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March 31 2007

John Freeman:
I suppose this could be described as a quick meme appeal but anyway.... Now Britain is to (scarily?) have its own Ministry of Justice in the spirit of that great British comic 2000AD, Nick Miller has provided dtb's first interpretation of its glorious leader JUDGE JOHN REID!

Anyone else fancy rising to this downthetubes challenge? Absolutely no pressure, I know you're all busy people.
Perhaps there's some other aspect of current British politics that also reflects 2000AD's frighteningly prescient future vision?

Don't have nightmares...

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Bryan Talbot interviewed by Down The Tubes

Comic artist D'Israeli goes all David Lynch on our ass

Why aren't you reading Lew Stringer's Blog?

Jeremy Dennis illustrates the complex world of Sexuality .

An update from Broken Voice Comics

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March 30 2007
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The Forbidden Planet Blog looks back at Kevin O'Neills art on Nemesis The Warlock

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March 29 2007

Details here of a nationwide casting call for exciting fresh material for new colour UK humour comic, Wasted. Edited by Alan Grant, the comic is aimed at today's youth gone wild. (A definite opportunity then for creators of bazooka-wielding, monkey-headed robot-zombies keen on nuns' habits, Star Wars-related quipping and random carnage.)

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The nominations have been collated, so you can now Vote in the Eagle Awards! Categories include:

Award for Favourite Black and White Comicbook - British
FUTUREQUAKE (FutureQuakePress)
HERO KILLERS (Moonface Press)
MALCOLM MAGIC (Studio Blink Twice)
TALES FROM THE FLAT (Modern Monstrosity)

Award for Favourite Web-Based Comic
DRASTIC COMICS (www.drasticcomics.com)
DREAMLAND CHRONICLES (www.thedreamlandchronicles.com)
PENNY ARCADE (www.penny-arcade.com)
PVP (www.pvponline.com)
SONIC THE COMIC ONLINE (www.stconline.com)

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Some thoughts on manga and style.

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March 28 2007

The Harvey Awards nomination deadline is 4th April.

Not sure what any of this means, but it all sounds very exciting, I'm sure:
Septagon Studios Inc Unveils Imagination Creativity Pad - ...The aim of the Imagination Creativity Pad is to create a fully interactive page, but also, as an incentive to participation, users who register and enter their thoughts will be published in select Septagon Studios titles on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Septagon Studios will be publishing at least four different creator-owned projects over the course of 2007 and 2008, and users who participate in using the Pad will have their entries published in the back of Septagon Studios' upcoming issues and graphic novels. All participants' work published on the web will be their own uniquely and legally: while all participants will write in the same communal space, creating a growing and evolving document, Septagon has arranged the site so that registration ensures an inherent personal copyright to each participant's submitted writing as soon as it appears on the website.

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Unicomic 2007 kicks off in Alicante, Spain tomorrow. Guests include Al Barrionuevo, Trev Hairsine, Barry Kitson and Gary Spencer Millidge.

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March 27 2007

Coming soon to Bristol 2007, the all new Monkeys with Machineguns #2!

Featuring the following tales of horror

In a world overrun by horribly mutated zombies, only man stands alone against a tide of terror, but is all what it seems?

Lights Out
A reclusive man mourns the death of his mother as the world around him stands on the brink of nuclear war. Can one man make a difference to the world ... if it's the world of MWM then perhaps he can.

Letters from the Edge of the World
A young solider recounts the personal cost of his war as he prepares to lead him men into battle. But what exactly is it that they face, and who or what are they fighting for?

Why Snow Should Not Be Red
Sometimes when the world ends, it just ends for you. Join MWM as they explore the last moments of a family man pushed too far.

Photonic Grafitti Preview
Coming soon to the pages of Storyline Studio's "FRAMEWORKS" anthology, the best of Photonic Grafitti as well as some brand new pieces will be yours to enjoy!

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March 26 2007

Hello fellow comic enthusiasts!

First of all if you aren't already aware of our Scarce Comics website, a community of online collectors, please do visit it and tell us what you think.

You are very welcome to join Scarce Comics, hope to see you!

We have also just launched our new 2007 comic's folders. These safely store your comics and collections in a neat and tidy way. These have been designed to hold the vast majority of comics from Victorian days till now, for more information please go to.

We hope that all collections will gain from these folders whether you are a full time collector - like me, or not!

British Comics have suggested the below.
A British Comics Museum?

British comics deserve their own recognition through a national (UK) museum.
Go HERE to sign a petition for the above idea.

Please also contact back if you wish to put a link up on the adverts page, we are always very willing to help groups and enthusiasts.

Happy Collecting!
Ashley Robinson

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Accent UK's Robot anthology now has submission details, plus check out the new Matt Timson pin up on the Zombies sample page.

In other news:
*Monkeys with Machineguns "Wrathbones" to featuring
in future editions of TwentyToSix Book's "THE HIEROGRAPH"*

Monkey's with Machineguns "Mr. Wrathbones" will be returning to print in
TwentyToSix Book's "THE HIEROGRAPH. Previously published in MWM #0 and
MWM #1, the story of everyone's favourite antique antiques dealer,
raconteur, entrepreneur, casual diarist, and serial killer will be being
reprinted in future editions of 2026's "The Hierograph", starting in
Issue 1 shipping July 2007!

Chris Lynch, writer and creator of Wrathbones is currently penning new
stories featuring Wrathbones for release later this year.

*From Twenty To Six Books*

/Edited by Anthony Garcia, Various creators/

A quarterly adventure/mystery anthology featuring a collection of
creators from around the world.
Fantastic art, comics, poetry and prose, The Hierograph has it all!
The first volume of this book will be available in July, 2007.
Filled to the brim with eye and mind candy from an international
community, The Hierograph is more than a comic book. It's a photo
album of the mindset of the world. And now...the return of Wrathbones!

