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December 31 2006

The Case Of The Exploding Toilets - Lew Stringer gets a load off on the blog.

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Brace yourselves for the last few Bugpowder updates of 2006....

Been to the Forbidden Planet Blog recently?

Gorillaz/Tank Girl's Jamie Hewlett on the Culture Show

Rob Jackson has got round to updating his website and has put his new comic 'Random Journeys 2' on there with some new scans of a few pages too.

Read this article on Roy of the Rovers.

There's a regular Graphic Novel meet up planned in Edinburgh, the first is on 16th January. Details Here.

Eddie Campbell has taken to writing mini-essays about From Hell over at his blog

Flying Monkey Comics have added an animated trailer to their site.

McFarlane vs. Gaiman

Alan Moore writes an article on Pornography in Arthur Magazine #25

Behind the scenes of a comic shop

Chris Weston reports on the Lille comic convention

Following the success of STREETS OF DUBLIN, Gerry Hunt is pleased to announce the release of a collection of his two early books
In Dublin City.

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Brace yourselves for the last few Bugpowder updates of 2006....

Been to the Forbidden Planet Blog recently?

Gorillaz/Tank Girl's Jamie Hewlett on the Culture Show

Rob Jackson has got round to updating his website and has put his new comic 'Random Journeys 2' on there with some new scans of a few pages too.

Read this article on Roy of the Rovers.

There's a regular Graphic Novel meet up planned in Edinburgh, the first is on 16th January. Details Here.

Eddie Campbell has taken to writing mini-essays about From Hell over at his blog

Flying Monkey Comics have added an animated trailer to their site.

McFarlane vs. Gaiman

Alan Moore writes an article on Pornography in Arthur Magazine #25

Behind the scenes of a comic shop

Chris Weston reports on the Lille comic convention

Following the success of STREETS OF DUBLIN, Gerry Hunt is pleased to announce the release of a collection of his two early books
In Dublin City.

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December 29 2006

L For Lloyd - David Lloyd visuals 'vailable vor viewing. Vo vere!

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December 23 2006

According to the Bookseller, the Christmas Annual is enjoying a resurgence in sales this year. The best selling of which, and out doing the traditionally more popular Beano, is Doctor Who.

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December 17 2006

Use this button to subscribe to a Google Calendar I've created, called "UK & Ireland Comic Events".

If you want to add anything to the calendar, or help maintain events on there, drop me an email.

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Check out the Banal Pig Blog

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Tintin and I is a very good documentary on Google Video about Herge, creator of Tintin, based on some very candid interview tapes.

This sounds like the same thing as "Tintin and Me", on BBC4 29th December.

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December 14 2006

Things seem to be happening over at the 'Thing website (no pun intended).

There are just 3 months to prepare for next years one on 17th March, and there's a 1st February deadline for submissions to the anthology - Next years theme is IMPORTANT STUFF.

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There's a new comic at www.ventedspleen.com. it's just a short two pager - with a narrative composed completely of overheard conversations.

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December 13 2006

Titan Magazines Is Looking For Comics Artists and Writers!

Titan Magazines, the UK-based publisher of the originated Wallace & Gromit Comic and such best-selling licences as The Simpsons, Futurama, SpongeBob SquarePants and Star Wars, will be expanding its range of originated comics based on high-profile TV and movie properties in 2007.

As such, we’re looking for versatile comics artists and writers to produce originated, licensed material for an exciting new range of UK children's comics, aimed at 8-14 year olds. Titan is launching a number of new monthly titles, all of which will require a large amount of original material.

Artists and writers can learn how they can submit portfolios, plots and samples by going to http://www.titanmagazines.com/comicsubmission
or, alternatively: http://www.titanmagazines.com/titan/comicsubmission.html

Interested creators can also get in touch direct by emailing:

Writers: comicwriters@titanemail.com
Artists: comicartists@titanemail.com

Please bear in mind that any artists or writers will need to be approved by external licensors as well as our in-house editorial team.

