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June 30 2007

...and not forgetting John Welding's new blog

As well as new 'A Life of Magic' diary pages over at his website

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June 26 2007

Caption this year is being held on the 11th & 12th August 2007, at the East Oxford Community Centre, with the theme of "Dreams & Nightmares".

As per usual, the Committee are requesting for contributors of comix art riffing that theme to exhbibiting as part of the party and include in the gallery that is the Caption programme booklet.

300dpi scans should be sent to jay.eales@ googlemail.com, or send good copies or original art to Jay Eales, 38 Clarkes Road, Wigston, Leics, LE18 2BE by Monday 16th July 2007.

If you feel you cannot make that deadline, but would still like to
provide a piece for the exhibition please send the artwork to the
above address by the 2nd August, or present it at the Caption
registration desk when you arrive.

Please indicate when providing your artwork whether you would like it
returned, or whether you would be prepared to donate it to the Caption

We're also happy to receive articles with a Dreams or Nightmares
slant for the booklet, and general ideas for items.

For regular updates on the event as Caption hoves into view, check out http://community.livejournal.com/caption/

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June 24 2007

The Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) is proud to reveal the names of three more internationally famous comic book stars who are guaranteed to attract the crowds at the much anticipated October 13-14th 2007 event.

Alan Davis, Kevin Nowlan and Bryan Talbot are three of the most influential and popular creators working in comics today. See the website for more details.

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After many years, THE SORROW comic anthology is finally available! This comic was created to raise money and awareness for www.protect.org, the #1 organization at fighting child abuse and neglect.

Four different heart-pounding stories are featured in this giant 40 page collection featuring the talents of...

TOM WALTZ ("Children of the Grave" & Gene Simmons' "House of Horrors")
CASEY MALONEY ("The Enigmas" & "Star Trek: The Next Generation")
JOEL ROBINSON ("Pistolfist: Revolutionary Warrior" cover artist)
CHRIS LYNCH ("Monkeys with Machineguns" & "Hammer of Time")
J.S. EARLS (creator of "The Sorrow" comic & paperback anthologies)
and many, many more!

Please help the children and order your copies here. And please, please...help spread the word!

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Broken Voice Comics (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk) is pleased to announce that it has today begun serialisation of the first issue of “Hunted”, a four-part vampire-themed mini-series.

“Hunted” is the first BVC title to have a simultaneous launch both at the Broken Voice Comics website and, in a specially adapted version, as a download for mobile phones available from ROK Comics. A free trailer of the mobile phone version is available at the ROK Comics website now.

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Castor and Pollux are holding their first small press, print and
ephemera fair on 7 July in Brighton.
See website for further details of Variety Store

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Oliver writes:
"hello bugpowder

I was just hoping you'd mention that Trains Are...Mint 3 is now available, completing the first trilogy of the Trains stable. It's available at Travelling Man and Magma in Manchester, Magma in London and other Travelling Men as soon as i can afford the postage. It's also available from the Rolling Stock Press website.It's again full colour throughout and snip at £4.99. "


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ImageTexT Volume 3, Issue 3 is now available

Volume 3, Issue 3, a special issue devoted to "Comics and Childhood," is
edited by Cathlena Martin and Charles Hatfield. It seeks to examine the
intersection of comics and childhood from several vantages, including
comics and children's literature, comics and education, comics and
publishing, and comics and revisions of literature.

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Just out, SGT. MIKE BATTLE: THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO #9 is the second part of the epic adventure LAST ADMIN HERO - £1 for 32 b+w pages with a colour cover.

For more information, visit www.sgtmikebattle.co.uk

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June 20 2007
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June 19 2007

Marvellous, lively and bonkers t-shirt design by Darryl Cunningham on Threadless. Go and vote for it!

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June 16 2007

Environmental justice activism through the sequential arts of comix. 'Read By / Best Before End' is an exciting new project I hope to debut in August at Caption and Climate Camp. Its an anthology aimed at bringing together people who have never drawn comix before and those who have. I'm also looking for a co-ordinating team. If you're interested in utilising the potential of what comics can achieve have a look here.

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My contribution to the 2007 UK Web and Mini Comix Thing is now available to read online at my Comicspace page. It's called 'Important Stuff'. You can read about it on my website.

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June 15 2007

The new Comics International (#202) has arrived on subscribers doormats, and presumably those shops that sell comics. In amongst the mainstream stuff, there's the odd bit about small press as usual, plus a wraparound ad for some new comics-to-mobiles service that might be of interest to some.

Small Press reviews include Redeye Magazine, Malcy Duff's The Blackest Gnome, Winter/Burns Blood Psi, Man Man and friends by Brookes, Mobile Pornography by Behe and Elliott, The O Men v2.2 by Martin Eden, and Planet Karen by Ms Ellis.

