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December 30 2007

Matthew Badham interviews David Baillie. This should be good

# Posted by Andrew Luke
December 24 2007

It's Christmas! So here's a short interview with Raymond Briggs.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
December 21 2007

Yet more lovely, affecting work posted to Blackshapes, the blog of Phil Barrett.

# Posted by John Robbins
December 14 2007

Its a work in progress but the Camden Market Comics Collective, London Underground Comics now has their website up.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
December 8 2007

Optical Sloth's small press reviewer, Whitey, is running low on publications to review. If you've a self-published comic and fancy some informed comment with Yank accent, his address is here. (Optical Sloth also has an online shop should you wish to sample small press from across the pond or expand on your publication's audience.)

# Posted by John Robbins
December 6 2007

P.J. Holden's 'Fearless #1' is available to read online.

# Posted by John Robbins