Published quarterly, 80 pages, b/w and color, tpb. Mature audiences.

For more information, please visit

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March 24 2007

'Time Of No Reply', one of two newly added short stories to The Black Light blog, should be of particular interest to fans of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith - and to tongue-tied social retards in general.

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March 23 2007

If anyone knows a Book Publisher, Joel Meadows is looking for a deal. See the link for the list of interviewees, which includes Frank Miller (Left).

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March 22 2007

Somebody has put the whole Codex Seraphinianus on Flickr (some 350 pages).

via: Codex Seraphinianus, by Luigi Serafini - 1983, US edition. Not that it matters what edition it is as the whole book is written in an alien script of the author's invention. it's an imaginary encyclopedia.

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Still working my way through Comics International #201, but of particular relevance to Bugpowder: Included in the list of the best comics of 2006 were Dead by Dawn, Trains are...Mint, Negotiating the Beast, The Nomad Church, Housd, and Guide Dog Detective, with Oli Smith's Hazy Thursday (they got the webpage address wrong though), and Karen Ellis' Planet Karen amongst the top picks. Well done all!

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March 21 2007

Monkey: Journey to the West
The Manchester International Festival launches with Monkey: Journey to the West a ground-breaking new circus opera featuring over 40 Chinese circus acrobats, vocalists and performing martial artists. The music is composed by Damon Albarn and visual concept, set design and costumes by Jamie Hewlett, the artists behind award-winning virtual band Gorillaz.

Monkey: Journey to the West
28 June - 7 July 2007 - Palace Theatre, Manchester

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If you make your way to www.christopherwilliamlynch.com, you can download a free preview PDF of the next Monkeys with Machineguns, and rather good it looks too.

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Café Royal was founded by Craig Atkinson, mainly to help him feed his collection of zines, limited run and d.i.y goods. His aim is also to create a magazine / periodical / book that documents, celebrates, and disseminates the work of selected artists from around the world, who work in a variety of ways that could be considered 'drawing'.

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Paul Rainey writes:
Hello folks

One day in 1977, I bought the first issue of 2000 AD. Thirty years later, I bought it again along with most of the following eleven hundred and eighty eight issues in a moment of madness in an eBay auction.
Obviously, this would be a total waste of money if I didn't read them all. Why not record the experience of reading twenty years worth of comics in a contracted period of time, I thought. And so I have started the 2000 AD Prog Slog Blog. You can find the blog here

This post from a couple of weeks ago might be a good place to start.

Will I suffer from thrill power overload, as Tharg the Mighty has warned of many times before in his editorials? Will my brain grind to a halt?
Or, will the experience be a pleasant one? The 2000 AD Prog Slog Blog is the only place to find out.

Also, my website www.bookoflists.co.uk continues to serialise the opening part of my graphic novel There's No Time Like The Present every weekday. Enjoy.

Splundig vur thrigg!
Paul Rainey

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March 20 2007

Sean Azzopardi reviews the UK Web and Mini Comics Thing

Polish comic creator Maciek Empro invites you to his website.

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Oh, the new Comics International #201 is finally out, from Cosmic Publications. Not much in the way of web presence yet (but they do have a TV Channel!), but apparently there's a site coming. You can sign up for emails by sending a mail with e the subject Subscribe to news@comics-international.co.uk

Issues will now be £2.99 for 100 pages, but eagle-eyed readers might spot a £24/12 issues subscription offer on page 37, valid until 16th April.

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The UK Web and Mini Comix Thing seemed to be a great success, from what I heard. One person had sold out within an hour, and I heard others report good trade. The anthology looked great, and sold out again (I'm told it will be available online at some point).

You can see some video HERE, , and some reviews HERE. I picked up the new Redeye #6 (oh and #7 will be out later this year), and got a nice sketch from Baz, and picked up a heap of comics, which I may review at some point.

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March 19 2007

The small press invades 2000AD

An Interview with Bryan Talbot; by Stephen R. Bissette

A feature by Sean Blair on writing Commando
Douglas Adams wrote that the cosmic success of the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy could be attributed to the single fact it had 'Don't Panic!' emblazoned on its front in large, friendly letters. Similarly, perhaps the success of Commando can be put down to the fact that each of the 3900-plus issues published over the last four decades has a big dagger drawn on its back.

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Hiho, Bugpowderites! I've just added a new, free, 18-page TRIXIE BIKER story to The Matthew Craig Dot Com: ENTER JACK NARCISSUS

An act of charity saw Jane Jasper rewarded with powers and abilities beyond those of ordinary men. Aided and abetted by THE GOGO PIXIES and DIXIE THE SUPERBIKE, Jane Jasper is TRIXIE BIKER, Hero of Deva City: dedicated to fighting crime, injustice and the stifling ennui of daily life!

In Enter Jack Narcissus, Trixie Biker encounters her most insidious foe yet - a disgraced Pop Idol! Rejected by his former bandmates, maverick frontman Jack Narcissus turns his supercharismatic powers on a stadium full of fans, putting not only them, but the whole of Deva City at risk!

Will Trixie be able to resist his charms? Will the GoGo Pixies be able to control an army of zombified fans? And will Dixie The Superbike end up as magical scrap?

It's Trixie, Dixie and the GoGo Pixies versus Jack Narcissus - with ten thousand souls at stake!

For those of you that prefer pulp to pixels, the paper edition of the story goes to the print shop on Monday, and will be available by this time next week for £1.25/US$2.00, including postage.

