautiful mini-comics.

Dog Walking is a particular favourite.

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February 9 2006

There's an article about small press comics in the latest issue of Judge Dredd Megazine (issue 242). (Alright, it's a fair cop, I'm plugging my own article. It is of interest though. Small press comics 'n' all that.)

Plug, plug.

Right, now I'm off to wash up and listen to my Mighty Boosh CD.

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Ade Brown is looking for contributors to his charity Just One Page project. This final special will feature a loose Football World Cup theme, which can be as little as a football in the background (you could always just add a football into a sketch you've already done). The theme also encompasses anything based around the participating nations.

Original artwork is auctioned for charity. If you can find time to contribute just one page, this could be your last chance, and its a great way to raise your profile and do a bit for charity!

Hop over to just1page.blogspot.com for more details.

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The Ultimate Future Shock by Al Ewing (lots of fun).

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February 7 2006

New Bodega is an illustration blog with contributions from Tom Devlin, Jordan Crane, K Wolfgang, Brian Ralph, Megan Kelso, jef czekaj, Ron Rege and Marc Bell. (via)

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Simon Gane has a website chock full of comics, illustrations and previews from his many books. Lovely.

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February 6 2006

An interesting article about French comic creator Lewis Trondheim here.

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Tom Gauld and Simone Lia's new exhibition starts in about ten days. Details here.

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Barry Renshaw of Engine Comics has big plans for 2006. Read all about them here.

Also of interest is his interview with comic creator Stephen Knowles. And, just for good measure, here's Stephen's website.

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February 4 2006
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February 3 2006

It's Wednesday so it must be Alison Bechdel. Part one of Jeremy Dennis' report from the recent talk by Bechdel, Kate Evans, Suzy Varty and Kate Charlesworth.

Update: And here's part two.

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February 2 2006

News of Loki Books' launch of HOME NUMBER ONE, a graphic novel for teenagers set in the World War 2 transit camp Theresienstadt.

The launch takes place during Jewish Book Week at the Royal National Hotel,
Bedford Way, London WC1 on Sunday 5th March 2006 at 12.30 pm.

It takes the form of a panel discussion on the rise of the graphic novel
chaired by the comics historian, Paul Gravett.

For more about Loki Books, go to their website.

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Leonie O'Moore interviews Bryan Talbot here.

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February 1 2006

"Act-i-vate is an experimental cyber studio generating new comix content owned by the respective creators" Basically it's a group blog on LiveJournal featuring new comics by eight cartoonists including Dean Haspiel and Nick Bertozzi. Looks to be worth keeping tabs on. More info here. (via)

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