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January 30 2008

Oli emails Bugpowder,

'If you've spent more than five minutes NOT talking about Oli Smith and London Underground Comics then there is something wrong with you. To make amends please listen to Resonance FM or 104.4 FM in London from 5 until 6 on Thursday the 31st of January to hear an interview with Oli Smith and Oliver Lambden about how much they love being rude about small press comics: Interviewer Alex Fitch writes:

"The first of a two part look at new comic creators and how they distribute their work to the public, Alex Fitch talks to Oli Smith and Oliver (Tales from the Flat) Lambden about their small press titles and their customers at the Camden Market Comics Stall."
If you miss that then you can download it at Panel Borders shortly after. See? No excuse.

Happy listening'

He also says hes thinking of boycotting Bugpowder of it doesnt change its name to have 'Oli Smith' in the title.

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Nice one Pete !

Joint winner of the Media Guardian Innovation in Blogging Award is Original Developer of Bugpowder, Pete Ashton, for 'Created In Birmingham'. He s good at them community weblogs alright.

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January 29 2008

Catching up on some of the writing at Comicsvillage.com, I came across this piece by Bugpowders own Andy Luke, which touches on Comic-Con-Economics, the UK Social scene, and which makes for interesting reading.

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The inimitable Oli Smith writes:

Contrary to popular belief, Oli doesn't just spend his time p!$$!ng off people in small press, that's just a hobby. In real life he actually makes comics, and to celebrate that fact he's smartened up his website adding, amongst other things, preview pages for the forthcoming epic Fish, as well as three free ministories for people's amusement, come and check it out at www.idlechild.co.uk and give Oli feedback on how stupid it all is.

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About a week or so ago, Joe Decie started drawing comics. He'd made zines and the odd tiny run mini comic before, but this is his first attempt at drawing comics proper.

He's publishing them here on an almost daily basis and when he's done enough he'll be making a short run mini comic.

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January 28 2008

2000 AD artist battles multiple sclerosis

Iconoclastic British comics artist John Hicklenton has invited cameras into his home for a new documentary, Here's Johnny, to record his battle with multiple sclerosis and to campaign for better treatment for MS sufferers.

A screening of the film will take place at the Dana Centre at the Science Museum in London on 30 January, and Hicklenton will be speaking at the event.

(See the link for more details, including how you can attend)

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IndieReview.co.uk Announce New Features for 2008
UK Indie Comics/Manga community release new community features

The UK Indie Comic/Manga Community IndieReview.co.uk, established in late 2007 has undergone some major refurbishment ready for 2008. The Community has worked towards their aim of bringing the UK Indie Comic/Manga talent to the mass public through a selection of resources and reviews of small press releases, with the introduction of a number of new incentives.

UK creators are encouraged to contact IndieReview.co.uk with details of their work, including specific comics/manga created/published, personal websites and individual biographies ready to be included in the site.

Creators and fans alike are welcome to visit the site to gain access to valuable information including rare reviews of Indie works, interviews with top Indie creators as well as a wealth of information presented in articles from a step-by-step guide on how to publish your own work to a commentary on the current UK comic/manga environment. Members are able to setup a Personal Space with which to share their work with the UK Community, as well as submit their own reviews and articles relating to the UK Indie scene.

You can visit IndieReview at: www.IndieReview.co.uk

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January 27 2008

Ben Powis writes:

Hi BugPowder!

After a mad week at the printers I am now sat here with a box full of my first comic, Turtle Guitar, which is making its debut it print!
I am very excited to be able to share the story with people now in the format which it was always meant for, and in glorious full colour!
Copies can be ordered from my Strange Alchemy Bookshop at www.benpowis.net.

Thanks very much to everyone who read the comic on my website, and demanded it in print, keep your eyes peeled for the second story from this world later in the year...!"

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Talented UK comics collective Orangutan Comics is expanding into the US with the appointment of Trey Wickwire as their “North American Representative”.

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Faced with harsh accusations that they're stealing customers away from The Thing, the London Underground Comics Collective carries on with a hard day of business as usual. Then Oli Smith makes this, the most essential comix-related product for comix retailers ever seen.

This is what comix, good comix, where-ever they are, be associated with.
(YouTube Video-Audio required)

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January 22 2008

Tom Cochrane writes:
...'The Fat Man' graphic novel project has a brand new web site which features a massive 50 page preview of the forthcoming book.

...25% of the profits from this fabulous book will be going to a mental health charity and we are only 900 orders away from breaking even. NOT BAD considering there has been almost no publicity and it doesn't come out for another 8 months. Please help the book along by passing this message along to your friends and mailing list.

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Ian Culbard writes:

Take a hand full of artists, give them the freedom of expression, add a sprinkling of order and hopefully what you'll get is a fun and experimental exchange of ideas made real in the form of a comic.

That's the plan.

