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June 30 2006

I'm on holiday until next Friday so if the other people who post on Bugpowder can pop the odd item up while I'm away, that would be wonderful.

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June 29 2006

An interesting opportunity (I've spoken to Kenny and he is happy for people to contact him by email or by phone):

Hi Matthew

I run the Forbidden Planet International website and our daily blog and we were wondering if you can help us to start a meaningful relationship with small press and self publishers.

FPI sells a lot of comics but mostly this is superheores and to a lesser extent product from the bigger alt comics houses like Fantagraphics and D&Q. I know some of our stores run locally produced comics on a one to one basis between managers and producers tho' I couldn't tell you which ones and what they carry. It occured to us that we can however carry everything online, and should, as we try to expand the range of comics product we carry.

In July we are going to have a British comics month and feature some story about British comics every day on our Blog - we would like this to range from a feature on 2000AD or Beano thru to interviews/features on smaller UK producers like Typocrat and the small press community.

To go along with this we would also like to offer to list any and all comics being produced in the UK on our site. We would run a picture of the cover and a synopsis of the story and make them available to buy. In truth we aren't looking to make a lot of money out of this - we see it as a way of just making us truly live up to the tag of UK's largest comics seller by expanding the range to feature all comics.

We can of course search through sites and find the producers and mail them directly, and we will possibly do this, but it occurred to us that if you were to list it as a bulletin point it might reach the small press community easier that way. I know you are interested in mentioning things that might help the small press get wider recognition and I think this could fit the bill.

Would it be possible for you just to tell the community we are now looking to take and carry all self published and small press - we'd have to negotiate what margin we would need - but I am probably willing to work on something that merely covers our costs - listing, packing etc so we aren't neccesarily looking for 50%+ discounts here.

Of course it isn't entirely philanthropic. We expect that down the line some of these producers will become bigger names, new customers will be attracted who buy other items also but in truth it is more a currying favour excercise and an attempt to make us a more prominent player in the 'whole' comics scene rather than our own little mostly superheroic backwater. Josh and Gosh have done a fine job of carrying the material and I feel we at FPI should be also.

If anyone is interested in getting their products listed they should contact me and we can talk it through.

I can be reached on this e-mail - MANPEN(at)aol.com- or by phone on 01708 346305.

If you have any questions or need to talk it through a bit more give me a call.

Do you think it can work? We have over 100,000 visitors to the site monthly (not all for comics of course) and it could be a place where people's work would get seen by a greater number. We also would be happy to blog any upcoming small press events if people just let us know what they have coming up.

all the best
Kenny Penman
Director Internet Services
Forbidden Planet International

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Baz Renshaw of Engine Comics emailed Publish and Be Damned, who were the subject of a post here a few days ago, to get a stall at their self-publishing fair. He got the following response:

'Hi - I'm afraid we are full and also don't really focus on comics as there are comic fairs which exist already
Sorry, and good luck'

Fair enough that they're full, but the last half of their sentence betrays a comics-should-stay-in-their-ghetto mentality. If you disagree, why not send them a constructive and polite email telling them why they're wrong.

Also, why not offer to send the organisers an example of your work so that they can see how diverse the small press comics scene is?

Now, who wants to run a sweepstake on Rose's survival?

My knees and back are fine today by the way. Thanks for asking.

Off to have a bath.

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June 28 2006

The Banal Pig Comics website has been updated.

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The comics website Ninth Art had its final update on Monday, after over five years of serving the Internet. The site will remain up, with an archive of all features. (via)

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June 26 2006

Dez Vylenz, director of The Mindscape of Alan Moore, will be appearing as a special guest at small press comic convention Caption on Sunday 6th August.

Will Rose die? I've hated this series and even I care!!!!!

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Mark Stafford would like to draw your attention to the PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED self-publishing fair, taking place on July 30th, 2006, which he describes as "a pretty damn fine London based annual fair for any independent publishers/creators/madmen... representing underground music, art, poetry and literature but very few comics... so seize the day!". Tables were free in 2005, so worth checking out.

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More top tips from Paul Gravett on which comics are particularly worth picking up.

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June 25 2006

The Lancaster Comic Convention website has been updated. I won't be there, will you?

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I'd never heard of comic creator and artist Dame Darcy before, but was intrigued when I recently discovered her work.

Here's her website.

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June 24 2006

Neptune Factory, website of London-based Italian comic artist Jenika Ioffreda.

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Long-time small-presser, comic artist and creative chap Darryl Cunningham has a new blog to showcase the amazing range of his artistic endeavours. As well as comic art, there are his imaginative cityscapes (my favourites, very absorbing), paper maché objects and cardboard cut-outs. I'm not sure yet if we'll also be seeing any of his photography, an area Darryl also has a talent in. Definitely worth a bookmark - where else can you see Hulk at the Earth's Core and Iron Man in World War I?

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June 23 2006

CNN talks Alan Moore's Lost Girls. Next stop, The Daily Mail.

It begins...

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June 22 2006
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More Alan Moore. Radio 4's Today programme had a short piece on Lost Girls and its possible falling foul of Great Ormond Street Hospital, who own the rights to Peter Pan. As well as Moore, Melinda Gebbie and Richard Johnston can be heard. It's up for a week at the BBC's Listen Again (for Thursday 22 Jun, 0823)

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June 21 2006

Just re-read the Alan Moore interview in Mustard 6. Well worth the quid a copy'll cost you.

Oh, and it's got some great strips and text pieces in it as well.

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June 20 2006

My back's playing up a bit though.

Paul Gravett waxes lyrical about ace comic artist Matt Broersma.

