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April 30 2007


To help promote its BLOOD PSI one-shot comic, British indie publishers Moonface Press have today launched a website at www.bloodpsi.com

The site contains all-new character sketches by Blood Psi artist Keith Burns, and a downloadable PDF preview of the book's first 10 pages.

BLOOD PSI – solicited in this month's Previews (order code: MAY073621) and shipping in July – is written by Andy Winter, drawn by Keith Burns and boasts a cover by Declan Shalvey. The US format book has a full-color cover, and black and white interior art. The 32-page title has a 24-page main story, a sketchbook section and an A-Z of British vampires feature. It retails for $3.50 (£2.20).

Here's the solicitation copy…

A vampire murder mystery set in gothic London. When her best friend in the capital's close-knit vamp community is slaughtered, Ruby vows to track down the killer – but the hunt may just unearth painful memories from Ruby's human past she hoped would remain buried forever. A must for fans of Buffy and British TV's Ultraviolet.

What they're saying about BLOOD PSI...

"Andy Winter surpasses himself again in this bitter, brittle horror-noir micro-epic. Vampires versus vampire-hunters, but with some genuinely unique and compelling twists - including a final reveal that (as in the Bladerunner director's cut) makes everything you've just seen mean something else entirely."
Mike Carey (writer, X-Men and Crossing Midnight)

"Vampire stories usually leave me cold... but this is a nicely crafted piece of work."
Alan Grant (writer, Batman and The Last American)

"The storytelling is excellent throughout. 4 bullets out of five."
Kelvin Green (Silverbulletcomicbooks.com)

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Ken hasn’t been the same since he and his friend Abdul witnessed the death of their buddy Jericho.
Ken’s girlfriend, Ramani, is doing her best to keep things together. Her old friend Sherilyn is bending over backwards to help out, as is the slightly odd Julie.
Meanwhile a stranger is trying to track down Ken and Ramani, and a fortune cookie delivers an important message...

The first issue of Delicate AXIOM a drama / romance / comedy / fantasy type comic story (36 black & white pages plus glossy colour cover - £3.50) is available at Orbital Comics ( http://www.myspace.com/orbitalcomics ) and Gosh! ( http://www.goshlondon.com ) with more stockists to come!
You can also buy it by sending money via Paypal to richy@lastpreciouscookie.com. Please write Tempo Lush Order in the subject line and all details (whether you'd like your copy signed, etc...) in the notes space.
Cost £3.50 incl. free shipping anywhere in the world!
See sample pages at www.myspace.com/tempolush

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Jeffrey Brown signing at Gosh London

This May, Jeffrey Brown makes his first UK visit, and his first signing on
British soil, here at Gosh! on Saturday the 5th May from 3pm until 5pm.
Established as an overly sensitive chronicler of bittersweet adolescent
romance and nonsense superhero parody, Brown's current direction remains
autobiographical. He now examines the minutiae of everyday life, the meaning
behind our common experiences, and why it's all kind of funny if you think
about it.
His works include Clumsy, Unlikely, AEIOU, Be A Man, Bighead, I Am Going To
Be Small, Minisulk, and Every Girl is the End of the World For Me. He's also
appeared in a host of anthologies from McSweeney's to the Drawn & Quarterly
Showcase, as well as local newspapers such as the Chicago Reader and
NewCity. Brown has been featured on NPR's 'This American Life' and even
created a short animated music video for the band Death Cab For Cutie.
Future work includes a continuing mix of autobiography, gags, satire and
parodies, including The Incredible Change-Bots. (Top shelf website)
If you can’t make it to the signing but would like something signed for
later collection, call us on 020-7636-1011 or write to us
info@goshlondon.com. Visit our website for more information

Jeffrey Brown Books Currently in Stock:
Aeiou £7.99
Be A Man £2.00
Bighead £8.50
Cat Getting Out Of A Bag £8.50
Clumsy £6.50
Every Girl Is The End Of The World For Me £5.50
Feeble Attempts £3.35
I Am going To Be Small HC £19.99
I Am going To Be Small SC £8.99
Minisulk £5.50
Unlikely £9.99

For more information on Jeffrey Brown visit his publishers at:

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April 26 2007

It's the last few days of the Hogarth exhibition at Tate Britain. It finishes Sunday 29th April.

# Posted by Richard Cowdry

Oli Smith wrote to let me know that... "my site now has paypal purchasing in effect, so people can now buy my comics direct from my website so all those people that STILL don't have Hazy Thursday (Comics International #1) can see what all the fuss was about..."

I've bought and read Hazy Thursday, and can attest to its goodness.

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April 24 2007

Brace yourselves, it's time for an enormous Comic Expo update:

For the ninth successive year, the Bristol International Comic Expo is back in 2007, on May 12 and 13 at the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall coupled with talks at the Ramada Plaza Hotel.

The Bristol International Comic Expo is the major comic event in the UK, a must-attend for all British comics fans, featuring not just the best British talents working in comics today, but a generous helping of international guests, many of whom are making their first appearances in the UK. It’s a rare opportunity for British comics fans to meet, chat and socialise with the creative talents behind the books and characters they love, to obtain autographs and sketches, and to spend two days in the company of thousands of like-minded individuals. There’s something at the Bristol International Comic Expo for everyone who loves comics, young and old, current fan or lapsed reader.

Since last time, here’s what’s been added to the schedule:-

- Our third US guest has been confirmed, Allan Heinburg – Wonder Woman…Young Avengers…The OC…Grey’s Anatomy…

- FREEBIES! As is now traditional for Bristol, the first 500 attendees will be able to pick up a goodie bag, containing a selection from the following: a Rebellion graphic novel, one Transformers plus a DC title one a.n.other FCBD title, an Interactive Gift Card from Sideshow Collectables, the Tripwire Annual Flyer, a Markosia back issue, a NCSoft disc for updated City of Heroes MMORPG, a Green Lantern Power Ring (note is not guaranteed to actually work) and an issue of Toxic…our heartfelt thanks to all at Forbidden Planet Bristol for putting these bags together, great work fellas. Demand for these bags is always high, and we can’t guarantee they will last any length of time…get in line well before the opening time of 10:00 on Saturday 12th to secure yours.