The first Trixie Biker story earned a respectable six out of ten from the very lovely people at Comics International. I'd like to think that this new strip is better, and I hope people enjoy it.

Cheers, guys,
Matthew Craig

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The landscape of 'The Mindscape Of Alan Moore' on the webspace of John Coulthart.

# Posted by John Robbins
March 14 2007

David Baillie has another picture from Rocketboy on his blog, and an update on his UK Web Comix Thing status...

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March 13 2007

Not quite available yet, but doesn't this book just look wonderful?

Synopsis This is a luxury collection of comics by Rian Hughes, Master illustrator and designer, the man who has done more for comic book design than anyone else. Contents include Grant Morrison's reworking of the classic British comics character, Dan Dare, set in a mass unemployment 1980s in which Dare is no longer sure of his place in the England around him. "Science Service" co-written with John Freeman allows Hughes full rein for his retro style. In Raymond Chandler's "Goldfish", adapted by Tom DeHaven, he captures the noir shadows in a clever use of 2-colour artwork. Also in the book are Really & Truly (also written by Grant Morrison) from 2000 AD and a selection of sketchbook pages. It is produced in an embossed casebound edition with an introduction by comics guru Paul Gravett. This edition is limited to 3000 copies worldwide. Grant Morrison is one of the most celebrated British comics writers and Rian Hughes is very well respected in the design community having won many awards for his work.

An update:

hi Dan

...Just thought i'd let you know ... that we are doing a signed limited edition of the book with Rian and Tony(Knockabout). It will be normal retail £35 - so ten quid more - but we are going to discount by around 30% so it will actually come in slightly cheaper than normal cover price.

I'll send along what Rian says will be in it when i can find his mail which i think is on my office machine. Basically a bunch of postcards with unique new drawings, a special signed plate - of again a new drawing etc. It will also be signed by Rian. It will be an edition of only 350 and we will be the only ones to have it. Through the Forbidden Planet International shops and www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk. We should post it online next week but right now i'm waiting for Rian to send me the images for the exclusive stuff.

Kenny Penman

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UK independent comic publisher MOONFACE PRESS today announces details of BLOOD PSI, the second in its series of standalone titles under THE ONE-SHOT CLUB banner.
BLOOD PSI – solicited in May’s issue of Previews and shipping in July – is written by Andy Winter, drawn by Keith Burns and boasts a cover by Declan Shalvey. The US format book has a full-color cover, and black and white interior art. The 32-page title has a 24-page main story, a sketchbook section and an A-Z of British vampires feature. It retails for $3.50 (£2.20).

ZOMBIES - the 2007 Accent UK anthology
The CONTENTS page now has the complete confirmed listing ... just a few more to come.
Last minute change has seen 'Sacrifice' artist Tom Jilesen replaced by Shaun Mooney and Nolan Worthington.
This weeks SAMPLE page is 'An Alphabet of Zombies' by Daniel Bissette and Steve Bissette ...

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The eagerly awaited film 'The Mindscape of Alan Moore' is finally due to be released this month!

Some details from the mailing list:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you again for your patience.

We like to announce that the Shadowsnake Marketplace is now officially open. As of 13 March 2007 we are now ready to start the pre-orders for The Mindscape of Alan Moore DVD.

Great care and detail has gone into the contents, design of the whole package... .... It was around April last year that we decided to go for independent distribution as this would allow us the freedom to create something far more interesting and timeless.


But as an independent company this has not been easy, therefore your support is now crucial. Please forward to any friends, fans or those who might be interested.

If you would like to Join Our Mailing List please submit your details.

The official release of the DVD is tentatively scheduled for 30 March 2007.

Pre-orders will be taken starting today and a 5 % discount will be given until 30 March 2007. Please click the yellow coupon on the site to get this.

These orders will be sent out from the first line of production in April.

PLEASE NOTE: The DVD will be available in 2 different systems. Both are Region 0.
NTSC (e.g. USA, Canada, Japan)
See complete list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC
PAL (e.g. UK, Europe)
Both were separately mastered at Stream Digital in London, to ensure the best quality and compression (hardware based encoding).

MAIN METHOD: All payments via credit or debit card are processed over a secure server and payment gateway. Your card details are not stored anywhere on our database and processed via PROTX.
ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Only for customers who do not have credit or debit cards, we can also accept Paypal.

As with the DVD itself ,we’ve taken tremendous care of every detail on an aesthetic and technical level. But with the special leather grimoires the pricing is hard to determine as they are still literally being made by hand, stitched and fire branded. The plan is to include a DVD, and the soundtrack CD in there. So once the leather grimoires are available, those of you that already acquired the DVD will get that price discounted later on.

Yes, the soundtrack will be available on CD early Summer. We are an independent after all, so cannot develop all the products at once to spread our resources. The same applies to the 3 film posters designed by John Coulthart, which will be available to order as well.

Best wishes,

Charisse Vyzelman
Marketing Manager
Shadowsnake Films
London, England

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March 12 2007

Oli Smith (of TSR2 fame, see right-hand-column of this website) writes:
"www.idlechild.co.uk Has been fully revamped and updated with news on forthcoming projects, a first look at my latest comics and the long awaited, fully comprehensive, idlechild convention report on Caption 2006. I'm hoping people will have a look around and tell me what they think.

Also I will have my own table at the webcomixthing2007 where I will be selling my two latest comics 'Window' and 'The Last four Minutes' as well as experimental convention exclusive; 'Marina says, Simply Oli says' and a four page story in the convention programme entitiled 'Abigail's Secret'. See you there.

While we're on the subject, I should probably mention that I also have a strip in the aforementioned convention anthology, as have a veritable who's who of UK small press superstars. You should attend the thing, and buy everything.