Please note that these comics will not feature superheroes, and all submissions in that vein will be rejected. We are also not looking for original comics ideas at this point – these comics will all feature new stories featuring existing, licensed characters. We will not be accepting submissions for Simpsons and Futurama Comics, SpongeBob SquarePants Comic or Star Wars Comic.

Please pass this news around to any creators you think would be interested – we guarantee to look at everything submitted to us!

All the best,

Andrew James
Assistant Editor, Comics
Titan Magazines

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Download the first 15 pages of Matt Coyle's Worry Doll
(4.3 MB PDF File)

– Original Graphic Novel / 76 Pages, B/W Art
– Price: $17.95
– ISBN: 09549998-3-5
– Release Date: February 2007

Published by Mam Tor™ Publishing Ltd.
Art Direction/Design Tom Muller & Liz Lee, Commissioning Editor Liam Sharp, Production Christina McCormack.

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Inside Amano's Worlds: A Talk with Yoshitaka Amano

Eddie Campbell blogs about Shaun Tan

As 2006 draws to a close and we look back on another inventive and successful year for British talent, from the ongoing success of stalwarts such as John Wagne, Alan Grant, Cam Kennedy, Trevor Hairsine and many, many more, plus more exposure for great indie titles such as Beaver and Steve, Zarjaz and Futurequake, I wondered who British creatives thought were "up and coming" for 2007.

Alan Moore on Fanboy Radio

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Sean Azzopardi has some pictures from the Birmingham Comics Show.

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Matthew Badham has a blog!

Read the 1st issue of Antony Johnston's Wasteland free at Antony's website.

20 drawings by comic artist Jock

The Arvon Foundation run a graphic novel course taught by Bryan Talbot!

Cartoonist Mark Stafford's website seems to have been update (but I don't know when).

John Freeman is experimenting with comics on mobile phones

On a roll with his latest strip for Doctor Who Magazine this month -- Rose Tyler's last appearance in the comic pages of the title -- ace cartoonist (and veteran self-publisher) Roger Langridge has a new strip for Marvel, featured in its entirety on the Newsarama comics news site. “How Fin Fang Foom Saved Christmas” apears in Marvel Holiday Special #1 and is a gem of a story, as you'd expect from this UK-based New Zealander.

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Matthew Craig


Hiyo, Bugpowderites!

I just wanted to thank all the people who came to my stall at last
weekend's Birmacon. Whether you bought a comic, or just came over to
listen to my well-worn sales pitch: thank you. I sold or swapped
almost 100 comics, and had a great time to boot. I'll definitely be
back for more next year!

My Brummie superhero comic, Trouble Bruin, did better than expected. I
shifted more than 60% of my initial print run - of which, I only have
14 copies left.

If you would like a copy of the book, which is now well on its way to
such far flung places as Canada and Germany, then please let me know
(mattscrew @ hotmail dot com). The book costs £1.75, including postage
and packing, and will come with a free minicomic and a Trouble Bruin
sketchcard. Alternatively, you could read the webcomic
of the book, which has just gone live at The Matthew Craig Dot Com.
The webcomic version comes complete with tons of behind-the-scenes
material, including sketches, a bibliography and an insight into my
occasionally crude creative process. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again, everybody - especially the organisers! Happy Christmas,
one and all!

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December 12 2006

The latest issue of my comic, There’s No Time Like The Present, is now available. Part 6, along with all previous parts, can be ordered from my website using Paypal price £2.50.

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Comicspace seems to be taking the comics world by storm right now, and could turn out to be a good way to get your comic noticed or keep up with your favourite creators and events. My profile is here.

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December 11 2006

SGT MIKE BATTLE: THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO! #7.5 is an exclusive comic which previews the epic 2-part story "The Last Admin Hero".