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June 8 2007

Andrew Luke (who is me) presents to a meet - Tuesday, 7pm at the Oxford Action Resource Centre, upstairs in the East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, Cowley Road. Comix and activism are the providing themes for a few special anthologies at Caption this year. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the specifics of this unique anthology, as well as the creation of a new regular zine. For those unable to attend, details will be on Bugpowder in the coming weeks.

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June 7 2007

Starting midday tomorrow, the work of Tom Humberstone (Art School Scum, How To Date A Girl In 10 Days) will be exhibiting at The Vegas Gallery, Shoreditch, London, until Wednesday. More details here.

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June 6 2007

Paul Gravett writes:

Hello again

Hope you're well. I wanted to make sure you know about the upcoming Comica
Conversation at the ICA, London on the evening of Friday June 15th; BETWEEN
THE PANELS, A GRAPHIC LITERATURE NIGHT. Three very different, talented and
fascinating graphic novelists will be joining me to discuss their
infliuences, latest new books and perspectives on graphic literature:

Rian Hughes, former Escape Artist, leading edge designer and illustrator of
Dare with Grant Morrison, a Raymond Chandler adaptation and more, reprinted
in a smart new collected YESTERDAY'S TOMORROWS from Knockabout

Andrzej Klimowksi, Professor at the Royal College of Art, renowned
illustrator and author of the silent graphic novels The Depository and The
Secret and his latest HORACE DORLAN all from Faber.

Rutu Modan, illustrator and founder member of the Israeli comics collective
Actus Tragicus, whose first full-length graphic novel, EXIT WOUNDS, charts a
son's search for his missing father believed killed in a suicide bombing,
out now from Jonathan Cape.

All three will be signing their books in the shop after. Do hope some of you
can come - here's the link to book:
I'm also really pleased that the ICA have put Rutu's image on the front
cover of the June Programme. And COMICA, the full-scale ICA festival, is
percolating very nicely for this autumn.

Meantime, I hope you'll also have the chance to check out the Hayward
Gallery's touring exhibition CULT FICTION, which shows comics and art
inspired by comics alongside each other. I was a Comics Consultant for the
curators and wrote an essay for the catalogue called INTIMATE & STRANGE
SITUATIONS on the links between comics and art. After Walsall till July 1,
it goes on to Nottingham from July 14, and then Leeds, Aberystwyth and
Carlisle. I hope to be doing some talks at each venue so maybe we can meet
up at one of those. Even if you can't get along, do check out the great
catalogue, sharply designed by Fantagraphics' Jacob Covey. See here on my
site for info and links:

Tonight June 4th I'm interviewing Neil Gaiman after an invite-only (sorry!)
preview of the movie Stardust. And on Jun 12th I'm chairing a panel, also
invite only, on Manga in the UK at the Embassy of Japan to launch their
competition. Look for reports on both of these to come.

Lots of other projects are coming to fruition but not quite ready to
announce, but I can let you know in advance that COMICS BRITANNIA is nearing
completion, a 3-part series of 1-hour documentaries on British comics for
BBC4, for which I was a consultant - soon as we get news of a broadcast
date, I'm hoping we can do a preview screening.

I'm also curating a season called MANGA-TO-ANIME of manga-based anime movies
for The British Museum starting at the end of July with a major exclusive
and totally FREE screening of a hugely popular new anime. As soon as you can
book online, I'll alert you.

Another highly recommended movie THE MINDSCAPE OF ALAN MOORE directed by DeZ
Vylenz has finally been released by ShadowSnake Films on a 2-disc DVD, with
no less than 3 hours of extras including interviews with Melinda Gebbie,
Dave Gibbons, David Lloyd, Kevin O'Neill and José Villarubia and an intro to
Moore's oeuvre by me - see:

OK, all the very best and hope to see some of you at these and other dos.
Keep an eye on the website Events page for updates. And thanks again for
enjoying my weekly articles, posted every Sunday.



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Markosia are to reprint Rich Johnston and Thomas Nachliks Flying Friar in full colour, with extras.

Resonance FM continues its comic links, interviewing Paul Cornell twice:
10.30pm BST Resonance 104.4FM (London) / streamed at www.resonancefm.com /
podcast at www.readyformycloseup.blogspot.com

nemesisfleet.blogspot.com is a blog for a comic in development by a cartoonist called Abi. She's looking to spread the word about her comic in development, tips on self-publishing and also for feedback about her work.

Readers of Judge Dredd Megazine are in for a pleasant surprise this
morning, as the latest issue (MEG 259) features the first instalment of
David Baillie's new regular column.
Each and every month he'll discuss life as an indie comics superstar and
offer advice on making comics, self-publishing and the UK small-press
scene. As an added incentive this month he also offers instructions on
how to read his latest comic, The Final Adventures of RocketBoy, for
free - so miss out at your peril!

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June 4 2007
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