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# Posted by Garen

Theres a petition currenty running on the Prime Ministers website:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to award knighthoods to John Wagner, Pat Mills and Alan Grant, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the great British comic, 2000AD.

Few comics have reached their 10th anniversary, let alone their 30th. 2000AD, and its flagship character Judge Dredd, are just about to pass this milestone. The last mainstream British comic still in circulation, 2000AD has nurtured great British writing and artistic talents now in huge demand worldwide.

We believe that a good way to recognise this achievement would be to reward the founding editor, Pat Mills, and the comic's other two mainstay writers, John Wagner and Alan Grant, by making them knights of the realm.

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March 11 2007

If you happen to be in Italy later this week:
BilBOlbul. International Comic Festival
1st edition: Bologna 14-18 march 2007

Ken Steacy seems to have become a self-publisher - Check out his Flickr account (Via)

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March 9 2007

Only one week till the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing!

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Press Release - Bristol International Comic Expo 2007

For the ninth successive year, the Bristol International Comic Expo (www.comicexpo.net) is back in 2007, on May 12 and 13 at the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall coupled with talks at the Ramada Plaza Hotel.

The Bristol International Comic Expo is the major comic event in the UK, a must-attend for all British comics fans, featuring not just the best British talents working in comics today, but a generous helping of international guests, many of whom are making their first appearances in the UK. It’s a rare opportunity for British comics fans to meet, chat and socialise with the creative talents behind the books and characters they love, to obtain autographs and sketches, and to spend two days in the company of thousands of like-minded inddividuals. There’s something at the Bristol International Comic Expo for everyone who loves comics, young and old, current fan or lapsed reader. Here’s just a taster of what’s going on in 2007:-

Special Guests:
Brian K Vaughan – Eisner Award winner. Harvey Award winner. Shuster Award winner. Writer of some of the most critically-acclaimed, intelligent comics of the past few years, including Y: The Last Man, The Runaways, Ex Machina and the superlative Pride of Baghdad graphic novel.

Kurt Busiek – Long-time award-winning writer on many past and current popular superhero series: The Avengers, Superman, Thunderbolts, JLA, Marvels, and possibly the series which is the last word in superheroes, Astro City.

Jean-Pierre Dionnet – Completes the triumvirate alongside Moebius and Druillet behind the revolutionary Metal Hurlant, inspiration to many generations of SF authors and filmmakers, including Ridley Scott for Blade Runner.

Jeffrey Brown – One of the most-highly regarded American “Small Press” cartoonists, Ignatz award winner for “I Am Going To Be Small” and the inspiration driving many in the UK comics scene. Famed for many books: “Bighead”, “Clumsy”, “Unlikely” are just a small selection. Jeffrey appears courtesy of Top Shelf Productions (http://www.topshelfcomix.com)

Misako Rocks – Creator of Biker Girl and the upcoming Detective Jermain! and Rock N Roll Love, as well as the “As Know As” web animation (www.asknowas.com) for a Japanese clothing company, currently up to episode six.

More Guests:
Barry Kitson – Supergirl, Legion of Super Heroes, Empire, JLA Year One
John Watson – Civil War Frontline, Hawkman, JSA, Uncanny X-Men, Son of M
Dave Gibbons – Watchmen, The Originals
John M. Burns – Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante
Mark Buckingham – Fables, Spider-Man, Sandman
Ian Edginton – Leviathan, The Red Seas, Scarlet Traces
Sean Phillips – Criminal, Marvel Zombies, Sleeper, Hellblazer, Wildcats
Ian Gibson – Robo-Hunter, Halo Jones, Judge Dredd
D’Israeli – Leviathan, Scarlet Traces
Trevor Hairsine – X-Men Deadly Genesis, Wisdom, Ultimate Six
Duncan Fegredo – Hellboy Darkness Calls, Zatanna, Jay & Silent Bob
Al Davison – The Spiral Cage, Spiral Dreams
Henry Flint – Judge Dreed, ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper
Bryan Talbot – Alice In Sunderland, Luther Arkwright, The Tale of One Bad Rat
James A. Hodgkins – JSA, Lucifer, Spider-Man, Batman/Aliens II.
Charlie Adlard – The Walking Dead, Savage, Astronauts in Trouble
Doug Braithwaite – Justice, Universe X, Paradise X
Phil Winslade – Daredevil, Nevada, Goddess, The Sentry
Gilbert Shelton – The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Fat Freddy’s Cat
Roger Langridge – Fred The Clown, Doctor Who Magazine
Yishan Li – Spirit Marked, Aluria Chronicles, Dark Mists, the Tizzle Sisters
Paul Grist – Jack Staff, Kane
Jennie Breeden – The Devil’s Panties
Mike Collins – Judge Dredd, Doctor Who Magazine
Hunt Emerson – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Fortean Times
Lew Stringer – Brickman, Tom Thug, Team Toxic
Christian Beranek – Dracula vs. King Arthur, Silent Devils
David Hine – Son of M, The 198, Mutopia X, District X, Daredevil Redemption
Carl Critchlow – Thrud the Barbarian
Gary Spencer Millidge – Strangehaven
Tony Lee – X-Men Unlimited, Doctor Who Magazine, Starship Troopers, Midnight Kiss
Paul Cornell – Wisdom, XTCNT, Doctor Who
Sean Michael Wilson – The Japanese Drawing Room, Lafcadio Hearn’s Japanese Ghost Stories
Jamie Smart – Bear
Liam Sharp – Event Horizon, Testament, The Possessed
Rob Williams – Low Life, SFX, Star Wars Tales
Andy Diggle – Green Arrow Year One, Batman Confidential, Hellblazer, The Losers
Jock – Green Arrow Year One, The Losers, Faker
Simon Davis – Sinister Dexter
Siku – The Manga Bible
Simon Furman – Transformers, Deaths Head
Chris Weston – Fantastic Four First Family, Event Horizon, Ministry of Space
Steve Roberts – Judge Dredd, Bec & Kawl
Andrew Wildman – Transformers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Power Rangers
Graham Bleathman – Thunderbirds, Cross Section
Kev F Sutherland – Bash Street Kids, Hot Rod Cow
Mike Ploog – Ghost Rider, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Simon Bisley – Full Cirkle, Global Frequency, Slaine
Rufus Dayglo – Judge Dredd, Metal Gear Solid (IDW)
Jimmy Bott – Half Dead (Marvel)
…with more still to be announced.