Just think of it as a movie trailer, although you'll have to imagine the deep, gravelling voice-over saying "it was a time of War" etc

It's out now and it's free. If you want a copy, just send an SAE to

Graham Pearce
42 Talbot Rd

Reader Advisory: No Political Satire
Graham Pearce

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Laurence Powell & Oliver Lambden - co-creaters of Tales From The Flat, host their first Podcast!

Enter the world of Tales From The Flat, the boys chat about the characters, the history, the parties and the side projects, all to an eclectic soundtrack of beats, hip hop, indie and breaks!

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Paul Gravett has links to the three parts of his discussion of comics on BBC Radio Five available on the Articles section of his site (Quick Time required).

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Written and illustrated by Andrew Cheverton.

Dougal Breen has a lot on his mind. Working for a
financial company trialling a new and experimental
banking AI means that Dougal doesn't have a minute
to waste on distractions. Which is why catching a
viral advertising jingle is particularly inconvenient;
because Dougal already has something in his head,
something that isn't prepared to allow Dougal's sudden
desire for a chocolate bar to get in its way.

Dougal Breen is about to be driven out of his mind.

The latest issue of West is once again available in two editions. The standard edition has a black and white cover (an Alex Toth tribute) and is priced at £2. The Limited Edition has an alternate, full colour cover and is £3. Both covers can be viewed on the Store page.

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Richie Woods, tutor of the Ian Hering Comics Workshop at Liverpool Community College, is organising a regular meet-up for comics fans and creators in the Merseyside area (or anyone willing to make the trip!)

The (provisionally titled) Merseyside Comics Forum is currently planned to meet on the last Wednesday of the month, between 8:00pm - 10:00pm in The Dispensary, Renshaw Street.

The first meeting is currently scheduled for the 31st January 2007.

These details may change later, as some things still need to be finalised. Check out the Pencilmonkey Forums for details

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Andrew Reed's website www.popculturehaditcoming.com has been updated, and includes new unseen four page comic Little Voodoo Johnney and new illustrations.

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Zeke S Clough seems to be running a blog called Shoogooble

blue-dummy jpg from the blog

hm - now that's better, isn't it?

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Matt Madden (author of '99 Ways to Tell a Story') has a blog

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2000AD artist Steve Roberts' comic Elefant House is free to read at his
revamped website

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Times and Independent take cartoon awards
Peter Brook of the Times and Dave Brown of the Independent walked off with the top two prize at the Political Cartoonist of the Year awards ceremony last night

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Comics as Design & Entertainment

Comics are an important and vital part of popular culture, shaping the early reading experiences of many children, as well as commanding an increasing number of adult readers. They can offer slapstick fun or serious literary themes and have spread into every imaginable genre (comedy, horror, war, adventure, autobiography, documentary and so on). Comics therefore have the potential to be both popular entertainment and provocative design, and have a profound influence on various other media and art-forms, including film, animation, computer games, and television.

The Six Cities Design Festival and the University of Dundee are pleased to announce this international conference, to be held in Dundee on May 25th and 26th 2007. It will celebrate the history of comics in Dundee, but will also explore wider themes, including comics as art, popular culture and design. Suggested topics include; comics in Scotland, British comics, the intersection of British and American comics, topical and controversial comics, defining comics, and comics and other media. Dundee is the perfect venue for this conference as the comics of Dundee based publisher DC Thomson are known all over the world, and 2007 marks the 70th anniversary of The Dandy, widely recognised as the world’s longest running comic. The Dundee programme will include the publication of a comic published by DC Thomson highlighting design and innovation in Dundee.

Papers will be 20 minutes long. Proposals of around 300 words should be sent to the address below by January 31st 2007. It is the intention that the conference proceedings will be published.

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Birmingham was a blast! Kudos to all involved, it all seemed very slick.

Some new things I picked up:

The new Douglas Noble 'Borders' (issue 22) is out, featuring lots of good stuff, including the debut of Robotnik.

Dan Goodbrey's The Nomad Church #3 gets eerie.