- BLINK TWICE SWAG-O-RAMA! A 4th appearance at the Bristol Convention can mean only one thing to the boys behind the Eagle-award nominated Malcolm Magic Series*.BRAND NEW
STUFF!!! The first treat to roll hot off the press will be the 4th and Final Collected Edition of Malcolm Magic, gathering together issues 10-12 of the maxi-series. This sumptuous bundle-of-fun coincides with the last opportunity for fans to get their hands on the original single issues, which
are due to be discontinued after the show.

The pre-release hype for the full-colour, international MOON series continues with the release of the 2nd 68-page MOON Space Log, a perfect-bound almanac of beautiful pics and silly words. A must for all MOON fans.

As with every convention appearance the Blink boys will be treating every visitor to their stand who spends over £10. Your purchases will earn you a free copy of the uber-limited, Bristol-only, 9th MOON Sketchbook. It's a little gem!

We may also (US print and post permitting) have copies of the International 'Sasquatch' Anthology from Viper Comics, featuring a 15-page full-colour MOON exclusive tale. Fingers crossed.

Don't delay folks! Turn up, head over to the stand, chat, request a sketch and pick up some goodies! For more info visit www.studioblinktwice.com (* Best British Black and White Comic 2006)

- Monkeys with Machineguns Chris Lynch and Stu.Art will be video-blogging live "from the trenches" of the Bristol Comic Expo 2007 for NDComics Magazine (http://www.ndcomicsmag.com).

"Lots of people post up journals, reports, and reviews of shows after they've done them", said MWM's Chris Lynch. "We thought it would be interesting not only to post some reports on our run-up to the show, but also try out a real-time view from the trenches whilst we are there. It's all, hopefully, going to be good fun and also a bit informative for anyone wondering what it's like to be on the other side of the table here in the UK".

Anyway who wants to contribute their thoughts, feelings, and feedback on the show is welcome to pass by the Monkeys with Machineguns stand during the show and ask to be included in the video blog. There's no guarantee that everyone will make the cut of course!

- Insomnia Publications will have new titles on sale – Daemon issues 2 and 3, Layer Zero Anthology and The Kill Cell Novel. They’ll have artists and writers who contributed to the Layer Zero Anthology including Paul Roper of 21 Demons, appearing at certain times over the weekend to sign work and do on the spot illustrations.

- The “Entering Reynard City” compilation (issues one through seven plus extras) will be launched from Polycomical, at a special convention rate. Polycomical will also be listening to pitches for new stories plus reviewing portfolios all weekend.

- Team Mobius make their debut convention appearance, consisting of a number of recent graduates from the BA Sequential Illustration Course, showcasing their upcoming comics and animation work – a chance for an early glimpse at some future British creators.

- Queen of Diamonds #8 will be available at the show…and should we keep our ears to the ground for the elusive #9? Only time will tell…

- Natalie d’Arbeloff’s new book, The God Interviews, will be available to buy, plus some new material, also available from http://www.lulu.com/content/610429 if you can’t make the show

Other Special Guests:

Brian K Vaughan – Eisner Award winner. Harvey Award winner. Shuster Award winner. Writer of some of the most critically-acclaimed, intelligent comics of the past few years, including Y: The Last Man, The Runaways, Ex Machina and the superlative Pride of Baghdad graphic novel.

Kurt Busiek – Long-time award-winning writer on many past and current popular superhero series: The Avengers, Superman, Thunderbolts, JLA, Marvels, and possibly the series which is the last word in superheroes, Astro City.

Jean-Pierre Dionnet – Completes the triumvirate alongside Moebius and Druillet behind the revolutionary Metal Hurlant, inspiration to many generations of SF authors and filmmakers, including Ridley Scott for Blade Runner.

Jeffrey Brown – One of the most-highly regarded American “Small Press” cartoonists, Ignatz award winner for “I Am Going To Be Small” and the inspiration driving many in the UK comics scene. Famed for many books: “Bighead”, “Clumsy”, “Unlikely” are just a small selection. Jeffrey appears courtesy of Top Shelf Productions (http://www.topshelfcomix.com)

Misako Rocks – Creator of Biker Girl and the upcoming Detective Jermain! and Rock N Roll Love, as well as the “As Know As” web animation (www.asknowas.com) for a Japanese clothing company, currently up to episode six.

More Guests:

Barry Kitson – Supergirl, Legion of Super Heroes, Empire, JLA Year One
John Watson – Civil War Frontline, Hawkman, JSA, Uncanny X-Men, Son of M
Dave Gibbons – Watchmen, The Originals
John M. Burns – Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante
Mark Buckingham – Fables, Spider-Man, Sandman
Ian Edginton – Leviathan, The Red Seas, Scarlet Traces
Sean Phillips – Criminal, Marvel Zombies, Sleeper, Hellblazer, Wildcats
Ian Gibson – Robo-Hunter, Halo Jones, Judge Dredd
D’Israeli – Leviathan, Scarlet Traces
Trevor Hairsine – X-Men Deadly Genesis, Wisdom, Ultimate Six
Duncan Fegredo – Hellboy Darkness Calls, Zatanna, Jay & Silent Bob
Al Davison – The Spiral Cage, Spiral Dreams
Henry Flint – Judge Dreed, ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper
Bryan Talbot – Alice In Sunderland, Luther Arkwright, The Tale of One Bad Rat
James A. Hodgkins – JSA, Lucifer, Spider-Man, Batman/Aliens II.
Charlie Adlard – The Walking Dead, Savage, Astronauts in Trouble
Doug Braithwaite – Justice, Universe X, Paradise X
Phil Winslade – Daredevil, Nevada, Goddess, The Sentry
Gilbert Shelton – The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Fat Freddy’s Cat
Roger Langridge – Fred The Clown, Doctor Who Magazine
Yishan Li – Spirit Marked, Aluria Chronicles, Dark Mists, the Tizzle Sisters
Paul Grist – Jack Staff, Kane
Jennie Breeden – The Devil’s Panties
Mike Collins – Judge Dredd, Doctor Who Magazine
Hunt Emerson – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Fortean Times
Lew Stringer – Brickman, Tom Thug, Team Toxic
Christian Beranek – Dracula vs. King Arthur, Silent Devils
David Hine – Son of M, The 198, Mutopia X, District X, Daredevil Redemption
Carl Critchlow – Thrud the Barbarian
Gary Spencer Millidge – Strangehaven
Tony Lee – X-Men Unlimited, Doctor Who Magazine, Starship Troopers, Midnight Kiss
Paul Cornell – Wisdom, XTCNT, Doctor Who
Sean Michael Wilson – The Japanese Drawing Room, Lafcadio Hearn’s Japanese Ghost Stories
Jamie Smart – Bear
Liam Sharp – Event Horizon, Testament, The Possessed
Rob Williams – Low Life, SFX, Star Wars Tales
Andy Diggle – Green Arrow Year One, Batman Confidential, Hellblazer, The Losers
Jock – Green Arrow Year One, The Losers, Faker
Simon Davis – Sinister Dexter
Siku – The Manga Bible
Simon Furman – Transformers, Deaths Head
Chris Weston – Fantastic Four First Family, Event Horizon, Ministry of Space
Steve Roberts – Judge Dredd, Bec & Kawl
Andrew Wildman – Transformers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Power Rangers
Graham Bleathman – Thunderbirds, Cross Section
Kev F Sutherland – Bash Street Kids, Hot Rod Cow
Mike Ploog – Ghost Rider, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Simon Bisley – Full Cirkle, Global Frequency, Slaine
Rufus Dayglo – Judge Dredd, Metal Gear Solid (IDW)
Jimmy Bott – Half Dead (Marvel)
…with more still to be announced.

