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October 31 2006

Although Neill Cameron's Thumpculture has only just begun, bookmark it now and visit regularly. I've seen more pages and it's gorgeous stuff.

# Posted by Garen

This looks rather nice:
HOWL! a new Horror Anthology
72 pp, full colour cover, b+w interior, glossy stock
£7.00 incl P+P
featuring the work of Fraely Boyce, Paul 'Sound of Drowning', Danny Noble, Dan Locke, Nelson Evergreen, Ai Takita-Lucas, Akiko Tamura, Gumbitch & others...

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
October 30 2006

Britishers, find your Irish equivalent! A glimpse of Ireland's comics/small press enthusiasts. Fail Comics looks especially impressive.

# Posted by John Robbins

As much as I think zombies are highly over-rated, this musical animation from Flying Monkey Comics is exceptionally good. Read their comics too - which maintain the quality.

# Posted by Garen
October 29 2006

Scottish comic mart Prestonpandemonium is taking place on 4th November. There'll be small press stuff from Smallzone and elsewhere but other small press is welcome. Last time they had Paul V Scott and his Solar Wind / Omnivistascope stuff.

The show is a lot of fun and it is in a pub. And its cheap - just £10 for a table.

Its in East Lothian, just outside Edinburgh. Full details at www.prestonpandemonium.com

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Paul Gravett writes:
"I want to let you know some news of upcoming events at
Comica and elsewhere and publications in print and online hopefully of
interest to you.

Complimenting and expanding upon the imminent new book, as a first taster this site gives you exclusive sneak previews of the book, our third in three years (a hat trick!) starting from this Sunday October 22nd. Be sure to visit and bookmark it, as this will be growing and updated constantly.

And don't forget to check paulgravett.com which is now ONE YEAR OLD and has a new article posted every Sunday. It also is one of the best places to keep up to date on all kinds of comics-related events in the UK and abroad.

Chrissie Harper has interviewed me for a two-page feature in the latest
issue of Judge Dredd Mega-Zine to tie in with the release of GREAT BRITISH

Paul Gravett will be in conversation with Tara MacPherson, David Lloyd and
Mike Carey at Foyles and this will give you another early opportunity to get

Would be great to meet any local readers in Glasgow while I'm there for a
joint programme with the Alliance Française and Goethe Institut.

Book now for her first London appearance!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Jesus and Mo, the UK webcomic banned
in Pakistan
, has reached its 100 strip milestone. Volume 2:
Transubstantiated, the second tree-flesh version of the blasphemous gag
strip, is available now.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

stu ZombiE Writes:
"I was wondering if you could be kind enough to post my latest 20 page B+w mini-comic created by myself, Stuart Kolakovic and fellow illustrator Andrew Walter called "Two Metre Square Organ". It's £1.30 and can be available from Gosh! London, Forbidden Planet online and Permanent Gallery Brighton OR direct from me- radzombie@hotmail.com (£1.50 inc P&P)

Look out for the noose-trumpet cover.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Ex-pat American cartoonist Eric Knisley has finished a new art book,
available for download or purchase on lulu.com. Knisley, who now
lives in Southminster, Essex has worked in animation, comics,
illustration and many other fields including pizza.

"It's a collection of strips, gags, sketches, published and unpublished art, character designs, obsessions, mystery words, tomfoolery and whatnot. 100 jam-packed pages in crisp black-and-white are safely nestled between two full-color glossy covers and gently embraced by the latest high-tension perfect binding, a modern miracle of gentle technology", it says here.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

John Scarratt has a short comic entitled 'The Job' for viewing on his website. Enjoy!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Dirge part 1 of 2 by Andrew Reed out now. Check
popculturehaditcoming.com for details.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Of possible interest to readers is Paul Burke's new site . It will track the written and visual development of a forthcoming comic called Hard Boiled Ed, and will hopefully be of interest to those wanting to undertake similar ventures.

He hopes to add a comprehensive resources page in the near future which will detail relevant websites and reading for those wanting to get into either the words or pictures of comics.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Following the recent story of art theft in the OEL anthology Mangaquake, its worth mentioning that the anthology is still going strong, and that the third issue has now been released.

