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February 27 2007

Jonathon Dalton, who is currently working on the gorgeous Lords of Death and Life, presents a great walkthrough of his drawing process - really nicely done.

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February 26 2007

Phil Barrett adds ink washes to his Blackshapes.

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February 25 2007

Theres a bit of doubt as to whether Caption will have a bar this year. You may be able to help by signing a petition here

(A fuller story on this will appear on my blog or on Indymedia in the next day or two)

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February 22 2007

"At last...the first Smallzone shop opens its doors!!!"

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February 20 2007

What' in the Box is a small Press Publishers who produce comic books and innovative toy products for children. Formed by Royal College Graduates Gina Birch and James McAdam in 2006.
Their book can be bought from any of the UK stockist's featured on their webpage or directly from the Shop page sited on their website.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
February 16 2007

A Day to Celebrate…The Birmingham International Comics Show is Back!

The Birmingham International Comics Show 2007 will take place over the weekend of the 13-14th October at the Thinktank situated at Millennium Point within the city.

“The Custard Factory was popular with many of our visitors,” BICS commented, “But renovations are due to be undertaken for a period of about 18 months, and we didn’t want to keep the fans waiting. In fact we’ve moved the dates forward!”

The Thinktank is an events-driven modern building containing the city’s new science museum, an Imax theatre, and a large bar and eating establishments, among other amenities. “The show will be bigger and more importantly it will be even better.” BICS continued. “We are excited about the challenges the new venue offers, and very pleased about the level of administration and technical support being offered us at this stage. As we did with the Custard Factory we’re going to do for the Thinktank: make it even more popular!”

Celebrations for anniversary events in the comic book world are being prepared, international guests are being finalised, and some great fun ideas being heavily debated to guarantee BICS 2007 a weekend to remember.

Spread the word!

For exclusive interviews, media information etc email: paul@thecomicsshow.co.uk

For further information & to reserve tickets visit: www.thecomicsshow.co.uk

For more about the Thinktank visit: www.thinktank.ac

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On Tuesday March 13th Aline Kominsky Crumb ( wife of Robert ) will be doing Q&A session in the Borders Bookshop In Angel from 6.00pm for the release of her first Graphic Novel 'Need More Love'.

Check out the www.accentukcomics.com website to see Steve Bissette's (!!!!) cover to the ZOMBIES anthology. Steve shares some thoughts on his blog.

Flick and Jube is now a web comic.

MISSING TWIN publishing is now alive and well at missingtwin.net. This will be a source for comic books by Malcy Duff. The latest comic book THE BLACKEST GNOME is now available to buy at the above site for £4.00. For more information please use the email address: missingtwin@hotmail.co.uk

Markosia are proud to announce the new series HERETIC, based on the best selling novels by Joe Nassise, adapted by Chuck Satterlee. Issue #1 is in stores in March.
In other Markosia news, Of Bitter Souls, from creators Chuck Satterlee/Norm Breyfogle, has been set up for television development with Hollywood's Kickstart Productions.

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February 12 2007

Beano Max launches Feb 15th

Each [Monthly] issue of BeanoMax will have a theme and we’ve got a fantastic one to start the ball rolling – it’s the BeanoMax Red Nose Edition featuring stars of stage, screen, football pitch and kitchen. Jonathan Ross, McFly, Frank Lampard , Steven Gerrard and Jamie Oliver, among others, are all involved in the fun and we even have a Dalek invasion of Bash Street !

BeanoMax plans to offer you some longer stories to help you get to know Dennis, Minnie and the rest even better.
* Buy your BeanoMax from Sainsbury’s and you’ll find a bonus set of four postcards featuring some top showbiz stars!

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February 10 2007

Ever wondered how to draw comics on computer?

D'Israeli shows you how

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More Richard Bruton reminiscences on Nostalgia & Comics, with more going up in the next few days.

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ImageTexT Volume 3, Issue 2 is now available. It is a special issue devoted to "William Blake and Visual Culture, featuring an article on Alan Moore, and an interview with Bryan Talbot.

