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November 29 2006
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Matt Boyce has a new monthly strip in the digital fantasy art magazine Imagine FX.

He has also redesigned his website, and will be releasing a new book in the new year.

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Andy Smith has a new self published book now available for Christmas. Its called 'Lightning strikes at Fattys house', is hand screenprinted in 3 colours and is priced at £4 (inc p&p) and can be bought from his online shop or from shops such as Gosh, Magma, Analogue Books and Playlounge

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18/11/06 (thanks to Graeme Neil Reid): Writer and artist David Hitchcock has released a hardback edition of his Eagle Award winning series Springheeled Jack. The Victorian gothic fantasy series received much high praise from readers and comic professionals in its initial three issue run and this book titled 'Strange Visitor' collects these issues plus the hard to find 'The Last Chapter' previously only available to lucky fans at Bristol's Comic Convention in 2005. The book also showcases many of David's sketches on the series and a tantilising glimpse into the production of the artwork.
Limited to just 500 copies the standard book can be bought for just £10 (including postage and packaging) but as usual with David's comic work he is offering a range of special offers on this new collection. The first 20 orders will receive a fantastic original drawing with the book! Plus for £13 you can order one of eighty copies that will be numbered and signed by David and will include a limited tipped in plate illustration. For orders and availability on the limited editions you can contact David directly by e-mail at black_boar1 [at] yahoo.com or by sending a cheque made payable to David Hitchcock to SHJ, Gunhills Farm, Gunhills Lane, Windley, Derbyshire DE56 2LR.
• To see more of David's work check out his website

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# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Oliver and Laurence of Modern Monstrosity invite you to check out their photo-comic report of the MCM London Expo which was held on October 28th and 29th

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November 26 2006

Autobiographical cartoonist John Welding has a residency in thecentre:mk. His residency which started on November the 13th and ends on January 7th sees him taking drawings from out of his sketch book and onto the WHITE WALL at Milton Keynes Contemporary.

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November 23 2006

Stand-up comedian Caroline Clifford also draws comic strips. There are loads of them on her website, Local Girl, all of which are very funny and enjoyable.

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Fron Darryl Cunnigham:

Fans of the TV show, Lost, (just started again on Sky) might be interested in a set of eleven
character drawings which I've recently finished. You can find these pics on my
Flickr site.


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November 19 2006

UK Comics website Down The Tubes, which covers the breadth of UK comics including the 'small press', American reprints, 2000AD and everything in between, has a new look. Well worth a regular visit.

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Dave Gibbons At the Birmingham International Comics Show

From Paul Birch:

Award-winning artist and writer Dave Gibbons is currently featured in an exclusive Father’s Day interview with Comicraft’s Richard Starking at www.comicworldnews.com. During the talks Gibbons explained how his own father’s career as an architect and town planner influenced him. Those skills will soon be put to the test as the intrepid creator navigates Birmingham, UK’s infamous Spaghetti Junction road works and its regenerated city centre mall complexes at the Bull Ring as he prepares to entertain his fans at The Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) as a “very special guest”.

From Dr Who Weekly and 2000AD to Green Lantern Dave Gibbons established a career. With Watchmen and Give Me Liberty he gained deserved international acclaim. In The Originals he demonstrated creative vision.

Find out what the future holds for both Gibbons and his readers with Green Lantern Corps: Recharge and beyond during exclusive Saturday signings and talk sessions at BICS.

The Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) takes places in England on the 9th-10th December at the city centre’s popular arts and media complex, The Custard Factory. If you love comics make a date… Christmas is coming a little early this year!

For further information & to reserve tickets visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/
For press & media information, photos/art contact: paul(at)thecomicsshow.co.uk

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November 15 2006

Phil Barrett's blog-conversion now available for inspection on Blackshapes.

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According to The Scotsman, The Glasgow Anti-Racist Alliance are calling for the withdrawal from bookstores of a reprint of the 1939 Dandy Annual because of several uses of the word “nigger” in a strip called Smarty Grandpa.

# Posted by Paul Rainey

Jamie Smart's Space Raoul will be appearing in The Dandy sometime early in 2007.

# Posted by Garen
November 14 2006

Ever Wondered Why Comics Make Blockbuster Movies?

From Paul Birch:

From Garfield to Batman comic book characters have a pedigree and a history that make them a tried and tested formula to become successful films.

Major movie stars including Nicholas Cage, Halle Berry, Sean Connery and Keanu Reeves now put their names forward to feature in silver screen sagas, confident that they will reach an eager audience. And when at the end of a movie, those screen credits roll on half as long as the actual film itself, consider for a moment that it might take a handful, or less, of creative individuals to deliver similarly exciting adventures on a regular monthly, or even weekly, basis.

On the 9th-10th December some of the best of those writers, artists and editors will be congregating in England’s second city to appear at the Birmingham International Comics Convention.

Alan Davis and Mark Farmer lead the roll call of UK based X-Men artists while Scottie Young jets in from the USA and Esad Ribic embarks from Croatia. Dave Gibbons will answer questions about the new rumours of a Watchmen movie. From Judge Dredd to The Beano’s Little Plumb, there will be comics and creators galore and from all around the globe. With talks, signings, competitions and much more besides it promises to be a show to remember.

If you want to know what’s going to be the next League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Superman, The Crow or even The Incredibles, then The Birmingham International Comics Show is the happening place to be!