Events And Signings:

The Eagles. Britain’s longest running and most respected comics awards. The ceremony. The trophies. It’s the British Eisners, it’s back, it’s at the Expo. Saturday night there’s a special awards dinner, tickets are running out but the last few can be snapped up by a speedy email to martin@acecomics.co.uk – the nominations awards are being hosted at the following URL:-
The ceremony this year will be hosted by comedian Norman Lovett, aka Holly from Red Dwarf.

Hypotheticals. Hosted by Dave Gibbons and written by Lee “Budgie” Barnett, this is the eighth year of Hypotheticals and it’s still going strong. Last year Geoff Johns, Liam Sharp, Shelly Bond, Jamie Boardman, Tony Lee and Jon Browne were put through the wringer…who’s in the firing line this time around? Sample scripts from previous riots can be read online: http://www.hypotheticals.co.uk/

2030AD! 2007 is the 30th anniversary of Britain’s best loved comic, 2000AD. Special panels – special guests – special charity event….more details to follow, but Bristol is the place to be to join in the celebrations.

EXpo Exclusive Transformers: The Movie Prequel – in association with IDW Publishing, the Bristol International Comic Expo will exclusively have available this comic with the Comic Expo Variant Cover by Andrew Wildman. This is not available to order and will not be in the shops – only at the Bristol International Comic Expo.

Rising Stars of Manga UK The Third – Tokyopop will be launching their 3rd UK-specific RSoM competition, with full details and presentations only available at the Bristol International Comic Expo – congratulations to last year’s winners John Aggs, Selina Dean, Hannah Saunders and Suzanne Lam: the playing field is wide open for a new year.

Self-Made Hero bring their first two manga-literature crossover titles to the Bristol International Comic Expo, with Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet – manga-style – hitting the show big-time. Artists Emma Vieceli and Sonia Leong will be on hand to sign and sketch at the Self-Made Hero stand all weekend. Writer William Shakespeare sadly had other commitments.

Also Manga-related, Sweatdrop Studios will be hosting a manga workshop on Sunday afternoon at the Bristol International Comic Expo – following on from the amazing success of the workshop last year. It’s a one-stop-shop for any aspiring manga creator to see behind the scenes, pick up tips for their own work, and make contacts with one of the most productive manga collectives on the UK scene.

Charity Events:

The Bristol International Comic Expo is proud to be associated with the superb online support website www.bullying.co.uk which offers help and support to the victims of bullying. The charity is funded totally by contributions and we at the Bristol International Comic Expo are delighted to announce a very special fund raiser at the show!

Based on an suggestion from Craig at Silver Bullets and in association with Rebellion we will have a LIVE Charity Art Auction at the show which we are calling the 2030AD Art Auction. As part of our 30th anniversary celebration of Dredd and Co. We have some of the classic 2000AD Art Droids creating their favourite 2000AD heroes but with the twist of " what if they had aged that 30 years" ?

Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, John Burns, Jock, Ian Gibson, Mark Buckingham, Bryan Talbot, Mike Collins, PJ Holden and one Carlos Ezquerra are busy working on their sketches, with special previews of the art appearing here and in 2000AD.

Totally unique and only at the Bristol International Comic Expo in support of Bullying.co.uk. Be there!

READ A MILLION WORDS launched in October 2004, during National Children’s Book Week. It is a groundbreaking project, which sets a goal for every child to read a million words in a year. Backed by Bristol City Council the project and is committed to raising literacy standards amongst children in Bristol.

The project is endorsed by the National Literacy Trust and the Basic Skills Agency and is based at GWR FM, the leading commercial radio station in Bristol, which supports the project and has donated airtime.

Over 145 schools signed up for the challenge, and more than 40,000 children took part in Read a Million Words in the first year.

Now in year 3, Read a Million Words will have a major presence at the Bristol International Comic Expo including, workshops and reading/activity packs. More to be announced soon!

For further information on Read a Million Words Visit: www.readamillionwords.org.uk

Virtual Bristol Anthology:

Can’t make it to Bristol but want to know more about some of the exclusive books available? Trying to decide in advance which tables to spend how much time at? A bit scared of approaching the UK Comics tables, thinking there might be some “hard sell” to avoid? Or do you just want a sampler of some of the finest UK Comics around?

Welcome to the Virtual Bristol Anthology, a FREE online preview of many of the upcoming UK Comics attractions – if you’re at the event, check this out to give yourself some idea of what books might be worth checking out in details – if you’re not at the event, check it out to see if there’s something that sparks your imagination and looks worthy of supporting further, incorporating a number of exhibitors already, with more to follow.

Everything is free. Check the preview out at:


and keep checking back weekly for the latest additions.

