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July 31 2007

The Mammoth book of Best New Manga
gets a Volume 2, with some familiar names from the UK small press scene. Check out the mini-site here. The book contains 544 pages (64 in colour) of self-contained Manga-influenced comics.

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July 25 2007

Originally scheduled for release in May, the critically acclaimed REDEYE 7 will now become REDEYE WINTER 2007 SPECIAL. Double sized, it will serve as a bookend to the first volume.

In the meantime to get the REDEYE WINTER 2007 SPECIAL to the printers, the editor is looking for help. "I'm asking for donations to help make the magazine to print, putting a request out on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, blogs and message boards. I'll be adding a Paypal Donate button to www.enginecomics.co.uk with the next update. The donations will go towards not just the printing but the running costs of distribution, conventions and postage. If it doesn't hit the required figure by October, the content will instead be published on the web in December. Subscribers will receive a refund at that point in October for any unpublished issues, and the REDEYE subscriber button will be taken down shortly from the site."

To give a taste of what will be in the Special, the magazine will expand on its normal mix of interviews and articles on creators old and new. "Behind a fantastic wrap around cover by Malcolm Magic artist Lorenzo, we have a great interview with the Brothers Etherington on their new MOON! series; we also speak with New York cartoonist Liz Baillie, creator of My Brain Hurts; the Godfather of modern British Comics, Pat Mills, in an uncut, epic face to face interview done over two days; the creator of Matter, Irish cartoonist now living in Canada Phill Barrett; and inventor of the Ultranet and Book of Lists, Paul Rainey; plus a few surprises. We also have an article on the Secret History of Irish Comix; Dave Baillie's instructive Grammar of Comics; a retrospective on the much loved Transformers Marvel UK comic; and we investigate the creation of LOOK AND LEARN, the highly influential 1960's comic soon to make a comeback."

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July 23 2007

Some Forgotten Part, Leonie O'Moore's long awaited fully painted colour graphic novelis now available through lulu.com. I love Leonie's comics, me.

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July 21 2007

Michael Colbert has a Sci-Fi Action/Horror comic book Crazy Mary, now available for download on cell phones and other mobile media.

Check out the press release.

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July 20 2007

Sean Azzopardi would like to bring to our attention some recent activity at
the Phatcomics website. He has been uploading completed pages from 12 Hour Shift, with new lettering and grey scale. The plan is to publish a page a day to build up interest in what will be a completed book, distributed through Engine comics later this year. He is working on
part six at the moment, and it may be ready for Caption.

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July 18 2007

Check out the small press reviews and online store at Optical Sloth, now in it's sixth year.

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July 17 2007

Oli Smith has a new comic out, entitled Summer Ball. Its available to buy online, but if you're near Cambridge, there's a launch party - contact Oli for details.

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July 16 2007

Pleasantly Musty Comics, Photographs and Thoughts from British Cartoonist JOHN BAGNALL is ONE YEAR OLD!

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Some of the classics get the comic treatment:



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Paul Gravett has an update:

Hello again

Here's some news that will hopefully be of interest. Thanks again for
visiting the website, which is updated with a fresh article every Sunday.

Top of the bill is this year's Comica Festival at the ICA which is
percolating very nicely and two major elements have just been announced:

Lingua Comica is an exciting London-based cultural exchange within Comica
and initiated by the Asia-Europe Foundation based in Singapore. We're
looking for young (under 35) comics creators from anywhere across Europe or
Asia who want to collaborate on shared comics narratives, initially online
via a blog and then face-to-face over 5 days in London, meeting and learning
from a special team of artists, writers, editors, publishers and experts.
Spread this news and encourage any young aspiring graphic novelists to apply
by July 31 - here's the link at ASEF with all the details:

The other big addition this year is the Observer/Jonathan Cape/Comica
Graphic Short Story Prize. With a first prize of 1,000, you have the canvas
of one whole page of The Observer newspaper in which to tell your story,
which will be published on Sunday October 14. Deadline for this is September
3, so have a go or tell anyone else you know to try entering. Please note
it is open only to UK residents. The rules and entry form are online here:

More of Comica's programme will be added to the revamped sub-site on my site
- it's going to be an amazing year, part of the ICA's 60th birthday
celebrations. I'm always open to suggestions of guests or events you'd like
to see at the festival. Keep an eye out here:

If you're in London, I'll be talking about Manga as part of the Brent
Literature Festival on Thursday evening, 6.30-8pm, July 19. It's free -
here are the details in their summer brochure:

On Saturday July 28 I'll also be introducing the exciting exclusive
big-screen preview at London's British Museum of the anime movie of Naruto,
to open the Manga To Anime film season I've curated for them. Free admission
but you need to book here:

If you're near Nottingham on Saturday August 4, 2.30-4pm, I'm talking about
Comics and Art as part of the touring Cult Fiction exhibition showing at the
city castle. I'll also do a short guided tour of the show. Tickets are free
but you need to book them on 0115 915 3651 or via the wonderful Page 45
shop. Read more here from Stephen Holland:

And also hope to be at Caption again on August 11. Hope to see some of you
at one or other of these dos!

A little further ahead, the BBC's three-part documentary series COMICS
BRITANNIA is coming up in the autumn and will be well worth looking out for,
showing first on BBC4 digital. I just got a sneak peak at the first episode
on Dandy and Beano, spotlighting the brilliant Dudley Watkins, Davey Law,
Leo Baxendale and Ken Reid.

There's lots more to tell you but let me alert you to a new two-part online
interview that David Hine has just done with me in his weekly column for
Broken Frontier - the links to those are:

All the very best for the summer


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Claire Morrison at publishers Jonathan Cape sent details of their competition currently running to find new graphic writing talent:

The competition is running with the Observer and Comica. The prize is 1000
and to be published in the Observer. The entry form can be
found at www.capegraphicnovels.co.uk:

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Bryan Talbot will be at the Birmingham Comic Show, with copies of Alice in Sunderland, plus Naked Artist (published by Moonstone Books) featuring illustrations by Hunt Emerson, and the Cherubs series (published by Desperado), scripted by Talbot and drawn by Mark Stafford.

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July 14 2007

Here's local newspaper coverage on the passing of Portent Comics James Redington

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If you're not on the Caption Update list, you might have missed this:

Just in case people haven't heard yet, Jonathon Cape in conjunction
with The Observer & Comica are running a graphic short story

The winner will receive 1,000 and the strip will be run in The Observer.

So, a great opportunity for all comic creators!

For full details see:

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