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September 30 2006

Paul Gravett is the man - more details here ...

# Posted by Jez Higgins

Tomorrow's Independent on Sunday is, I hear, going to be chock full of comics, including work by Matt Broersma and Tom Gauld. I'm sketchy on the details because I only heard about it in the pub last night, but I suspect Paul Gravett is the man to thank here.

# Posted by Jez Higgins
September 26 2006

November 15th, six or seven weeks is submissions deadline for Paper Tiger Comix 'War' anthology. I'm looking forward to this one.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
September 22 2006

We Come in Peace presents a first few pages The 9/11 Report : The Real Version an amusing satire of the Official Investigative Commission Report. More comics creators need to be working with this material I think.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
September 21 2006

If you're in Belfast pop into a comic shop and pick up "Century City Comics", a free collection of poetry set to comics, free of charge and funded by the New Belfast Community Arts Initiative. More about it here. Highly recommended. One of my favourite comics reads this month.

If you have any information on order copies of this comic or any details about the creation of collection or launch day, please get in touch with myself at drew.luke@gmail.com

# Posted by Andrew Luke
September 18 2006

The UK Web and Mini Comix Thing held in London for the last three years has, according to this message board thread, been cancelled. It appears organiser Patrick Findlay is leaving the country, which is a fair explanation. (via)

Just had an email through saying the Thing is happening after all in March 2007 and the site has been updated to reflect that. So there you go.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
September 17 2006

Jenni Scott has set up as website for the Andy Roberts Memorial Collection of Comics and Fanzines which was donated to the National Art Library at the V&A Museum, London. Of particular note is a full index (in progress) for those who would like to help contribute information to make the collection more useful to researchers.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
September 16 2006

Jason Cobley writes with details of a new graphic novel he and Andrew Wildman are working on influenced by the music of Kula Shaker
"if youíre a fan of a band of any description, certain songs, certain lyrics become lodged in your memory and occasionally things will happen in your everyday life that remind you of that music, and maybe some of those words will resonate with your own experience. Thatís our starting point."

There are more details on the project over at Jason's Magic Theatre

# Posted by Andrew Luke

Over at the Temple of the Seven Golden Camels Blog, Mark Kennedy has posted the Comic Strip Artist's Kit, by Disney artist Carson Van Osten. A great 'How To' for comic artists!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
September 12 2006

British Columbian cartoonist and Livejournal user Talking Cricket is coming into the final furlong of his drawing a comic strip an hour in a Help-Me-Pay-My-Rent-A-Thon!. For those making donations he has stated he'll quit smoking, and send out t-shirts and books, His cartoons are also quite classy with suitable helpings of deranged expressionism.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
September 11 2006

Matilda Tristram of Afoot Books has just had a new 6 page, full colour comic published in a new mag called 'Bad Idea' (NB: said strip is excellent).

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In a thread over on Barbelith, Jamie Grant explains how he digitally inks and colours All Star Superman.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
September 7 2006

Posters and t-shirts with art from Alan Moore, created in support of Northampton's "Defend Council Housing" campaign, are apparently still available from Phoenix Comix.

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September 6 2006

Darryl Cunningham has a new website showcasing his illustrations, photos and comics.

# Posted by Pete Ashton

Andrew Luke makes lo-fi comics and we wouldn't have it any other way.

He also writes about comics:

Comics Expos and Distribution On A Budget

Drifted into the Uk festival scene last year after a long absence, to the Quality Communications organised Brighton Expo. I had a whale of a time ! Lovely location, rum smuggled into over-expensive pub, new and old and discovered friends. (More)

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September 5 2006

Douglas Noble (of Strip-For-Me) has wrapped up Live Static, which can now be read in it's entirety on his website. A print version will follow in the future.

I was trying to sum up the story in a few lines, when I realised that the authors own words do it far better than I: It's a horror story about love. It's a romance about memory. It's a dream of forgetting. As usual, Doug really nails naturalistic dialogue, he skillfully uses the tools available in Comics to create a haunting atmosphere. Now go read it!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
September 4 2006

Jenni Scott visits the V&A museum to see the Andy Roberts Memorial Comics Collection which, naturally, includes a shedload of small press comics, and gives a good account of the work being done on it to date.

# Posted by Pete Ashton
September 2 2006

Lew Stringers classic self-published character Brickman has started showing up as a one-page back-up in Image's Elephantmen series.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000