More Exhibitors, Events And Signings:

Top Shelf Productions (http://www.topshelfcomix.com) are not only bringing across Jeffrey Brown as noted above, not only bringing their usual line-up of graphic novels, but also will be bringing several new 2007 releases, such as Nicolas Mahler's LONE RACER, Aleksandar Zograf's REGARDS FROM SERBIA, James Kochalka's AMERICAN ELF (BOOK 2) & SUPER F*CKERS #4, Jeff Lemire's TALES FROM THE FARM, Renée French's MICROGRAPHICA, Christian Slade's all-ages KORGI, and the all-new OWLY (VOL 4): A TIME TO BE BRAVE by Andy Runton.

Silver Bullets Comic Books (www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com) and MangaLife (www.mangalife.com) have a table for the sixth successive year, and once again will be bringing along a set of “Officially Cheaper Than Amazon!” books and comics, but with only one copy of each – once they’ve gone, they’ve gone. It’s the table the retailers shop at too…this year they are accepting reservations for books, email (craig@silverbulletcomicbooks.com) for a list of what will be available.

As usual, half the table space will be given over to promoting new and upcoming releases from self-publishers just starting out on their careers. This time, one of the new gals is Zoe Stead (http://zoestead.deviantart.com/) with her novel THE AMULET OF VICHALACE, plus more dark fantasy manga-esque work….more details to come.

Rob Jackson Comics will have a new issue of Random Journeys: issue three is the final, concluding part of this series, and all three issues will be available as a value pack to purchase in one go – along with some of RJC’s earlier publications.

Rufus Dayglo will bring along some vintage 2000AD art to the show, some prime pieces available to buy which should be snapped up quickly…and he’s also working on some new projects for 2000AD and IDW, which could be available to check out in preview form…before anyone else gets to see them.

ACE Comics, our perennial supporters, bring virtually their entire shop to the Bristol International Comic Expo – as last year, it’s shelves, it’s tables, it’s a real walk-in shop in the Expo itself. Trades, new releases, bargain 50p comics from 2006 (mainly DC, Dark Horse and IDW). Two special signings will be held at the ACE stand – Barry Kitson and John Watson.

Polycomical make their first appearance at the Bristol International Comic Expo. They are an online subscription comic studio, dedicated to new twists on the comic genre. Their first title is Reynard City, best described as "Watership Down On Acid", which can be previewed at: www.reynardcity.co.uk

Orang Utan Comics is not a publisher or a studio, it is a comics collective - essentially a group of artists and writers who are on the cusp of breaking into the comics industry. 11th Hour is their anthology title, which will showcase the talent within Orang Utan Comics. It will be a mix of short stories and also sneak previews of our larger projects and properties. Issue 1 launches at the Bristol International Comic Expo and features an international rosta of talent:-

Supernatural drama Purgatory Blues features Tanzanian artist Azim Akberali (Eye of the Storm, Vampires Unlimited), vampire tale Bloodstain showcases the work of Portugese artist Nuno Nobre, Scotsman Tom Walsh draws post apocalyptic tale Brothers in Arms and Phillipino Randy Valiente (Bronx Angel), provides us with a sneak peak into the superhero world of Young Gods. There is a possibility that a Slam Ridley preview will also feature with an artist that will be unveiled nearer the time along with one more short story. The first 11th Hour cover will be provided by Austrian tattooist and album cover artist Franke and features stories written by Ian Sharman (Smoke & Mirror, Shadowmancer) and Peter Rogers (Eye of the Storm).

Flying Monkey Comics (www.flyingmonkeycomics.com), aka Simon Perrins and Andrew Livesey, will be bringing ongoing series Hope For The Future, as well as the first trade collection of the issues one through eight. A number of their webcomics are currently available from their site, along with this animated Halloween special with singing zombies: http://www.flyingmonkeycomics.co.uk/index.php?cid=47

Will Dunlop brings Phoenix Handmade Books & Journals to the Bristol International Comic Expo for a second year – individually crafted unique copper covers for diaries/books/sketchbooks at competitive prices, Will’s challenge is to craft anything the purchaser desires…any hero, any villain, any characters. www.phoenixac.4t.com is his website for some ideas of previous commissions.

Linoleum Press will be attending for the third year running, with Kel, Joel, Cam and Rich manning the table providing a wide selection from their range www.Linoleum-press.com – along with a number of customised surfboards courtesy of www.EcticShortys.com … these will be drawn on and personalised over the course of the weekend. Also the 3rd Annual Comic Jam will be happening on the Saturday night in the Ramada Plaza with DJs to be confirmed and loads of cool things to draw on. More details on all of this in our next update.

Jimmy Bott, artist of the Marvel/Dabel Brothers’ original Graphic Novel “Half-Dead”, will be in artist alley all weekend to sign copies of the book, do sketches and generally chat about the book, Marvel and life in general. Jamie Delano: "As if the tube wasn't already edgy enough, what with suicide bombers and police execution squads... now we have terrorist vampires to contend with too. But at least the victims of vampire gas attacks are rendered only half dead and get their chance to join in the fun. Intelligently written and well-drawn, this book promises opportunities not only for fast-paced entertainment, but also a darker ironic subtext to the 'long war' of the 21st Century".

About the Bristol International Comic Expo 2006

Organised by Mike Allwood, the Bristol Expo is the longest-running and most successful comics event in the UK ever. Advance tickets are available through the official website (www.comicexpo.net) at a bargain price (£5 per day for an adult ticket, children 10 and under FREE, children 11 to 16 just £1). The Ramada Plaza hotel offers special Expo rates, see the website for details.

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Joe Gordon at the FP Blog Kidnapped, but not before receiving details regarding Leo Baxendales upcoming exhibition, Stroppy Women! While Kenny on the FP Blog has interviewed Mike Conroy about taking over Comics International from Dez Skinn. (Apparently 201 is being printed right now!)