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My knees have stopped hurting.

Ellen Lindner makes comics. Here's her sketch blog.

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If you're in New York:

This Saturday OPOLIS, curated by Jason Little, Morgan Mies and Jean Barberis,
will open at Flux Factory in Long Island City, with a fabulous party starting at

The concept: cartoonists, architects, painters and multi-skilled mutants of many
varieties will create a miniature city full of comix stories.

A new work from Ellen Lindner, Lost London, features in the show, as well as parks,
skyscrapers, a factory and more by Andrea Deszo, Gregory Benton, Michelle Higa
and 11 other artists.

Visit Flux online here for directions and a
preview of the work involved, as well as details for access to the space if you
can't make it to the opening.

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Chris Shipton is an artist looking for writers to collaborate with. Check out his work and if you like it and you've got a script that needs drawing, get in touch.

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June 19 2006

My knees hurt. Plus, am I the only one who thinks Cameron is going to get in and turn into Thatcher? In other news, this from Mark Stafford:

That nice Lord Baker of the Cartoon Museum wanted me to bring the Evening
Standard Cartoon Competition
to your attention, as , frankly , we are
desperate for entries. Deadline Mon 26th, subject: London Life, first prize:
£500 and membership of the museum, woohoo! Anyone working for a national
newspaper excluded, but other than that, the field is wide open. So c'mon,
people, get scrawling! Full details on the Cartoon Museum site, express yer
lust or loathing for our fair capital in the medium of your choice! Be foul!
Be Fair! Be sweet! Be scabrous! [And for my amusement, be filthy and
unprintable.] Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!

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June 18 2006
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Scotland’s Newest Comic Mart – PRESTONPANDEMONIUM – takes place on SATURDAY JULY 22ND - 11.00 a.m.– 3.00 p.m. upstairs in THE PRESTOUNGRANGE GOTHENBURG (a.k.a. “The Goth”), 227-229 HIGH STREET, PRESTONPANS, EH32 9BE.

Tables still available at disgustingly cheap prices.

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Issue two of Five Days Out of Seven by Stephen Knowles is out now. Find out more at his website.

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June 17 2006
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June 16 2006
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June 15 2006

After ten years, Dr Bob is standing down as editor of Strontium Dog fanzine Dogbreath. Issue 14, launched at lhte recent Bristol Comics Convention, will be her last issue.

From issue 15, the boys at FutureQuakePress are taking over. This and a fine selection of back issues are available to buy in their shop. (via)

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June 14 2006
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June 13 2006

Interesting things happening over at Smallzone where Shane Chebsey has just launched the new Frontline Catalogue, a listings catalogue containing a wide selection of self-published and independent comics and graphic novels for sale to the direct market.

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Tom Harding makes comics. Here's his website.

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Have a look round artist John Scarratt's website. It now has a shop so you can buy his self-published wares.

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June 9 2006

Those of you who are members of the LiveJournal blogging community might might not be aware that the BugPowder weblog is syndicated into that realm so you need never leave to get your fix. Here's the syndication profile - just add it to your friends list.

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June 8 2006

Comics artist Jon Haward is drawing a new story featuring Laser Eraser and Pressbutton, characters who sprang from the pages of the rock music magazine Dark Star in 1979, jumped to Sounds and from there to comics fame in the much-missed Warrior comics magazine in the 1980s.
Written by Steve Moore (aka Pedro Henry) and with his
approval the story will go online on John's website in October 2006. (via)

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June 7 2006

Now I've done a few of these I feel I can plug the buggers. The latest Judge Dredd Megazine features the third of my columns about British small press comics.

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Stripburger, the Slovenian-based comics anthology that's been going for over a decade now, has a weblog.

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June 6 2006

It seems there's going to be a comic convention in Lancaster, with an emphasis on small press stuff. Not much info yet, but watch this space.

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For those of you with some sort of life that prevents you from trawling through Diamond's Previews catalogue every month, might be interested to learn that a collection of Roger Langridge's The Louche and Insalubrious Escapades of Art D'Ecco (Fantagraphics) and Ed Pinset's Primitif (Kingly Books) are solicited. Although not available to buy for a couple of months, you might like to order them now from your local retailer to guarantee receipt.

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The Just One Page Launch Party will be on 8th June at The Plough, Museum Street, London WC2 (Near the cartoon museum), from 6pm.

JUST ONE PAGE is a charity comic magazine, which previously raised over £2000 for charities and this year so far has raised £1100 for Childline.

The World Cup magazine will be available to buy during June and July, by mail order or online (paypal orders). The artwork and statue will be auctioned via eBay during June. Contact Ade via the website for more details.

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'Night Warrior', the fortnightly updated web & print based comic book, is to be released on UMD (universal Media Disk for the Playstation Portable) in the first quarter of 2007. For more on 'Night Warrior' check out the official site at nw-comic.co.uk, and for more on Silver Platter check out their official site at umdlab.com

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Livejournalist Benchilada has a few new pages in his Fu*kbrain comics series, explaining what its like to live with Tourettes Syndrom and OCD and powerfully dusting misconceptions.

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June 5 2006

The BBC covers the recent death of Alex Toth in the arts section of their website.

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The current issue of Vice magazine is the Comics Issue. The strips are being updated online daily, well worth a scroll through especially as UK artist Richard Cowdry has a page featured in there.

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June 2 2006

Some amazing stuff on cartoonist Mardou's blog.

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I didn't even know that there was a Bat Woman. Well, apparently, there is and she's now a lesbian according to all the mainstream comic sites AND the BBC.

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A new website from Herc!

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Eddie Campbell interview here (via).

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