A "Round Robin" is a game where one person starts a story and then others continue it by adding a piece at a time until the tale is complete.
Our version involves seven British comics creators. Between us we will make a comic book, a panel at a time. Our page grid is divided into three tiers. Each person adds a tier to the ongoing story, which can be as many panels as they can fit into that tier. Nobody knows where the story will go but there is one element that remains fixed: It is a murder mystery. So whatever happens along the way, we know where it has to end. A solution must be found! Who killed Round Robin?

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# Posted by Dan Fish1000
January 20 2008

Plans are proceeding apace for the UK Web and Mini-Comix Thing, to be held on Easter Saturday this year.

However, if you're a struggling creator that couldn't afford to rent a stall, Oli Smith has a message (offered here unexpurgated):

"For anybody who would like to sell comics and keep their money rather than give it all to a certain Postman Finlay; londonundergroundcomics.com is holding it's own Thing alternative at it's usual spot in Camden Lock Market.

On Saturday the 22nd of March Oli Smith, David Baillie, Andy Luke and a gang of fellow small prevolutionaries will be running three stalls around the market 10 til 6.
With everyone displaying their comics paying an equal share of the rent, we are looking at a cost of £5 per person on the day- the rest of the profits are yours.

London Underground Comics' track record so far stands at over a thousand comics sold over the last three months, ranging from A5 photocopies to 100 page graphic novels.

If you would rather sell your comics to an un-saturated, keen market at a well-publicised location. Camden Lock is the place to be- and with stall-holders discount on all food, it's also the cheapest. Anybody wishing to exhibit comics on the stall or coming and chill with what is fast becoming the new centre of small press comics shoudl get in touch with Oli Smith via facebook (on the camden comic stall facebook group) or directly via email (chocolatewednesdaycake@yahoo.com). We already have enough stock to fill at least two stalls but the more interest we get the more stall's we'll book.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Dangerous Ink is a new magazine intended as a creative outlet for U.K artists, illustrators, and animators to showcase and promote their work.

They're available from Borders Books and anywhere supplied by Diamond
Distributors, and have digital copies available from www.spotbit.com (issue 1 for free, £2 for issue 2).

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Sean Azzopardi's Twelve Hour Shift book is now available from the Phatcomics website.


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Bosnian artist Sasha Peric has some interesting
work, sprinkled all over the web

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Matthew Badham thought his interview with Paul Grist might interest readers of this blog.

(As an aside, if you can come up with a nickname for readers of this blog, please send your answers on an electronic postcard, otherwise we'll have to settle for Matthews rather improper suggestion.)

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Trains Are...Mint's Oliver East writes:
hi bugpowder

Because we’re all a bit skint after Christmas and that, I thought I’d give you something for free until you can afford something decent. So if you go to the Rolling Stock Press site you can download my 24hr comic Station.

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Indiereview.co.uk/ has a new look.

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January 15 2008

Anna Dancer draws these comics. She says "I know I'm not the best drawer, but it keeps me occupied". I like 'em. Go see.

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January 14 2008

If you create comics, Warren Ellis invites you to introduce yourself at his message board, and also recommends the Panel and Pixels forum.

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January 7 2008

"It includes a blown-up version of The Box, the strip that came second place in The Observer Graphic short story competition, two vending machines that dispense two different comic books and the title piece Never Been, one long drawing that wraps its way around the gallery wall (I haven't actually measured it, but I think it clocks in at around 9-10 metres long)."

Matt Badham wanted to talk to Stuart Kolakovic. A fascinating convo in three easy parts.

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Theres more than a few Malcy Duff fans with something else for their diaries:

Thursday 24th January
Edinburgh Print Makers Workshop
23 Union St, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 3LR, UK
From 7pm, Free Entry

MALCY'S HORSES is a documentary film directed by Ben Ewart Dean, filmed over the three days in October 2006 when Malcy Duff decided to draw all the horses in hia head. With original music by Robertson and Shaw, directors of the second feature, "GAVIN'S FEET'

Malcy Duff will be on-hand as part of a Q&A session before the screening. "There will also be an exhibition of all the original artwork produced for the film for this one night only, all work will be for sale."

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Karrie Fransman writes,

Happy New Years kiddies.

To make up for all the restraint of January i have a new, full-fat, dark and dirty comic for ya'll to greedily consume. It's called 'All Consuming' and can be read riiiiight here...


Brilliant !

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Its from almost a year ago but sounds interesting. Joey Manley talks to Todd Allen, CBR columnist and the author of 'The Economics of Webcomics'. mp3 at talkaboutcomics.com

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January 4 2008

The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2008 will be happening on 22 March 2008. Already the show is looking pretty crowded. If you're a potential exhibitor then you should act quick to secure one of the remaining tables. If you're a potential guest then you should be noting the 22 March 2008 in your diary or filofax.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

If you're interested in the thought processes behind the creative decisions in making comics, you might be interested in checking out the CD Rom of Bryan Talbot's Heart of Empire - The Forbidden Planet Blog has a feature on this here, the first chapter if the CDRom, featuring a ton of annotations, is available to read online.

