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May 8 2006

Patbing has posted a 25 minute show of Chris Ware from a French TV sttion up on YouTube. Into the third minute, theres an extended interview in English with French subtitles.
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From Gordon Johnston:

A new website of small-press comics, sketches, photos and articles by me. It is currently showcasing TwoDays, a political thriller set in Edinburgh, available to read online for free. Tons of bonus material is here too, with much more planned!

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Spitfire Comics have announced their first volume of Hookjaw stories, collecting adventures featuring the infamous shark from the often controversial 1970s comic, Action!, is scheduled for an October 2006 release. (Via)

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The final Just One Page magazine will be launched at the Comics Expo in Bristol this coming weekend. Just One Page #4 costs 3.50 for the 56-page colour-packed extratravaganza, with all the art available for sale. All profits go to UK charity Childline. through the title's website. (Via)

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