(check out the Goodbrey/Noble collaboration The Rule of Death)

David Baillie's Tongue of the Dead #2 debuted, with a snazzy colour cover. 'A Dogs Tale', a 24 hour comic also saw print.

Dan Lester's Monkeys Might Puke #5 contains lots of 'laffs'.

I'd never read Sean Azzopardi's Twelve Hour Shift' before, but it's great stuff.

The Shiznit is fantastic, and free.

Saw lots of other great stuff too, if I haven't mentioned you, drop us a mail!

Tired now. Bed.

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December 8 2006

In case anyone has forgotten, this weekend:

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Zarjaz (the 2000AD fanzine) news:

The latest issue is now available featuring the new ongoing strip BONES OF EDEN, first seen in the 2005 Winter Special .

Bones of Eden shows us a world where an experimental virus has turned back the cultural clock to Year Zero - leaving Washington DC crawling with hyperviolent 'cave people'. Writen by new 2000AD talent Al Ewing and drawn by original artist Russell Hossain. A special feature interviews Al and looks back on the Winter Special.

Also in Issue 3 - Judge Dredd by Nathan Adler & Nick Dyer, Sinister Dexter by Mark Leney & Mark Pexton, Judge Tex by Nick Xylas & Brett Buckle and more. Enough thrills for you and your alien spawn!

Zarjaz 3 is £2.50 + 75p p&p
pay by paypal to zarjazcomic@yahoo.co.uk

or send a cheque payable to Underfire Comics to:
57a Langney Road
BN21 3QD!

Nightmare at the Printers!
It has been discovered that a printing error has blighted the Zarjaz 3 print run. On a large number of copies the toner can be removed from the contents page simply by rubbing your fleshy digits over it. Their terran based printer has promised to make good on the whole print run and there are a number of unaffected copies to fill current internet and mail orders.

If you have one of these rogue copies and would like to exchange it for a pristine new one please return it to:
57a Langney Road
BN21 3QD

It is only the contents page that is affected.

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Sample some of Australia's comics scene: www.localactcomics.com.au/

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Ireland's Tommie Kelly has recently started a webcomic/small press comic, called 'The End'.

Send your postal address, or check out the website .

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December 7 2006
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Raging Psycho Comics is pleased to announce that the first ever print issue of the popular online comic book ‘Night Warrior’ is available to buy from the 1st December 2006.

The limited special edition release of ‘Flame and Fury’ is a 48 page issue written by Paul Burke and drawn by Steve Bentley. It is backed by the bonus story, ‘Choices’ written and drawn by the ‘Children Of The Grave’ team of Tom Waltz and Casey Maloney, as well as an extract from prose story ‘Metro’s Finest’.

‘Flame & Fury’ is taken from the online comic book ‘Night Warrior’ (www.nw-comic.co.uk), a unique cross genre free to view multi-story universe which so far has seen over 20 full colour issues released across both ‘Night Warrior’ and ‘Night Warrior : Chronicles’. Boasting thousands of unique hits per week, ‘Night Warrior’ is an online comic book built around an expansive five year arc story and follows the story of insomniac Jeff Winters, martial arts instructor by day and deadly vigilante ‘Night Warrior’ by night. Utilising some of the best unsigned and independent artists and writers from across the globe, ‘Night Warrior’ is a truly global project.

Priced at just £2.99 ($4.50), ‘Flame & Fury’ will continue the ground breaking work of Raging Psycho Comics, taking us for the first time into independently produced small press genre comic books.

This very limited edition first printing will be available to buy from the following locations:


Online through Forbidden Planet

Abstract Sprocket, Norwich.
David’s, Brighton.
Paradox Comics, Poole.
Gosh!, London.
Orbital, London.


Online through ComiXpress.

Check out www.nw-comic.co.uk from 01/12/2006 for full details of availability.