For further information & to reserve tickets visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/
For press & media information, photos/art contact: paul(at)thecomicsshow.co.uk

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November 12 2006

Heather Middleton has published the entire fourth issue of her comic Honeypears online:

Honeypears 4 cover on Flikr

Probably best viewed going back through her Flickr Acount but you can also look at via her Livejournal (although you have to go back a couple of pages to get to the start).

This issue of Honeyperars is called Period, as she states:

Period is a project where I do a cartoon every day for a month.

There are variations in quality depending on time and motivation on a particular day, and there are some panels that make me wince. However I don’t think I would have wound up thinking of doing cartoons in fuzzyfelt (see 21st Sept) were it not for having to produce something every day. I’d recommend this kind of time limited project, particularly if you’re prone to perfectionism.

This was my first Period: there is also now a Period Jan 06. It just took me a while to print September up. I hope there will be more.

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November 10 2006

Dublin's Loserdom zine is ten years old. Plenty of stuff to read in their web archive.

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"Cliff Richard is latest Commander of the Cosmic Squad. Before that it was Starman Jones. Before that Professor Fergus McQuigly."

Mike Weller has a blog.

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Northants News: Alan Moore to do a signing in Springfield. (Via Slovobooks)

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November 7 2006

Just a reminder that the Dublin Comic Con is a few short weeks away -
Details can be seen on the poster at the official site, with more detail and discussion on the thread at Millarworld. Apart from the 'mainstream' names advertised, there'll be a bunch of small press stuff too, I'm sure.

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November 6 2006

Some updates from Paul Gravett:

Hello again

Our brand new book GREAT BRITISH COMICS is now in the shops - do hope you
enjoy this celebration from Peter Stanbury and me. And be sure to check out
the new GBC website for special features, links and supplementary images to

A quick message to alert you to the London appearance by Scott McCloud - of
at an extra Comica event at London's iCA this Wednesday November 8th when
the bookshop will be holding a free signing and reception for him. Info at
my site or here is the ICA link for more details:


Hope to see some of you there.

And a reminder that I'll be involved again with the International Manga and
Anime Festival this Friday 10th to Tuesday 14th at London's County Hall,
free admission - for more info see my site or here:


And later this month Marjane Satrapi will be over for an unmissable
exclusive Comica Conversation on Saturday November 25th, 4pm. Book tickets


Good to see several of you last weekend at the Goethe Institut and Alliance
Française Comics Event - I'll be up again in Glasgow for Auchinawa at the
start of December - see also:


Best wishes


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A 5 page teaser for the forthcoming Flick and Jube webcomic has now been put out by Ph’kaki Entertainment.

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November 5 2006

Richard Krauss has recently launched the midnightfiction.com website. It brings the mini and indie comix he published in the newave days of '80s online. There's a new comix added every week along with reviews of comix, pulps, and paperbacks. The first series is Simon Smith and Ronald Moss, a comic strip about two avid collectors who aspire to go pro.

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Look! Phlegm Comics!

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Lots of great links for passing a Sunday afternoon at comicslifestyle.com/

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Andy Johnston invites you to explore the recently launched kayakcomic.com.

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Donkeyhead Episode Two is now ready for release.... Creator Daniel Baker will be holding an informal launch at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, one of the oldest pubs in London, on this Thursday, the 9th of November, from 7pm. The pub is located at 145 Fleet St, City of London, EC4A 2BU, the launch will be in the Johnson Bar, up the stairs, and anyone is invited. There will be an open fire, fine ales, and most probably a hurdy gurdy player to entertain you, alongside the excitement of opening the crisp pages if a fresh new copy of Donkey Head.

More details on the web at www.donkeyhead.org and www.myspace.com/donkeyheadcomic

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November 4 2006

Comics Come Home…
Pictured History in the Making at Birmingham

From Paul Birch:

Back in the swinging sixties comics came out weekly costing less than sixpence – Roy of the Rovers, Dennis the Menace and The Spider, drawn by Birmingham’s very own Reginald Bunn. There was Batman was on the telly and the adventures of Spider-Man and his cape-flowing friends got sent over in dazzling four-colour print as ballast on ships… and kids bought comics by the go-kart load, but unlike before, as they grew up, they didn’t stop.

In 1968 some youths of the time had a typically off-the-wall Brummie take on the love-ins and crazy happenings that were the current rave. They wanted to celebrate their love of comics and so they put together the first ever UK comics convention.

Fans came out of the woodwork, second hand book dealers did deals with those trading in comics and some guys who were working in the comic book industry itself happened to find time to pop along. Fashions and ideas change but this wasn’t a one-off novelty. As the years went by the country’s capital city, London subsequently took the reins and produced lavish annual events, the buzz spread Glasgow wanted in. It branched out here, there and everywhere; Bristol, Brighton, Manchester and the Birmingham Comic Art Shows followed. Each city giving a little of itself.

Now, the city that started it all is back again, pulling no punches and waving flags, proudly celebrating its heritage at the Birmingham International Comics Show to be held at The Custard Factory on the 9-10th December.

Comics entertain first and foremost. They also chronicle the social and cultural times they were created in. Comics from decades gone by along with those of the future on the Internet can be seen, revered and purchased all weekend at the show. That is why everyone is invited to become a part of history by joining the many famous writers and artists from around the world that will be attending this fantastic and important event. Don’t miss out!

For further information & to reserve tickets visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/
For press & media information, photos/art contact:

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November 1 2006

If you missed it, you can listen again to the Today programme interview with writer Brian K Vaughn here talking about his graphic novel, with artist Niko Henrichon, Pride of Baghdad. Originally broadcast this morning.

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