Events And Signings:

The Eagles. Britain’s longest running and most respected comics awards. The ceremony. The trophies. It’s the British Eisners, it’s back, it’s at the Expo. Saturday night there’s a special awards dinner, tickets are running out but the last few can be snapped up by a speedy email to martin@acecomics.co.uk – the nominations awards are being hosted at the following URL:-


The ceremony this year will be hosted by comedian Norman Lovett, aka Holly from Red Dwarf.

Hypotheticals. Hosted by Dave Gibbons and written by Lee “Budgie” Barnett, this is the eighth year of Hypotheticals and it’s still going strong. Last year Geoff Johns, Liam Sharp, Shelly Bond, Jamie Boardman, Tony Lee and Jon Browne were put through the wringer…who’s in the firing line this time around? Sample scripts from previous riots can be read online: http://www.hypotheticals.co.uk/

2030AD! 2007 is the 30th anniversary of Britain’s best loved comic, 2000AD. Special panels – special guests – special charity event….more details to follow, but Bristol is the place to be to join in the celebrations.

EXpo Exclusive Transformers: The Movie Prequel – in association with IDW Publishing, the Bristol International Comic Expo will exclusively have available this comic with the Comic Expo Variant Cover by Andrew Wildman. This is not available to order and will not be in the shops – only at the Bristol International Comic Expo.

Rising Stars of Manga UK The Third – Tokyopop will be launching their 3rd UK-specific RSoM competition, with full details and presentations only available at the Bristol International Comic Expo – congratulations to last year’s winners John Aggs, Selina Dean, Hannah Saunders and Suzanne Lam: the playing field is wide open for a new year.

Self-Made Hero bring their first two manga-literature crossover titles to the Bristol International Comic Expo, with Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet – manga-style – hitting the show big-time. Artists Emma Vieceli and Sonia Leong will be on hand to sign and sketch at the Self-Made Hero stand all weekend. Writer William Shakespeare sadly had other commitments.

Also Manga-related, Sweatdrop Studios will be hosting a manga workshop on Sunday afternoon at the Bristol International Comic Expo – following on from the amazing success of the workshop last year. It’s a one-stop-shop for any aspiring manga creator to see behind the scenes, pick up tips for their own work, and make contacts with one of the most productive manga collectives on the UK scene.

Charity Events:

The Bristol International Comic Expo is proud to be associated with the superb online support website www.bullying.co.uk which offers help and support to the victims of bullying. The charity is funded totally by contributions and we at the Bristol International Comic Expo are delighted to announce a very special fund raiser at the show!

Based on an suggestion from Craig at Silver Bullets and in association with Rebellion we will have a LIVE Charity Art Auction at the show which we are calling the 2030AD Art Auction. As part of our 30th anniversary celebration of Dredd and Co. We have some of the classic 2000AD Art Droids creating their favourite 2000AD heroes but with the twist of " what if they had aged that 30 years" ?

Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, John Burns, Jock, Ian Gibson, Mark Buckingham, Bryan Talbot, Mike Collins, PJ Holden and one Carlos Ezquerra are busy working on their sketches, with special previews of the art appearing here and in 2000AD.

Totally unique and only at the Bristol International Comic Expo in support of Bullying.co.uk. Be there!

READ A MILLION WORDS launched in October 2004, during National Children’s Book Week. It is a groundbreaking project, which sets a goal for every child to read a million words in a year. Backed by Bristol City Council the project and is committed to raising literacy standards amongst children in Bristol.

The project is endorsed by the National Literacy Trust and the Basic Skills Agency and is based at GWR FM, the leading commercial radio station in Bristol, which supports the project and has donated airtime.

Over 145 schools signed up for the challenge, and more than 40,000 children took part in Read a Million Words in the first year.

Now in year 3, Read a Million Words will have a major presence at the Bristol International Comic Expo including, workshops and reading/activity packs. More to be announced soon!

For further information on Read a Million Words Visit: www.readamillionwords.org.uk

Virtual Bristol Anthology:

Can’t make it to Bristol but want to know more about some of the exclusive books available? Trying to decide in advance which tables to spend how much time at? A bit scared of approaching the UK Comics tables, thinking there might be some “hard sell” to avoid? Or do you just want a sampler of some of the finest UK Comics around?

Welcome to the Virtual Bristol Anthology, a FREE online preview of many of the upcoming UK Comics attractions – if you’re at the event, check this out to give yourself some idea of what books might be worth checking out in details – if you’re not at the event, check it out to see if there’s something that sparks your imagination and looks worthy of supporting further, incorporating a number of exhibitors already, with more to follow.

Everything is free. Check the preview out at:


and keep checking back weekly for the latest additions.