MangaQuake Press release:
"MangaQuake is back for its third issue- and it's better than ever!
Featuring a collection of strips for a few familiar names from
previous issues, and some truly astonishing brand new talent. With
stories of betrayal, inter species romance (…well sort of!) and Norse
gods with traffic congestion problems- I think we can genuinely say
that this issue, its 56 pages crammed to overflowing with fun and
action- has something for everyone!

And at the frankly laughable price of £2.50, you have NO excuse not to buy it!"
Website: www.futurequake.co.uk

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Concerned about the growing threat of Surf Nazis? check out Ed Syders killoteens.com.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Sights with Sounds...
At the Birmingham International Comics Show

Some promotivational spin from Paul Birch:

There’s a lot to sing and dance about at the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) and everyone is invited to join in the celebrations!

To mark the comic book festival’s debut Kerrang! Radio has got involved. Word has it there will be live music playing throughout the entire weekend of the 9-10th of December, from acoustic sets to full-on power-charged rock bands.

The world of comics has long had strong associations with that of music, not least when its popular artists are called upon to create iconic album covers. From Robert Crumb’s 60s underground comix art for Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills vinyl album, featuring Janis Joplin, to American superstar Neal Adams’ superheroic renditions on Who Will Save the World? by The Groundhogs (whose Tony McPhee recently played a solo gig at The Custard Factory where BICS is being held) and Extreme’s hit-filled Pornograffitti just as the age of CD was arriving.

Now we have Timothy Bradstreet illustrating Iron Maiden’s lastest worldwide smashes like A Matter of Life and Death and Chris Weston dipping his pen nibs deep to delinate covers for up-and-coming UK rockers Tokyo Dragons… And if your tastes are a lot less heavy with catchier tunes don’t forget that Madness have called upon the talents of Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons before now!

This crossfiltering of cultural and entertainment mediums is set to continue at BICS. Along with Mr Gibbons, jetting in from around the world will be Mark Buckingham, Alan Davis, Duncan Fegredo, Michael Lark, Essad Ribic, Scottie Young and a host of others along with more homegrown talent like Charlie Adlard, who was recently on BBC Radio Shropshire with Shane Chebbsey, one of BICS’s principal organisers.

The Birmingham International Comics Show promises to be a spectacular weekend of comics, comic book people, and maybe even the odd surprise major rock star happening along so it really is a case of be there or be square!

For further information & to reserve tickets visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/
For more about Kerrang! Radio visit: www.kerrangradio.co.uk/
For press & media information, photos/art contact: paul(at)thecomicsshow.co.uk

# Posted by John Robbins
October 26 2006
# Posted by Mardou
October 22 2006

Just in time for Halloween (though delayed a year due to legal wranglings), the Misty Comic.co.uk Halloween Special is finally available to purchase! Buy it through the website. For just £5.99, you get 64pages, Colour and Black&White, plus a poster. Full of spooky fun!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
October 16 2006

Go check out London-based Ellen Lindner's newly vamped up website.

# Posted by Mardou
October 15 2006

Ade Brown is organising another 24 Minute comic to be produced at the Birmingham Comic Show.

Hi folks,

after a fairly successful weekend at the ComICA 24 hour comic day event that Paul Gravett put together, we hope to be doing a larger event next year. I know that some of you cannot spare a whole 24 hours, so our intention is to include hourly slots for people to contribute Just 1 Page (see what I did?). More on that next year.

Meanwhile, the nice folks who are organising the Birmingham International Comics Show http://www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/ have asked me to do another 24 Minute comic in December.

As you've taken part in my Just 1 Page stuff before, I wondered if you could spare us half an hour at the show (okay, with preparation, sitting you down and giving out instructions it takes longer but not much more than forty minutes) ?
Hopefully this will be around midday on the Saturday and the finished item will be on sale by Saturday evening.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, please check the website http://members.aol.com/just1page/J1P24min2/ and admire the artwork in both projects !

Let me know if you are interested (or if you are not) and please pass this email on to anyone who you know who might be interested.

Ade Brown

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
October 6 2006

Sample the new issue of Comic Art Magazine published by Buenaventura press and reknowned gentleman editor and author, Todd Hignite. Bug your comic store, if they don't already stock it.

# Posted by Mardou