Future issues include one on Comics and Childhood, and another celebrating the comics work of Neil Gaiman.

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A new Comics Magazine, ND Comics is coming soon. Issue #1 ships in June. It's US based, but with an indie focus.

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FPI's Joe Writes:
Hi, guys,
With the Collected Hook Jaw about to munch its way through the swimming public once more (just when you thought it was safe to go back to the reprints…) I’ve posted an interview with Chris Smillie from Spitfire Comics (and Starscape) which was also a nice nostalgic indulgence for myself as well, truth be told!

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February 9 2007

The University of Kent hosts the online British Cartoon Library which you can search by Artist or keywords. (Heres a list of Artists, with biographical information, in case you need inspiration).

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February 8 2007

MamTor Publishing
now have their books for sale online, including the previously mentioned Worry Doll.

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February 7 2007

BloodForTheBaron.com are in the process of colouring loads of old B&W UK Action Force stories, and they've put a few colouring tutorials up. If any budding colourists reading this fancy helping out, I'm sure they'd appreciate the extra hands!

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Joel Meadows will be showing the evolution of the cover design of the upcoming Tripwire Annual on his blog. Art by Duncan Fegredo.

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Tommie writes:
Hey, I am getting ready to print the new version of issue one of THE END. All the updated artwork/coloring and story!

For the printed issue, i have some spare pages left, so i have an idea i want to do that i robbed from THE MCMANUS!

Draw a pin up of any of the characters or scenes from THE END they'll get printed in the comic along with your contact details. Every one who gets a pic printed gets a free copy of the issue as well! Which is a fair enough deal i hope!

Send the pics in tiff, psd or any photoshop format to info@theendcomic.com. I'll post also on the main site!


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Some more people showing their stuff on Comicspace, including:

- Some older stuff from Rob Jackson at www.comicspace.com/robjacksoncomics
- Neill Cameron has put the first 15 pages of his new project ‘Thumpculture’ up at www.comicspace.com/thumpculture.
- Richard Tingley has some of his comics at www.comicspace.com/richtea/

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What's New from Paul Gravett:
Hello again

A belated Happy New Year and all the best for 007.

I wanted to let you know that today's new articles on the website are my report on last week's 34th Angoulême International Comics Festival and as an extra Peter Stanbury's photo report. Hope you enjoy these.

I'm also keen to encourage more of you to come along to two forthcoming events I am taking part in:

Next Saturday Feb 10th do come along to Streatham Library, 63 Streatham High Road, London SW16 from 6.30 for a comics evening with me and David Lloyd, discussing our latest books and comics, British and global, and upcoming manga-inspired duo Gwen Kortsen and Angela Wraight with their Unnatural Remedy. It's all free, my audio-visual shebang on Great British Comics kicks off around 8.15pm and should go on till about 9.30pm. Streatham Library has one of the widest ranges of graphic novels you can borrow in London. And Pedro and Pat there run an excellent Graphic Novel Reading Group on Monday evening (contact Pedro to find out what they're discussing next and when: Pedro Galvao ) . Here's the link for info, and the poster etc:Myspace

The other event is a fantastic opportunity to meet French BD superstar Joann Sfar and innovative American graphic novelist JT Waldman at London Jewish Week - See Link for details.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at these events. Also check out the new Audio Archive in the Links section at the PG site.

And advance notice of one more date just being confirmed is Sunday March 11th 4pm for the next Comica event at the ICA, an interview with Aline Kominsky Crumb and the UK launch for her fabulous new graphic memoir NEED MORE LOVE out from MQ Publications. As well as her in conversation, there will be a screening of the 1987 BBC Arena documentary, The Confessions of Robert Crumb.

Best wishes


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February 5 2007

Alan Moore, interviewed by Alex Fitch (part 3), on I'm Ready For My Close-Up (podcast): "... I think that this is where comics have got to come from in the future, it's got to be from a grass-roots level. I don't think we should look forward to have any more great masterpieces handed down to us from above. I think that if there is a future for comics, it is probably in the hands of those creators who are working in the gutters of the industry, and I think that's probably a good thing."

