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January 21 2007

The Zombies anthology by Accent UK looks to be shaping up nicely....Check out the mini site, with listings of the contents, creator bios, snippets and more.

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Nominations are open for the 2006 Eagle Awards, to be presented in May 2007. (You can nominate Bugpowder.com for 'Favourite Comics Related Website' if you like...)

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A stack of items:

Albion art for sale
Josh Kirby exhibition
Lew Stringer reviews Nemesis
Laura Howell's strip-a-day
Old Kev O'Neill interview
New for 2000ad in 2007
Ramblings from a small press publisher
Some cool art
warrenellis.com has been overhauled

Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators of all skill levels. It was designed to challenge participants creatively. I believe that every person has a little creative bone in their body. Illustration Friday just gives a no-pressure,
fun excuse to use it. No clients looking for a particular thing. No one judging the outcome of the work. It's a chance to experiment and explore and play with visual art. So welcome, novices and pros alike.

Comic Book Commentary called Stagger Lee the best graphic novel of 2006, and
the book has earned praise from Warren Ellis, Greil Marcus and others for
its meticulous historical research and deft fictional handling of the true
story that has inspired thousands of singers
. Skillfully drawn by Shepherd
Hendrix and written by Derek McCulloch, the book is historical fiction done
exceptionally well.

Venture publishing firm Dejima will begin distribution of a free manga magazine, called “Comic Ganbo”, at 30 Tokyo-area train stations. While many free publications (also referred to as “free papers”), such as magazines and advertising circulars, are already available throughout Japan, this is the first time that a manga magazine will be distributed for free….

Anime Innovation Tokyo is a very cool idea indeed — “an initiative to sponsor anime by independent animators and small studios.”

Sugarskull Comics Collective, a new webcomics group, launches on Monday the 15th.

Chris Weston, via his blog, writes:
Here's a nice Dan Dare pin-up by the great John Burns. This appears in Issue 10 of Spaceship Away, Rod Barzilay's splendid Dan Dare publication. Back Issues of Spaceship Away are still available, and are well worth buying, especially for the shockingly good DD strip "The Phoenix Mission" which
features amazing art by Don Harley, one-time assistant to DD creator, Frank Hampson. Don must surely be in eighties now but he's still producing beautiful full colour art that easily shames the majority of us "johnny-come-lateleys".

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A Birmingham International Comics Show Update, from Paul Birch:
The weekend of the 9th –10th December 2006 proved to be a cold and wet one, but it did not dampen the spirits of several thousand comics fans. In fact their spirits were warmed by the roaring success of England’s Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS).

In keeping with the festive season, the goals of the show were to both celebrate the past and look forward to the future. The convention had the blessing of Phil Clarke, who organised the very first UK convention that took place in Birmingham back in 1968, and sagely noted to BICS: “What’s been done is great and this is just your first year!”

However, the show did not go without its problems. Aside from the weather, equipment hired for use in the theatre failed to turn up, and one American guest realised too late that he hadn’t actually got a passport and couldn’t make it! Despite this bad situations were turned into good and complete fiascos into what surprisingly turned into highlights of the weekend. The amount of smiling faces proved that Christmas had come early!

There were dealers of comics old and new, all-star international guests who made themselves completely accessible to the public, and special exhibitions including one for Midlands-based cartoonist Hunt Emerson whose work can be seen in the best-selling kid’s weekly comic The Beano, and one featuring memorabilia for The Phantom newspaper strip that had featured in the local Birmingham Evening Mail for many years, plus a mural painted live by numerous artists to celebrate that character’s 70th anniversary, the first interpretation being a stunning full-figure action painting by Staz Johnson.

BICS was gratified to find the local West Midlands’ media responded to the show so favourably, via extensive features and coverage, and looks forward to developing this relationship. The international comics community via press and internet also responded warmly enough, but, even more so, the general public’s interest in the show reassured BICS that both the show and comics as a medium still has genuine growth potential.

The courteous security team, industrious stewards and volunteers, the various sponsors, dealers and publishers, those who donated competition prizes (most notably UK publishers Eaglemoss and America’s Wild Card Ink, expatriate Wolverhampton-born Mike Perkins who graciously donated so much art, Slogger Records and Nostalgia & Comics), and the artists, writers and editors who attended (with the general consensus being that everyone’s favourite all-round nice guy over the weekend was Britain’s own Alan Davis), and all the people who bought tickets to come are the reason the show was a success and BICS extends its thanks!

It is also the reason it is going to be an annual event.

Final dates will be announced soon and BICS promises it will be bigger and better. Many guests have confirmed their desire to return for the 2007 event and a number of new American creators have already been pencilled in. These include artist John Cassady famed for The Planterary and X-Men comics, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, and living legend Michael Golden whose core work on various Batman comics, the first toy to comics spin-off success The Micronauts, and modernistic war interpretations on The ‘Nam influenced the current generation of superstar artists.

Once more, everyone is invited to join in the comic book celebrations and the venue is set to continue to take place at The Custard Factory… If you missed out last time don’t make the same mistake this year!

For general information about the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk

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