Another quick update for the ZOMBIES 2007 Accent UK anthology... check out the DIARY page please as usual ...

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Art and Comics
A Hayward Touring Exhibition
Opening at the New Art Gallery, Walsall

4 May – 1 July

Cult Fiction explores the reciprocal relationship between comics and art. Featuring the work of 16 contemporary artists, including Raymond Pettibon, Laylah Ali, Marcel Dzama, Olivia Plender and David Shrigley, and 12 leading comics artists and graphic novelists, the exhibition explores links between the two genres. Among the comics artists are underground legend R. Crumb, the innovative French graphic artist Killoffer, award-winning investigative comics journalist, Joe Sacco, and renowned illustrator Posy Simmonds. This new Hayward Gallery Touring exhibition will open at New Art Gallery Walsall on 4 May before touring nationally.

The visual language of comics and graphic novels has influenced many contemporary artists who have used its conventions of pictorial narrative and unique fusion of word and image. Fine artists Adam Dant, Kerry James Marshall and Olivia Plender have published their own comics while others, like Glen Baxter, Raymond Pettibon and David Shrigley employ a combination of word and image in forms that are reminiscent of popular cartoons. The recurring themes and characters typical of comics iconography can be seen in Laylah Ali’s cast of bowling-ball headed characters, or the ragged furry felines that appear in Jon Pylypchuk’s sculptural tableaux. Kerstin Kartscher and Paul McDevitt employ graphic elements from comic book imagery to create works that suggest narrative without using words.

The comics artists in Cult Fiction are mainly from the generation of independent author-draughtsmen whose subject matter tends to be autobiographical, offbeat and sometimes transgressive. In her New York Diary, Canadian comics artist Julie Doucet’s portrays herself in vulnerable and compromising situations, exemplifying the comic medium’s ability to communicate difficult emotional themes, as do Debbie Drechsler’s candid personal explorations of childhood abuse. The realities of life within a war zone are sensitively charted in Joe Sacco’s Palestine, while everyday characters such as R. Crumb and Harvey Pekar’s file clerk in American Splendor and Daniel Clowes’ misfit David Boring …/… become unlikely heroes of everyday tales. Classical literature gets a makeover for the twenty-first century in Melinda Gebbie and Alan Moore’s epic Lost Girls (shortly to be published in the UK), which charts the sexual awakening of three characters from children’s literature – Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Wendy from Peter Pan.

Cult Fiction has been originated by artist and curator, Kim L Pace and is co-curated with Hayward curator Emma Mahony. A fully illustrated catalogue, designed by Jacob Covey, Art Director of Fantagraphics Books, features essays by Paul Gravett and Emma Mahony and a picture-essay by Kim L Pace. All of the participating artists in Cult Fiction have contributed a drawn self-portrait together with their handwritten answers to questions posed by the curators. The book is distributed by Cornerhouse Publications.

Artists: Laylah Ali, Glen Baxter, Stéphane Blanquet, Daniel Clowes, Liz Craft, R. Crumb, Adam Dant, Julie Doucet, Debbie Drechsler, Marcel Dzama, Melinda Gebbie in collaboration with Alan Moore, Mark Kalesniko, Kerstin Kartscher, Killoffer, Kerry James Marshall, Chad McCail, Paul McDevitt, Travis Millard, Kim L Pace, Raymond Pettibon, Olivia Plender, Jon Pylypchuk, James Pyman, Joe Sacco, David Shrigley in collaboration with Yoshitomo Nara and Chris Shepherd, Posy Simmonds, Richard Slee, Carol Swain

The New Art Gallery Walsall, Gallery Square, Walsall. WS2 8LG

Website: www.artatwalsall.org.uk

Telephone: 01922 654 400

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday & bank holidays 10am – 5pm
Sunday 12pm – 5pm

Admission: Free

National Tour dates
14 July – 16 September 2007 Nottingham Castle
21 September – 11 Nov 2007 Leeds City Art Gallery
17 November – 13 January 2008 Aberystwyth Art Gallery
19 January – 9 March 2008 Tullie House, Carlisle

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There's a cold biting snowstorm lashing the Gold Rush era town of Tin Cup, and in it the merciless outlaws, The Heavy Gang, have enslaved the townsfolk to dig them their fortune! Led by a metal plated monster they have made these honest people's lives hell. However, vengeance is floating back to town, Vengeance of the Vapor!

This is how the new Markosia mini series from creators Sal Cipriano and Jok begins and from there, things just get grittier and uglier by the second!

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Paul Gravett Writes:

Hello again

This is just to bring you all up-to-date on events this month, which i hope
some of you can attend, and some related news.

First off, in another web-exclusive, after the Angoulême Festival reports
and Gabrielle Bell interview, tomorrow's article is a transcription of a
rare live Q&A session with Robert Crumb recorded during a visit to London in

This article ties in neatly ahead of next Sunday's Comica/ICA special event
in the big Cinema 1 at the iCA on the Mall in London from 4pm on March 11th:

Aline Kominsky Crumb will be in conversation about her fantastic new graphic
memoir NEED MORE LOVE from MQ Publications with Melinda Gebbie, co-creator
with Alan Moore of Lost Girls. Both Aline and Melinda are brilliant comic
creators who emerged out of the 1970s West Coast underground comix scene.
They admire each other's work immensely, but they have never properly met
and talked together until now, so it is bound to be a fascinating encounter.

On top of this, after their Comica Conversation, Aline will introduce a
screening of The Confessions of R. Crumb, with the BBC Arena documentary's
director Mary Dickinson - and of course Aline will be signing copies of her
new book.