More Exhibitors, Events And Signings:

Top Shelf Productions (http://www.topshelfcomix.com) are not only bringing across Jeffrey Brown as noted above, not only bringing their usual line-up of graphic novels, but also will be bringing several new 2007 releases, such as Nicolas Mahler's LONE RACER, Aleksandar Zograf's REGARDS FROM SERBIA, James Kochalka's AMERICAN ELF (BOOK 2) & SUPER F*CKERS #4, Jeff Lemire's TALES FROM THE FARM, Renée French's MICROGRAPHICA, Christian Slade's all-ages KORGI, and the all-new OWLY (VOL 4): A TIME TO BE BRAVE by Andy Runton.

Silver Bullets Comic Books (www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com) and MangaLife (www.mangalife.com) have a table for the sixth successive year, and once again will be bringing along a set of “Officially Cheaper Than Amazon!” books and comics, but with only one copy of each – once they’ve gone, they’ve gone. It’s the table the retailers shop at too…this year they are accepting reservations for books, email (craig@silverbulletcomicbooks.com) for a list of what will be available.

As usual, half the table space will be given over to promoting new and upcoming releases from self-publishers just starting out on their careers. This time, one of the new gals is Zoe Stead (http://zoestead.deviantart.com/) with her novel THE AMULET OF VICHALACE, plus more dark fantasy manga-esque work….more details to come.

Rob Jackson Comics will have a new issue of Random Journeys: issue three is the final, concluding part of this series, and all three issues will be available as a value pack to purchase in one go – along with some of RJC’s earlier publications.

Rufus Dayglo will bring along some vintage 2000AD art to the show, some prime pieces available to buy which should be snapped up quickly…and he’s also working on some new projects for 2000AD and IDW, which could be available to check out in preview form…before anyone else gets to see them.

ACE Comics, our perennial supporters, bring virtually their entire shop to the Bristol International Comic Expo – as last year, it’s shelves, it’s tables, it’s a real walk-in shop in the Expo itself. Trades, new releases, bargain 50p comics from 2006 (mainly DC, Dark Horse and IDW). Two special signings will be held at the ACE stand – Barry Kitson and John Watson.

Orang Utan Comics is not a publisher or a studio, it is a comics collective - essentially a group of artists and writers who are on the cusp of breaking into the comics industry. 11th Hour is their anthology title, which will showcase the talent within Orang Utan Comics. It will be a mix of short stories and also sneak previews of our larger projects and properties. Issue 1 launches at the Bristol International Comic Expo and features an international rosta of talent:-

Supernatural drama Purgatory Blues features Tanzanian artist Azim Akberali (Eye of the Storm, Vampires Unlimited), vampire tale Bloodstain showcases the work of Portugese artist Nuno Nobre, Scotsman Tom Walsh draws post apocalyptic tale Brothers in Arms and Phillipino Randy Valiente (Bronx Angel), provides us with a sneak peak into the superhero world of Young Gods. There is a possibility that a Slam Ridley preview will also feature with an artist that will be unveiled nearer the time along with one more short story. The first 11th Hour cover will be provided by Austrian tattooist and album cover artist Franke and features stories written by Ian Sharman (Smoke & Mirror, Shadowmancer) and Peter Rogers (Eye of the Storm).

Will Dunlop brings Phoenix Handmade Books & Journals to the Bristol International Comic Expo for a second year – individually crafted unique copper covers for diaries/books/sketchbooks at competitive prices, Will’s challenge is to craft anything the purchaser desires…any hero, any villain, any characters. www.phoenixac.4t.com is his website for some ideas of previous commissions.

Linoleum Press will be attending for the third year running, with Kel, Joel, Cam and Rich manning the table providing a wide selection from their range www.Linoleum-press.com – along with a number of customised surfboards courtesy of www.EcticShortys.com … these will be drawn on and personalised over the course of the weekend. Also the 3rd Annual Comic Jam will be happening on the Saturday night in the Ramada Plaza with DJs to be confirmed and loads of cool things to draw on. More details on all of this in our next update.

Jimmy Bott, artist of the Marvel/Dabel Brothers’ original Graphic Novel “Half-Dead”, will be in artist alley all weekend to sign copies of the book, do sketches and generally chat about the book, Marvel and life in general. Jamie Delano: "As if the tube wasn't already edgy enough, what with suicide bombers and police execution squads... now we have terrorist vampires to contend with too. But at least the victims of vampire gas attacks are rendered only half dead and get their chance to join in the fun. Intelligently written and well-drawn, this book promises opportunities not only for fast-paced entertainment, but also a darker ironic subtext to the 'long war' of the 21st Century".

About the Bristol International Comic Expo 2006

Organised by Mike Allwood, the Bristol Expo is the longest-running and most successful comics event in the UK ever. Advance tickets are available through the official website (www.comicexpo.net) at a bargain price (£5 per day for an adult ticket, children 10 and under FREE, children 11 to 16 just £1). The Ramada Plaza hotel offers special Expo rates, see the website for details.

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April 23 2007

Phil Barrett's Lint is zine of the month over at Broken Pencil.

# Posted by John Robbins

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let you know that THE END has just started Chapter 4,
which is the final chapter in book one. When that is complete the first
THE END trade paper back called BEST LAID PALNS will be released tru
Thanks again,
Tommie Kelly

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 22 2007

The 2007 Tripwire Annual has been solicited in Previews Vol. XVII #5, in the Books section- Go order it now!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Hellboy Creator’s Exclusive UK Appearance!
Mike Mignola confirmed for BICS 2007

Confirmed to fly in from America for an exclusive UK weekend long appearance at the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS 2007) on October 13-14th is Mike Mignola, the award-winning creator of the Hellboy comic book series and blockbuster film franchise!

With one live-action film in the bag and another due, two animation films currently out on DVD, plus a plethora of comic book releases featuring both Hellboy and its successful spin-off BPRD imminent over the coming twelve months this is a major high profile year for Mike Mignola.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 21 2007

Katie Miranda has been wowing me for some time with her Postcards From Palestine. Go ahead and check out more of her work on her livejournal and website.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
April 17 2007

'Tony And Sheila' and 'The Strange Case Of Col. Corso' - two new one-pagers available for viewing on the blog of Phil Barrett.