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January 3 2008

Cartoonist Dierdre Ruane has an exhibition at Oxford's Magic Cafe for a month, opening tomorrow night.

Maps is slang for comics right ?

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Via Journalista, here's an interesting essay on Drawing, and a fantastic tutorial on Colouring.

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January 2 2008

The new issue of PARAGON is back from the printers - A 32 page anthology featuring zombies, vampires, hitmen and cute animals getting mushed and squished by demons from another dimension. Not to mention a certain pachyderm superhero!

So if you like Bollywood Manga, Dragonball, Shaun of the Dead, 2000AD terror tales or 70's British horror films, there is something here for you. All for the measly sum of only £2.50!

Available from Dave Candlish
5 Cedarway
Tyne & Wear
NE10 8LD

or via paypal to daveycandlish@tiscali.co.uk

also available from www.smallzone.co.uk

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Boychild Books, publishers of titles such titles as Manga Mover and The Japanese Drawing Room have teamed up with activist UK charity War on Want to make a documentary comic book IRAQ: OPERATION CORPORATE TAKEOVER, written by Sean Michael Wilson, art by Lee O'Connor.

The book was launched on 6 November 2007 in the London ICA event COMICA. It is available via Diamond Distributors December 2007 Previews catalogue, Code: DEC07 3504 , under the listing for Boychild Productions.

Also from the Boychild Books websites: www.boychildproductions.co.uk

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Thanks to everyone that read C78 #1! The story continues in...!

Bionic Comics presents C78 #2!

The new and blisteringly good comic anthology series from the creators of Bionic Benny and Parataxis continues!

In issue two! The dramatic conclusion to Atomic City – as the assassin Doppelganger takes the heroes of the Super-Union apart! Superhero comedy and action by Peter Hammerson.

We also feature a tribute Transformers tale as Deception Shockwave fights a load of dinosaurs!

Also features the adventures of Strawberry Cat and more!

C78 issue 2 is available now: £1 from Bionic Comics, 57 Henley Drive, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 2RF or visit http://www.hammersons.co.uk/page8.htm for Paypal details!


Bionic Comics

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The updates continue apace at www.comicsvillage.com, with the debut of new columns, and lots more...

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hello there
my current webcomic is here (click on 'comics')
there's a related blog here.
i'm doing some more killoteens stuff at the moment.


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just letting you know I've created another mini comic in conjunction with my solo exhibition "Never Been" at Projekts MCR. ~"A Gosling" is a 16 page A6 size full colour mini comic I created in mind for viewers to buy at my exhibition. The comic is laser printed using the same heavy Heritage paper "Milorad" was printed onto, is machine stitched and has a 260 gsm dust jacket. The story is again influenced by my love for Eastern European folklore and revolves around a boy trying to convince his Dad to let him keep an abandoned Gosling he found whilst out working in the fields. The book is available from "Never Been" at Projekts MCR for only £2 from it's own vending machine, or available from me direct via paypal. Contact stu@stuartkolakovic.co.uk for P&P details.

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Rick Bradford has just completed a major revamp of the Poopsheet Foundation website. Besides offering the web's best selection of collector's mini-comics for sale, Bradford has added a section on mini-comics history and a cover gallery.

Poopsheet's new history section includes bibliographies for Mike Cody, David Miller, John Porcellino, and Souther Salazar, plus a biography on Michael Roden. Bradford's also republished several articles by Tom Spurgeon; a 1991 letter from Jay Kennedy in which he describes his plans for the second edition of his Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide; and publisher's indexes for Wow Cool, Comix World, and Starhead Comix.

The new Gallery section provides over 700 mini-comics covers from Anthrax Press, Bruce Chrislip, Comix World, Dada Gumbo Press, Everyman Studios, No Way Comix, Ozone, Phantasy Press, Slice o' Life Press, Starhead Comix, Wow Cool, and XEX Graphix!

(Although the new site was built on the Ning social network platform and signing up with Ning is an option, registration is not required)

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For those of you abroad in the second city, there's an exhibition of work by Belgian comics artists running for a few days more in the foyer of the Symphony Hall in Birmingham. For those struggling to name 5 famous Belgian comics try Tintin, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs, Blake and Mortimer, and Cities of the Fantastic, for starters.

# Posted by Jez Higgins

Our chums at the Political Cartoon Society are running an exhibition of work by James Gillray, the great Georgian caricaturist, from the 16 January to 23 February. It combines a selection of Gillray's work, alongside reworkings by current political cartoonists including Martin Rowson, Steve Bell, Nicholas Garland, and others. The exhibition is on at The Political Cartoon Gallery, 32 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS (just round the corner from the British Museum and Gosh, strolling distance from Euston Station or Oxford Street) is open
Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 11.30am -

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