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December 7 2006
# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Raging Psycho Comics is pleased to announce that the first ever print issue of the popular online comic book ‘Night Warrior’ is available to buy from the 1st December 2006.

The limited special edition release of ‘Flame and Fury’ is a 48 page issue written by Paul Burke and drawn by Steve Bentley. It is backed by the bonus story, ‘Choices’ written and drawn by the ‘Children Of The Grave’ team of Tom Waltz and Casey Maloney, as well as an extract from prose story ‘Metro’s Finest’.

‘Flame & Fury’ is taken from the online comic book ‘Night Warrior’ (www.nw-comic.co.uk), a unique cross genre free to view multi-story universe which so far has seen over 20 full colour issues released across both ‘Night Warrior’ and ‘Night Warrior : Chronicles’. Boasting thousands of unique hits per week, ‘Night Warrior’ is an online comic book built around an expansive five year arc story and follows the story of insomniac Jeff Winters, martial arts instructor by day and deadly vigilante ‘Night Warrior’ by night. Utilising some of the best unsigned and independent artists and writers from across the globe, ‘Night Warrior’ is a truly global project.

Priced at just £2.99 ($4.50), ‘Flame & Fury’ will continue the ground breaking work of Raging Psycho Comics, taking us for the first time into independently produced small press genre comic books.

This very limited edition first printing will be available to buy from the following locations:


Online through Forbidden Planet

Abstract Sprocket, Norwich.
David’s, Brighton.
Paradox Comics, Poole.
Gosh!, London.
Orbital, London.


Online through ComiXpress.

Check out www.nw-comic.co.uk from 01/12/2006 for full details of availability.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
# Posted by Dan Fish1000

If you're a comic writer/artist (or a creative type of another stripe) living in Birmingham, Pete Ashton will plug your stuff at his new blog Created in Birmingham.

(While we're on the subject, apparently there's some sort of comic event happening in Birmingham this weekend)

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Via Neil Gaiman’s journal comes a link to audio site Iamplify.com which has free downloads of Neil being interviewed about his children’s books by his own daughter Maddy (who regular readers of Neil’s blog will recognise) as well as Neil talking about Stardust.

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Paul Gravett kindly passed on this link to an exhibition of Tintin creator Hergé coming up in the postmodern masterpiece/eyesore (delete as applicable) of the Centre Pompidou in Paris from December 20th to February 19th - admission is free (although of course you need to get to Paris to take advantage of that). From the Pompidou’s website:

“Bringing together several hundreds of original drawings and prints, as well as other documents by the famous illustrator, this exhibition is a homage to the work of Hergé, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2007. In its presentation of the works of Hergé, the Centre Pompidou illustrates the significant place that comic strips hold in 20th century art history. The exhibition will be free for visitors of all ages to mark the Centre Pompidou’s own 30th anniversary, providing a unique occasion to rediscover series such as Tintin et Milou, Quick et Flupke, Jo, Zette et Jocko.”

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3/12/06: The Look and Learn company, which is publishing a limited edition reprint of the 1960s and 70s comics and features magazine Look and learn, has partnered with the Guardian newspaper and will give away a free copy of the first issue on Saturday 9 December.

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# Posted by Dan Fish1000

There's an interview with O Men's Martin Eden at his revamped website

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