# Posted by John Robbins

The 2007 London Zine Symposium is to be held this Saturday (April 21st), 12
- 5.30 pm at The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N1HX. That's
right behind Russell Square tube station, and not far from Gosh! Comics and
the Cartoon Museum.

More info at www.myspace.com/londonzinesymposium

For those who want to sell their work, there will be a table for you to leave
your books. One of the people helping with the symposium will be on the table
all day, and when you arrive you can give them as many copies of your comic as
you like. At the end of the day (or whenever you want to leave) you
can get all the money from the copies sold and have any remaining copies returned
to you.

Zine folk are very open to comics, and last years event was well attended by
comics creators.

Entry is free.

# Posted by Richard Cowdry
April 16 2007

New FPI Catalogue shipping – with added comics goodness! ...following the success of our last comics insert in the previous catalogue we have a second batch of comics goodness included within the catalogue pages for you to enjoy. 14 pages of comics material from some of the best independent creators working in the UK small press scene, including Rian Hughes, Oliver East, Richard Cowdry, Darren Douglas, Dave West and Andy Bloor.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 15 2007

My 5 year old nephew enters the minicomic arena. Printed versions will be available at Bristol...

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 13 2007

Stephen Drennan's Bypass Small Press Review 'Zine features many, many reviews of UK zines and comics.

# Posted by Richard Cowdry

Hey Comics Fans,

To celebrate Top Shelf's 10th Anniversary in publishing, and also to
announce (and prepare for) our 2007-2008 publishing line, for the next ten
days -- from Monday April 9th thru Wednesday April 18th -- Top Shelf is
having its biggest web sale ever. When you visit the site, you'll find over
125 graphic novels and comics on sale, with fifty titles marked down to
just $3 (!), twenty-five titles marked down to just $1 (!), and a slew of
other key titles just slashed! All we ask is that you hit a $30 minimum on
sale and/or non-sale items (before shipping). It's a great opportunity to
load up on all those graphic novels you've wanted to try, but just never
got around to picking up. Get 'em while supplies last!

To go directly to the list of items on sale, just click here

But here are a few sample sale items:
-- $3 Books: The Mirror of Love, The King, Tricked, Bighead, and more!
-- $1 Books: The Surrogates #1 and more!
-- Slashed Prices: Lost Girls, From Hell, Blankets, Owly Plush, and more!

**We now accept PayPal (as well as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover).
All secure.**

Please note that this sale is GOOD for "direct market" retailers as well,
and comic book shops will get their wholesale discount on top of these sale
prices. Certain minimums apply, so retailers please email us for details.

The complete Top Shelf 2007 Publishing Schedule has been firmed up and is
available to preview online. Just click on the 2007 RELEASES link below to
see covers, descriptions, and preview pages of every book being released
this year (organized by month of release). And if you want to look even
further down the road, click on the 2008(+) RELEASES link below for a sneak
peak at some big projects -- from Alan Moore, Craig Thompson, and more! --
that are slated for 2008 and beyond.

2007 Releases
2008(+) Releases

Upcoming Releases Thru Summer include:
-- KORGI (BOOK 1): SPROUTING WINGS! by Christian Slade - April
-- OWLY (VOL 4): A TIME TO BE BRAVE by Andy Runton - April+
-- MICROGRAPHICA by Renée French - May
-- SUPER F*CKERS #4 by James Kochalka - May
-- FOX BUNNY FUNNY by Andy Hartzell - June
-- DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: REDUX by David Yurkovich - June
-- INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS by Jeffrey Brown - July
-- BLACK GHOST APPLE FACTORY by Jeremy Tinder - July
-- SUPER SPY by Matt Kindt - August

The Online Comix section of the site has just been completely updated.
Click on the ONLINE COMIX link below to see the latest weekly installment
from Matt Kindt's summer release, SUPER SPY, as well as five brand new
stories: BURNING BUILDING by Jeff Zwirek, CRUSOE by Steven Dhondt, MISC.
STRIPS by Zeno Sworder, PINOKKIO by Brecht Evens, and THE CATMAN OF
DONELSON by J.D. Wilkes.

If you live in the United Kingdom, please join cartoonist, Jeffrey Brown,
as he signs books, answers questions, tells stories, and acts generally
sociable in his first ever signing tour of the UK. Catch him at one or more
of these dates:

-- Saturday, May 5th, 3-5pm, Gosh! Comics (London)
-- Monday, May 7th, 4-7pm, OK Comics (Leeds)
-- Wednesday, May 9th, 5-7pm, Page 45 (Nottingham)
-- Thursday, May 10th, 4:30-6:30pm, Travelling Man (Bristol)
-- Saturday/Sunday, May 12th-13th, 10AM-6PM, Comic Expo (Bristol)
-- Tuesday, May 15th, 1-3PM, Travelling Man (Leeds)

And even though there will be a lot more 10th Anniversary announcements to
come this year, let one of the first ones be the announcement of our 10th
Anniversary Party to be held the weekend of MoCCA in New York City. If you
live in New York, or will be coming to the MoCCA Art Festival this June, be
sure to come join us for food and drinks and more to celebrate the fact
that we're STILL HERE 10 years on!

Saturday, June 23rd
6PM - After Hours
43 West 26th Street
New York NY 10010

Food and drinks from 6pm-9pm, but the club and bar will stay open all night
until we close the place down!

Your friend thru comics,
Chris Staros chris@topshelfcomix.com
Top Shelf Productions
PO Box 1282
Marietta, GA 30061-1282

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Dave Shelton, a brilliant illustrator and cartoonist, is selling stuff:
The new improved second edition of the Life Of A Pen booklet is now available, same price as the first edition: a fiver post paid in the UK, seven quid worldwide. Each copy lovingly collated, stapled and trimmed by hand by the "author" himself. Email if you'd like one. Image

The Toronto Sun’s Rita Demontis profiles Cancer Vixen creator Marisa Acocella Marchetto. via

AfterEllen’s Heather O’Neill takes stock of the recent boom in lesbian-themed graphic novels from such creators as Alison Bechdel, June Kim, Ariel Schrag, Daphne Gottlieb and Diane DiMassa. via

Cartoonist Gary Northfield's big news
Also, my big news is that Bloomsbury have agreed to publish a collection of Derek [the Sheep]'s* early strips! Hopefully it should appear next year in time for the Beano's 70th Anniversary. I should also have a similar collection of strips out in France this Autumn with Actes Sud/Editions De L'an 2 under the title "Norbert Le Mouton".