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February 4 2007

Eric Knisley has started uploading comics old and new to his comicspace spot, and I've got one up at mine.

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Comicspace has started hosting comics - lots to see already.

so I thought I'd upload some comic 'galleries'...

(an old comic)

(a slowly ongoing project)

(doodles -as usual)

Now then!

what other UK based comics people are posting up there - send us your details & we may just post them on Bugpowder!

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I should really mention that my "Milleresque, McMahon-ish, really-fun 24 hour comic" '4321' (which has flatteringly been included in a 'Best UK Small Press of 2006' list) is available for just one earth pound, or can be bartered for minicomix or magic beans.

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Writing for Comics (Leicester, 10th Feb)
Writing for Comics
Writing workshop with Factor Fiction: Selina Lock and Jay Eales

Venue: Adult Education Centre
Entry: £20.00
To book ring: 0116 233 4343

Start: 10.00.am
End: 4.00.pm
In this one-day course, students will learn the basics of constructing a comic strip through a mixture of writing exercises, group discussion, interactive activities and handouts. You will consider the use of character, setting, humour and style. You will learn how to develop an idea into a comic strip script, will understand the conventions used, and know how to format a script.

The course will also cover print, online and foreign markets and provide tips on collaborating with artists. Find out how much fun it can be to write for this visual medium.

Factor Fiction is Selina Lock and Jay Eales. Together they edit and publish the award-nominated British independent comic books The Girly Comic and Violent! Both have been writing comic strips for over 6 years. Jay was news editor for the award-winning magazine Borderline, and has had strips published in various comics including the UK DVD edition of the movie American Splendor, in Negative Burn and The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga. Selina has been published in The Girly Comic, The Powder Room and Norwegian comic Baddis.

This course is presented by Writing School Leicester Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation based at Leicester Adult Education College, where it has built a high reputation over 50 years delivering specialist courses to writers.


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I have a serious love for UK comics. If you are a comics publisher from that part of the world (of any size) I’d love to know about you and tell people about what you do. Please drop me a line at steves@silverbulletcomicbooks.com.

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"Writer and artist David Hitchcock has released a hardback edition of his Eagle Award winning series Springheeled Jack. The Victorian gothic fantasy series received much high praise from readers and comic professionals in its initial three issue run and this book titled 'Strange Visitor' collects these issues plus the hard to find 'The Last Chapter' previously only available to lucky fans at Bristol's Comic Convention in 2005. The book also showcases many of David's sketches on the series and a tantilising glimpse into the production of the artwork.

Limited to just 500 copies the standard book can be bought for just £10 (including postage and packaging) but as usual with David's comic work he is offering a range of special offers on this new collection. The first 20 orders will receive a fantastic original drawing with the book! Plus for £13 you can order one of eighty copies that will be numbered and signed by David and will include a limited tipped in plate illustration. For orders and availability on the limited editions you can contact David directly by e-mail at black_boar1@yahoo.com or by sending a cheque made payable to David Hitchcock to SHJ, Gunhills Farm, Gunhills Lane, Windley, Derbyshire DE56 2LR. To see more of David's work check out his website at blackboar.co.uk"

It also contains the Megazine piece he did by the way!

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X pHlEgM cOmIc X writes:
Hello everyone.
After much hard work by ‘image 23’ My new phlegm comic website is up. Complete with a weekly updated blog, on line ordering and an updated gallery. It’s been a really busy year with lots of side projects but finally things are coming together and I can sit down and concentrate on some new comics!

Cheers everyone.


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Paul Harrison-Davies previews his pages from the ZOMBIES anthology, with added commentary, on his blog. Scroll down for further stuff!

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February 2 2007

Penn Jillette of 'Penn and Teller' fame talks about Neil Gaiman on his radio show...

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February 1 2007
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