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If you're a comic writer/artist (or a creative type of another stripe) living in Birmingham, Pete Ashton will plug your stuff at his new blog Created in Birmingham.

(While we're on the subject, apparently there's some sort of comic event happening in Birmingham this weekend)

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Via Neil Gaiman’s journal comes a link to audio site Iamplify.com which has free downloads of Neil being interviewed about his children’s books by his own daughter Maddy (who regular readers of Neil’s blog will recognise) as well as Neil talking about Stardust.

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Paul Gravett kindly passed on this link to an exhibition of Tintin creator Hergé coming up in the postmodern masterpiece/eyesore (delete as applicable) of the Centre Pompidou in Paris from December 20th to February 19th - admission is free (although of course you need to get to Paris to take advantage of that). From the Pompidou’s website:

“Bringing together several hundreds of original drawings and prints, as well as other documents by the famous illustrator, this exhibition is a homage to the work of Hergé, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2007. In its presentation of the works of Hergé, the Centre Pompidou illustrates the significant place that comic strips hold in 20th century art history. The exhibition will be free for visitors of all ages to mark the Centre Pompidou’s own 30th anniversary, providing a unique occasion to rediscover series such as Tintin et Milou, Quick et Flupke, Jo, Zette et Jocko.”

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3/12/06: The Look and Learn company, which is publishing a limited edition reprint of the 1960s and 70s comics and features magazine Look and learn, has partnered with the Guardian newspaper and will give away a free copy of the first issue on Saturday 9 December.

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There's an interview with O Men's Martin Eden at his revamped website

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December 6 2006
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Dreddheads returns to 2000AD Review. These ain't your Mothers Numskulls.

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Willie Hewes (a girl who likes sad things, but sometimes they are funny), has published a new comic about heroes, villains and damsels in distress. It's funny, short, and can be read online or ordered as a booklet through the same site.

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Available to pre-order from The FQP Shop, Dogbreath 15 is 48 pages of action featuring strips and features by some of the finest talent in the small press.

Also featuring contributions from Nigel Dobbyn and Boo Cook, Dogbreath 15 is a must have for fans of Strontium dog!

As if that isn't enough, the whole thing comes wrapped in a new cover by the soon to be legendary Rufus Dayglo!

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# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Visit from the Dead Dog. Music video for a track by Ed Harcourt notable for the illustrations by British comic artist Tom Gauld. Really weird to see his style moving about like that.

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2000ad's Tharg-in-residence Matt Smith gets in the Guardian

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Matthew Craig takes the podium:

I thought I'd write to tell you all about my new comic, which goes on
sale at the Birmingham Comics Show this weekend, and stars a hero born
out of that very city.

TROUBLE BRUIN is a family memoir that spans eight decades and proves
that even superheroes need someone to look up to.

Brummie lad Eric Brown was born into tragedy: bad luck dogged his
every step. But when a military accident gave him powers beyond those
of mortal Midlanders, Eric chose to serve his community as the
mysterious BLUE TED.

Eric's story is told the eyes of his son, David - a son for whom he
gave up the hero game, and a son for whom the apple doesn't fall far
from the tree.

Trouble Bruin begins with The Blitz and gallops to an explosive
conclusion, but at its heart, it explores the relationship between
father and son, and examines the consequences of unconditional love -
for people, for places, and for adventure.

Trouble Bruin goes on sale this Saturday, at the Birmingham Comics
Show. 36 pages (incl. colour cover) for £1.50. A three-page preview
can be found here.

I'll also have plenty of other comics for
sale, including TRIXIE BIKER, WAR DOG, and a new edition of the
TSR2-reviewed HONDLE:
So come and find me in Exhibition Room 2. I look
forward to seeing you!

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Shane of Smallzone (www.smallzone.co.uk ) writes:
Major UK comics retail chain continue to support the homegrown small press scene.

You can now buy copies of the most popular small press titles at Forbidden Planet stores.