ROBOTS - the 2008 Accent UK anthology ... update 4 (and a bit of Zombies)
Receiving some great (and varied) scripts for ROBOTS ... check out the CONTENTS page for latest ... also the second page of completed artwork for Tiger, Tiger from Garry Brown ... looking very impressive ... Also I've added the first page of Matt Boyce's Zombie Thespian this week to the ZOMBIES SAMPLE PAGES ... Colin's strip is in and Sacrifice expected tomorrow ... so ... It'll be off to the printers by the end of the week ... along with Andy Bloor's and my The Wolfmen ... Check DIARY page as usual for more details ....
Dave W and Colin M

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April 12 2007

The Wild River Review Newsletter
Visit our home page, for news about our latest columns, blogs, poems, cutting-edge fiction, comics, and much more.

Size matters, er, matters...

Eddie Campbell's new book
Campbell on Feiffer.

Derik Badman looks at the way cartoonists use the margins of their pages. Via

A cool illo from Garen Ewing for an audio CD cover

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Bionic Comics presents C78 #1!

The new and blisteringly good comic anthology series from the creators of Bionic Benny and Parataxis is here!

In issue one! The superhuman protectors of Atomic City are put to the test as the shape-shifting assassin Doppelganger targets them for death! Superhero comedy and action by Peter Hammerson.

We also pay a call on Bruce Willis as the Hollywood superstar adjusts to life as a bachelor sharing a flat as he becomes... Cousin Brucie, written by David Alden.

Also featuring the adventures of the Supreme Kitty Pontiff, Pope Cat and more!

C78 issue 1 is available now: £1 from Bionic Comics, 57 Henley Drive, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 2RF or visit http://www.hammersons.co.uk/page8.htm for Paypal details!

Thanks very much for your time,
Peter Hammerson
Bionic Comics

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Hi Bugpowder,

I've just uploaded a brand new web strip to our website. It's called Bosher's Goals: Hands on the Trophy and is a football action story that sees mercurial genius Bosher Le Fizz lock horns with a shady billionaire club-owner.

Also newly online is Walking Wounded: Hot Air, which was our contribution to the 2007 Web and Mini Comix Thing Anthology. If you've ever wanted to see what would happen if the Nazis had decided to send a zeppelin on a secret mission to kill Churchill then this is the story for you!

On the print front, we launched Walking Wounded #1 at the Thing and received loads of great feedback and postive encouragement. It's a simple WW2 soldiers versus zombies action-packed mini-epic. What's not to love?

The comic is available to buy from comixpress.com or us directly, and will also be on sale from Forbidden Planet's website and Smallzone soon.

One last thing, we also maintain a blog which is updated regularly, often with stuff that never appears anywhere else.

Please let me know if you'd like any further information.

Chris Denton
Massacre for Boys

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Andy Luke is worth paying attention to. This is Bugpowder relevant

The Secret Friend Society is the joint project of cartoonists Hope Larson and Kean Soo. Follow the adventures of Hailey, Portia, and their imaginary friends in these two seperately updated all-ages comics. Jellaby is currently on hiatus; Salamander Dream is now complete and remains archived on this website.

Lucy Knisley draws comics and, you know, stuff.

The Trains are Mint (comic/illustrated book thing) bloke has a lot to say about Brit mini-comics on his site. Lots of stuff there that, I think, will be new to Bugpowder readers.

Cthulhuvida, mckenzee's new linoblock based comic about Thor vs. Cthulhu - started April 1st!

Pete Ashton has blogged about Brummie cartoonist Rowland Emett

Small press recommendations from Angry Candy

25 years ago, Britain was at war over islands in the South Atlantic many Britons had never heard of – and some at the time even thought were part of the Shetlands. Jeremy Briggs examines the comics that featured the 1982 Falklands conflict between Britain and Argentina

Lew stringer updates his excellent blog with pieces on the Jellymen and It's Terrific.

Click on over to Gaping Void to find a great blog being written by a guy who draws cartoons on the back of business cards. Via

Two cool new pages from Ellen Linder - A page from Ellen's new sketchbook.

What the…?
"I've mentioned The Collectable Peanuts Box Set Classic Box Set, both for its re-presentation of some old, well-liked Peanuts-related books and its idiosyncratic way of spelling "collectible," but I somehow failed to notice the books come in a cardboard doghouse."

Cartoonist Tom Hart's cool website


A new interview with Malcy Duff.

Stuart Kelly reviews the latest collection of Martin Rowson cartoons, Stuff, for The Scotsman. Via

Gasoline Alley Autumn Walks. Frank King’s Sunday pages are always a delight and the Autumn ones doubly so. via Eddie Campbell who has more to say. Via

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APRIL 11TH - 17TH, 2007

In conjunction with Stop the War Coalition and CND

An opportunity to view a dynamic collaboration between British and Iraqi artists and their unique interpretations of the Iraq conflict. The exhibition will feature 45 works by six artists: Tanya Tier, Firyal Al-Adhamy, Lou McKeever, Anahit Sarkes, Alaa Siraih and Kadhim Al-Khalifa.

The exhibition is - in part - a searing attack on the orchestrators of the conflict: Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al, but it will also look at the deep sense of loss felt by the Iraqi people and the destruction of their past. The artists cover a broad range of issues within the main theme, from satirical works which focus on our politicians and their WMDs, to studies of lost Iraqi heritage, destroyed or looted from Baghdad and beyond.


APRIL 11TH - 17TH, 2007

Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat-Sun 10am - 4pm
Admission Free

Tanya Tier
Tel: 07974 666818
E-mail: info@birdsofwar.org

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 9 2007

INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION presented by Weekly Morning, Kodansha, Japan. (Via boards.ie)

# Posted by John Robbins
April 6 2007

John McCrea writes,

"I'm going to be attending a show in Derry from the 19th-21st April and Will Simpson ( Ximoc, 2000 AD) will be there as well as Paul J Holden, Gary Leach, Jock , Andy Diggle, Charlie Adlard"

Also featuring are Kevin Sutherland, Rufus Dayglo, Mike Collins, and Simon Furman.