Don't miss this unique occasion - for more details and to book see:

Also timed perfectly on Sunday March 11th, The Sunday Review Magazine of the
Independent on Sunday will run my profile of Aline - as well as regular
features like Chris Ware's Building Stories serial and Simone Lia's new
puzzle strip.

The day before, Saturday March 10th, I'll be hosting a Graphic Novel Panel
with Cape authors Bryan Talbot, Simone Lia and Paul Wright at the Bath
Literature Festival. Hope you can join me for what promises to be a lively
debate. Details and tickets here:

The following week I'm jetting down to University College Falmouth to join
Dan Franklin from Jonathan Cape (UK), Chris Oliveros of Drawn & Quarterly
(Canada), Yvan Alagbé of Fremok (France/Belgium) and Gita Wolf of Tara
Publishing (India) at a one-day forum on Publishing Graphic Literature.
Visit here for more details:

And finally, for anyone in or near Stockholm, I'll be giving a free talk
about Graphic Novels and Manga at the Serieteket (Comics Library) there in
their Kulturhuset (Culture House) on Wednesday March 28th from 6-9pm.

All the very best and looking forward to meeting some of you, somewhere,
sometime, somehow, at some of these upcoming events!


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The Bugpowder inbox is bursting at the seams, so lets see what nuggets we can post...

Chaz Wood writes: I'm Chaz Wood, creator, writer and illustrator of 'graphic novels'. I' worked for five years on my main project, 'The Black Flag', completed in 2005 and now posted in its entirety online at http://www.comicartists.org/chazwood. (Not the best quality, but I'm working on moving the hosting).
I also have another graphic novel work in progress, a Scottish historical adventure/fantasy which is located at: http://members.lycos.co.uk/swordoflochglen/?
I also have my own artist's web site, which is more general but includes a lot of my comic and illustrative work: http://www.chaz-wood.com
That's all from me just now. Hope you can find space for a couple of the links.
Thanks for your time and your attention!

Leonie O Moore writes: Hi,
just writing to let you know that I am redesigning my website: www.lomoore.com and it should be up and running 1st March.

Richar dKrauss writes:
Vojtko's Comic Works
Bob Vojtko's wonderful comix and gag cartoons have entertained readers since the seventies. Bob was a big part of the newave comix scene at that time. His comix were published by Clay Geerdes, George Erling, Everyman Studios, Jabberwocky Graphix, and many others during those golden days of mini comix. With the help of his wife Sue, he also published nearly a dozen of his own books under the Vojtkomics Productions banner. Midnight Fiction has collected this list of his published works. Since his newave days, Bob has continued to create comics and cartoons. His latest work appears in Nickelodeon Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post.

Cambodian Web Comics:
Our Books, a local nonprofit focused on Khmer comics, is pleased to announce that a new web comic is online. "Life's Choices" is available in English and Khmer at: www.lifes-choices-cambodia.net
The story was developed in cooperation with PACT, with support from Danida and USAID. The comic aims to raise awareness about corruption in everyday life and how individuals can respond. Print copies are available via Our Books in Phnom Penh: http://www.siewphewyeung.org.kh

Karl Stephan writes:
I am an artist/writer living in the UK and I've recently created a website archiving some of my self-published comics from 2000 to about 2003. It's all very underground, sardonic, introspective stuff. They can be found in the Gallery section under the Children's Books archive.
Could you please link my site to your page? The url is www.thebside.co.uk

Banana Man is a high school nutrition teacher who preaches the importance of potassium while dressed accordingly. If you can’t get enough of Banana Man, the comic books are available at http://www.deercrack.com/banana/index2.html.

woodrow phoenix podcast interview by jesse morgan here:

Jenika writes:
My name is Jenika (www.neptunefactory.com) and I am looking for somebody who would like to share a table with me during London Expo (26-27 May) and
Bristol Comic Expo (12-13 May).
Both expos have no more free tables! It is possible to put this ad on

Dave Miller:
I've just found a link to BugPowder, and wonder if you'd be interested
in a few stories I've drawn recently. They're all listed on my blog:
My stories tend to mix topical social and political issues, trends and
events, with my own life experiences and life-views.
I've printed "Kenezuela" as a 20 page colour A6 booklet, which I've
priced at £2.50 each. Alternatively titled "Our Ken Livingstone goes
to Cuba". The story deals with conflict – the conflict of: (1) ken's
desire for a holiday and to see his hero (2) the London public/ press/
political enemies ready to attack him at every opportunity (3)between
what ken tries to do and what story he has to convey to the media.
It's mostly fact, with some fiction thrown in for good measure.
The other stories are:
'Like bees around a honeypot'
This is a small (true) story about Tesco delivery drivers preying on a
vulnerable lonely woman. I haven't printed this yet, as unsure of the
legal issues...
'Child poverty in perspective'
"The UK has been accused of failing its children, as it comes bottom
of a league table for child well-being across 21 industrialised
Newsnight (BBC2) supposedly 'debated' the subject, and I felt angry:
the politicians don't listen and look for excuses, they seem
disinterested and disconnected, why should they care- their kids go to
private schools, they have no interest in kids, they are discussing
lives/ worlds they have no contact with or understanding, they just
think of themselves.
This hasn't been printed yet either, but if there's interest I'll go ahead.
Does you know of a cheap way of printing? The Kenezuela cost me £1 a
booklet, and I wonder if there's a cheaper way?

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March 6 2007

Bob Byrne's trailer for his Mister Amperduke graphic novel.

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March 5 2007
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March 3 2007


Now available : issue 2 of British outsider comics anthology,
a 36 page, A4 collection edited by Richard Cowdry,

Available from http://www.bedsitjournal.com/
or the from the Web and Mini Comix Thing on 17th March.

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