This move should be supported, so go out there and buy something, let them know we're supporting what they're doing, and hopefully small press comics will become a permanent fixture on the high street!

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Issue 2.2 of super-soap The O Men hits small press shelves this month and is set to focus on ex-villain and new O Men member Molly Valentine. “Basically,” says O Men creator/writer/artist Martin Eden, “we find out what Molly has been been up to for the past year, and what brings her to The O Men. Plus, the new team will be hunting down the old team-members and trying to find out exactly what happened to them – and they’re going to be shocked by what they find...”
It’s been six months since the last issue of O Men, a situation that Eden isn’t very happy with. “I don’t know what happened! I work differently now – I use a lot of Photoshop – but I never thought it was all that time-consuming. At one stage, the more I worked on the issue, the more it seemed that I needed to do – it was like some twisted Tales of the Unexpected storyline. I will try harder for Issue 2.3, which will be a doozy, as two old favourites get reunited.”
Look for 2.3 in the Spring, and keep checking out the website, www.comix.org.uk/theomen, for updates...

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Paul Gravett has organised another IoS event...

Independent on Sunday: Hergé Tribute
The IoS Sunday Review will celebrate Hergé's centenary with an article by Paul Gravett and tributes by Chris Ware, Michel Faber, Peter Blegvad and others.
When: December 10, 2006

More details at www.paulgravett.com

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Go to Ciaran Cross website - It contains his work in comics - which he hopes to start printing in the near future - and some experimental film and animation.

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David Baillie writes:

Hi all

Just a quick 'hello' to announce the opening for business of the new

For anyone who hasn't heard of me, I am a UK based comics writer/artist
and my old website was desperately in need of a revamp. On the new site
you'll find my entire back catalogue of minicomics (click on one and be
impressed by the slick opening animation!), a bundle of comic/film/radio
scripts and an all new art gallery featuring my latest illustration work.

I'll also be at the Birmingham International Comics Show this weekend,
where I'll be sharing a booth with those two superstars of the UK
comics scene, Douglas Noble and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and debuting my
latest book, Tongue of the Dead #2.

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December 5 2006

ComicSpace. MySpace for comics.

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December 2 2006

Music to Your Ears…From BICS to Beyond!
Paul Birch waxes lyrical:

News is spreading fast about the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) due in the UK this 9-10th of December… not least about whether or not the major rock star who might be turning up actually hails from the second city!

Birmingham, just like America’s Detroit is famous for having been both a major car manufacturing city and one where great musicians proliferated in the days before music got segregated into branded styles and marketing classifications. Birmingham has given the world music as diverse as the white-boy blue-eyed soul of Steve Winwood to the much hip-hop sampled bass drum of the late John Bonham who drove the beat that powered heavy rock gods Led Zeppelin… Not forgetting the city’s early ska and reggae influences on the English nation, and more recently the development of the Indian bhangra scene.

Likewise, the home grown talent of the comics field is limbering its drawing fingers up to deliver a mighty performance; sketching and signing all weekend long! From the UK’s classiest inking artist Mark Farmer ready to spill the beans on Fantastic Four: The End to 2000AD’s Richard Elson trying to remain anonymous from all his now grown-up Sonic the Hedgehog fans! Plus all those superstars who wondered into Brum and could never find their way back out of the infamous Spaghetti Junction road works – from Beano and Knockabout cartooning maestro Hunt Emerson to Batman and Aquaman’s man of dextrous detail Phil Winslade, they will all be there.

Of course, BICS never promised any major recording artists would be turning up just that they might, but with so much new talent playing live at the show while crowds rummage through the dealers’ rooms for those rare editions of Lion & Valiant or The X-Men, they just might be listening to tomorrow’s hit makers today. Wherever you are at the Birmingham International Comics Show there will be someone there ready to entertain you and make your weekend a truly super one!

For further information & to reserve tickets: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/
For press & media information, photos/art contact: paul(at)thecomicsshow.co.uk

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