The 2D Festival is the first Northern Ireland Comics Festival to be held in Derry as far as I know. The website is http://www.2dfestival.com/ and it includes panels, workshops, exhibitions etc. It all looks really very good indeed.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
April 5 2007

If you listen to Matthew Sweet's Night Waves programme on Radio 3 tonight, there will a 10-minute slot featuring Bryan Talbot, Roger Sabin and Jenni Scott, discussing current graphic novels and their limits and possibilities. Night Waves is on BBC Radio 3 between 21.45 and 22.30.

Update: Listen again (17:38 minutes in).

# Posted by Garen


I will be appearing on BBC Radio WM's CARL CHINN SHOW this Monday, April 9th, where I will be discussing my recent graphic novella TROUBLE BRUIN.

CARL CHINN MBE is a broadcaster and historian, specialising in the city and people of Birmingham. In addition to his work for the BBC, Carl edits Brummagem magazine and writes for the Express and Star.

TROUBLE BRUIN is the story of a father & son superhero team, born and bred in Birmingham. A family memoir that starts with the Blitz and barrels through to the present day, Trouble Bruin explores the cost of unconditional love - for people, for places, and for adventure.

MATTHEW CRAIG is a writer and small press comics creator from the West Midlands. Publishing under the WaterCooler Comix banner, titles include HONDLE and TRIXIE BIKER.

The interview will run live(!) some time between 9 and 10am. I am, as you can imagine, both excited and terrified at the prospect of discussing my comics in such venerable company.

Listeners in the West Midlands can find BBC WM on 95.6 FM, or on DAB digital Radio. You can also listen to the Carl Chinn show online, through the BBC WM website (click Listen Live)

The show will be archived for a short time after broadcast, and can be found via the Listen Again button.

TROUBLE BRUIN debuted at last December's Birmingham Comics Show. The story can be read online, for free, at The Matthew Craig Dot Com. A print edition is also available (£1.75, incl. P&P).

In summary, then: Monday April 9th, between 9am and 10am on BBC Radio
WM. This is my first interview as a comic book writer. I hope you'll do me the great honour of providing some very real, if invisible, moral support.

Matthew Craig

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Martin Eden has big plans for the O Men

Pete Ashton (Bugpowder Founder) has had a face-lift, shed the past and is blogging about small press comics history

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Hi again
Part 15 & 16 are up in the old Nostalgia & Comics & Me series on my Fictions weblog.

Part 15 - recommended shelves
Part 16 - all about Pete Ashton's BrumCAB97 mini convention and the associated N&C signing session.

Possibly the worst weekend we could ever have it on. Nothing we could do about it though.
5th & 6th September 1997 - The country was awash with tears and florists were thinking of where they would be retiring to as Princess bloody Diana's funeral emptied the streets.

Richard Bruton

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Oli Smith has uploaded all kinds of new stuff to his website, including:
THE THING 2007 REPORT on the conventions page of the site- even more insulting than the last, PREVIEW IMAGES of his next comic SUMMER BALL out in summer, and a couple of new things in the scrapbook.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 4 2007

Thought you might appreciate this April Fools story Kenny at the FP blog spotted via a German comics news site: Zombie Captain America - The Walking Dead Spin-Off

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Although Diamond have stated the series is sold out on order, Markosia has already ensured that re-orders through Diamond will be fulfilled.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000


Monkeys with Machineguns Chris Lynch and Stu.Art will be video-blogging live "from the trenches" of the Bristol Comic Expo 2007 for NDComics Magazine (http://www.ndcomicsmag.com).

"Lots of people post up journals, reports, and reviews of shows after they've done them", said MWM's Chris Lynch. "We thought it would be interesting not only to post some reports on our run-up to the show, but also try out a real-time view from the trenches whilst we are there. It's all, hopefully, going to be good fun and also a bit informative for anyone wondering what it's like to be on the other side of the table here in the UK".

Anyway who wants to contribute their thoughts, feelings, and feedback on the show is welcome to pass by the Monkeys with Machineguns stand during the show and ask to be included in the video blog. There's no guarantee that everyone will make the cut of course!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

30th Anniversary Celebrations!
Nostalgia & Comics Still Looking Good!

Nostalgia & Comics celebrates 30 years in business this year!

Arguably the oldest comics speciality shops in Great Britain and one the longest running in the world, and still going strong, Nostalgia & Comics is a glowing example of successful West Midlands commercial innovation.

The Birmingham city centre based has seen kids grow into parents themselves and then bring their own offspring to share in their love of the comics medium.

As part of Nostalgia & Comics’ 30th anniversary celebrations the internationally award-winning comic book creator Bryan Talbot will be signing and chatting exclusively at the shop on Saturday April 7th from 12 noon to 2pm – You are advised to arrive early to avoid queues!

Nostalgia & Comics is at 14-16 Smallbrook, Queensway, Birmingham. For further information telephone: 0121 643 0143 or email: noscomic@noscomic.plus.com

For further information on Bryan Talbot visit:www.bryan-talbot.com

For further information of Alice in Sunderland visit:www.randomhouse.co.uk

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Hayward Touring - Cult Fiction - Call for mini-comics
Email: cultfiction@southbankcentre.co.uk
Website: www.southbankcentre.co.uk

We are looking for mini-comics made by people aged 25 years or under to accompany the Hayward Touring exhibition Cult Fiction, which explores the relationship between comics and contemporary art. If you use words and images to communicate subjects of importance to you – be they real life experiences, unlikely heroes, politics, humour or offbeat ideas – then we want to see your work. Selected mini-comics will form part of the education resources for the exhibition and will be made available at one or more of the following UK venues: 4 May – 1 Jul 2007 New Art Gallery Walsall 14 Jul – 16 Sept 2007 Nottingham Castle 22 Sept – 11 Nov 2007 Leeds City Art Gallery 17 Nov 2007 – 13 Jan 2008 Aberystwyth Art Gallery 19 Jan – 8 Mar 2008 Tullie House, Carlisle We are accepting submissions from now until 15 February 2008. Please submit two copies of your mini-comic to: Cult Fiction Mini-Comics, Public Programmes, Hayward Touring, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX, UK enclosing your name, address, email address and telephone number. Please note that we are unable to return any submissions, so advise you not to send originals. For information on the exhibition visit southbankcentre.co.uk and search for Cult Fiction. For information on submitting mini-comics email cultfiction@southbankcentre.co.uk Thanks for reading!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Comic Creator Services provides 'Resources for the burgeoning comic creator' - a blog unearthed by Ms. Darrk on the MooreReppion Board.

# Posted by John Robbins

This summer Stripsearch, the project that seeks out and nurtures comic and
graphic illustration talent in the West Midlands, is running a bunch of free
professional illustration courses under the banner Com-Motion.
Budding cartoonists aged 13 to 19 can create their own comic or animation
with professionals including John McCrea, Hunt Emerson and The Brothers

Interviews with comic peeps

Sean Azzopardi's website is looking very swanky.
It's also worth noting that Sean has recently appeared in the anthology Side A from Poseur Ink. Said anthology has been chosen by The Comics Journal to be featured in their late March issue
showcasing upcoming exhibitors and projects coming to APE in April. Go, Sean!

Lew Stringer carries on drawing attention to funky websites.

Gilbert Hernandez interviewed.

Bryan Talbot's made D'Israeli go all wobbly and appeared on Today on Radio 4. He was on at 8.50am for five minutes.

Small presser Martin Eden has a blog
All about the aborted O Men anthology

Yes, it's us again.
The Birmingham Convention may have been back in November but our photo-comic report of the two days is now up at our website.
Coming soon: The UK Web n Mini Comics Thing 2007 Report!
Big love to all the Flatmates
Oliver & Laurence

I just wanted to let you know Indy Comic Review has reviewed my self published comic book series Vampire Free Style... other two reviews are available at SilverBulletComicBooks.com and TheComicFanatic.com
Thank you!
Jenika ioffreda

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 3 2007

Hi all

Just a quick note to let you know, it's that time of the year again to send us your news items, press releases and preview art, as REDEYE 7 is planned for release at the Bristol comic convention this May. If you are unsure what to send, email me at editor@enginecomics.co.uk for a press release template, and a breakdown of formats and ad rates. However please remember the deadline for inclusion is 15th APRIL 2007, and no later.

The current line up (barring last minute hiccups) includes great interviews with, among others, Lorenzo, artist and co-creator of Malcolm Magic who will be providing the wraparound cover and ten pages of preview art from the new MOON! series, as well as joining his brother Rob in discussing the last few years of their success; we also speak with New York cartoonist Liz Baillie, creator of My Brain Hurts; the Godfather of modern British Comics, Pat Mills, in an uncut, epic face to face interview done over two days; and creator of Matter, Irish cartoonist Phill Barrett.

This leads into an introductory article on the Secret History of Irish Comix, where over the next few issues we'll be spotlighting certain titles and creators. Other articles include Dave Baillie's long awaited epic Grammar of Comics; the 2000AD art of Ron Smith; a retrospective on the much loved Transformers Marvel UK comic; and we investigate the creation of LOOK AND LEARN in our History of Brit Comics series, a highly influential 1960's comic soon to make a comeback.

We're also hoping to have some last minute additions but I'd rather not jinx then yet!

Remember that Eyecandy pages and ad spaces are in high demand and because of their limited availability are quick to go, so if you want one, book early.

In the meantime, REDEYE 6 is still available from GOSH, FP, ACE Comics and (with only 100 copies left) direct from www.enginecomics.co.uk.



# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Michael Caine features in a supporting role as an ex-political cartoonist* in the film 'Children Of Men', on DVD now and available on Virgin 'On Demand' for 1p this week (until Sunday). Jolly good it is too.

*(I know it's a bit of a tenuous link to Bugpowder, but thought readers might like the heads-up. )
/Edit/ - And I'm informed that the cartoons featured in the film are by Steve Bell, fact-fans!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
April 1 2007

New 2-pager by Tony McGee - Devil Woman From Witherspoons - is available for reading on his ComicSpace site. (Plenty other distractions there, also.)

# Posted by John Robbins

Award-winning Graphic Novelist Bryan Talbot Makes Exclusive Birmingham Appearance!

The internationally award-winning comic book creator Bryan Talbot returns to Birmingham on Saturday April 7th for an exclusive West Midlands signing at Nostalgia & Comics to celebrate his new book Alice in Sunderland.

Published by Jonathan Cape in the UK, Alice in Sunderland promises to be another graphic novel blockbuster for Talbot, weaving myth, history and the craft of storytelling to link the northern town with Lewis Carroll and his inspiration Alice Lidell, plus offer the unlikeliest of walk-on parts courtesy of Carry On film star Sid James!

Bryan Talbot began his career in the British underground comix scene of the seventies. His The Adventures of Luther Arkwright was one of the first true graphic novels and remains popular around the world. For Britain’s long-running sci-fi weekly comic 2000AD he successfully took over as artist on Nemesis the Warlock and work for America has included stints on Batman, Hellblazer and The Sandman. Talbot’s focus however remains on creator-owned stories such as The Tale of One Bad Rat where his delicate thematic use of the work of Beatrix Potter with that of child abuse not only gave him more deserved awards but is used as an educational tool in several schools, universities, and child abuse centres in Britain and North America.

Bryan Talbot will be chatting and signing copies Alice in Sunderland along with his other books and comics at Nostalgia & Comics from 12 noon - 2pm on Saturday April 7th so fans are advised to arrive early to avoid queuing!

Nostalgia & Comics is at 14-16 Smallbrook, Queensway, Birmingham. For further information telephone: 0121 643 0143 or email: noscomic@noscomic.plus.com

For further information on Bryan Talbot visit:www.bryan-talbot.com

For further information of Alice in Sunderland visit:www.randomhouse.co.uk

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Comixpedia is a Webcomic Encyclopedia. Its a Wiki, so if you have a webcomic that isn't there, you can change it yourself, presumably. They also have essays and tutorials.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000