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February 29 2008

Bridgeen Gillespie appears in literary review paper VERBAL published in Derry today (page 17), telling us why comics aren’t just for boys anymore and gives her guide to what’s best, by and for girls, in print and on the web…
...name dropping Jeremy Dennis, Cliodhna Lyons and Selina Lock in the process.

(slight correction - details of exhibition are actually:
Exhibition : Live Line Comics Open 1 March - 12 April Free admission
Riverside Gallery
Old Town Hall, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond
Telephone: 020 8831 6000
Email: artsinfo@richmond.gov.uk )

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February 27 2008

Also from the Caption livejournal,

Tony Keen is putting together a British Amateur Press Association commemorative issue, in memory of Steve Whitaker. Contributions accepted from any of Steve's pals, you don't have to be B-APA people.

"If you want to contribute, please contact me at keentony at hotmail dot com. I'm looking for contributions of 1-2 pages, by mid-July, preferably as camera-ready copy. Thanks to those who have already agreed to be involved." (Lj)

# Posted by Andrew Luke

Caption 2008 is to be held on 9th-10th August this year with the Timewarp theme (new timey-wimey website by the excellent Mr. Cugley) Will be at the venue its been in the last two years, the East Oxford Community Centre (OX4 1HU). This will be Caption's 17th year (really), and its expected there will be the usual session the Friday night before as well.

Running at the Oxford Jam Factory (OX1 1HU) over the month of August is a sibling event of sorts: a month long exhibition featuring the works of Jeremy Dennis, David Baillie, Dierdre Ruane, Andrew Luke, D'Israeli and Terry Wiley, with perhaps others to be announced.

More details to emerge on both of these as we're ready to release them.

Jay Eales has a post on the Caption livejournal explaining the significance and putting out a call for artwork,

"now accepting illustrations/ comic strips on the Timewarp theme for inclusion in the convention programme/ exhibition/ auction. Contact Jay Eales for more info at: jay.eales @ googlemail.c om."

A Caption flyer is available upon request as a pdf for those of you who wish to distribute them.

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February 26 2008

A perfect little one-pager that packs a wallop.

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February 24 2008

The 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz has a new editor and publisher – new and old interview each other to find out why, what, how, when and where.

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Prestonpandemonium III will take place on Saturday 31st May 2008 – 12.00– 3.00 p.m. at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg (a.k.a. "The Goth"), 227-229 High Street, Prestonpans, EH32 9BE

Scotland's Smallest Small Press event takes place during the annual 3 Harbours Arts Festival (www.3harbours. com) which attracts several thousand visitors.

Several dealers and artists have already confirmed for this year – but they still want more!

If you want to be involved in any way: sell your collection; send a message of support; run a workshop; do some signings; sell your own work; create something specially for PPIII -- as long as you don't expect to be paid and don't have any diva demands -- See www.prestonpandemonium.com for further info.

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February 23 2008

I'm very sad to announce the death of Steve Whitaker. Steve passed away unexpectedly yesterday morning.
Here are links for D'Israeli's blog and Jenni Scott's post to the Caption livejournal.

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February 21 2008

King Tractor Press are releasing their back catalogue of Family Bones for free, upon registration with the Wowio e-book service. Described as a "gothic coming of age story", based on writer Shawn Granger's delving into his family history. Granger and illustrator Brent Giles Family Bones can be found here

Lew Stringer's website has moved, and hes put in some old skool Combat Colin. Those were good !

New BugBlogger Rachid Otsmane (also of IndieReview: busy man !) is interviewed by man of many talents Oliver Lambden over on Modern Monstroblog

What is he building in there ? Matthew Badham is up to something, something called.. The Beagle Awards

And the Forbidden Planet blog has a colourful set of small press reviews up

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Charlotte Powell runs ComicNerd UK together with contributions from Philip Greening. The site provides information for UK based comic fans about all Comics, thus the site is generally updated after the Thursday UK release. They also have some comic reviews as well as convention reviews too!

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February 19 2008

Bridgeen Gillespie sends us a reminder of the upcoming Liveline: Comics Open event at the Riverside Gallery running from 1 March - 12 April 2008. Liveline showcases original artwork and comics by the UK underground and independent scene. Bridgeen will have her Robot Rabbit strip 'Coalescence' on show at the event.

# Posted by Rachid Otsmane
February 18 2008

PJ Holden, currently in the process of getting quite well known, has published his Previously collection of assorted short pieces as a big fat PDF. You can buy it to download for one of your Earth pounds. He's given his website a bit of a makeover too.

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February 17 2008

Bugpowder and TRS2 are experiencing a backlog of mail, so please bear in mind this site is run by a loose association of people who have day jobs. If you'd like to contribute please read this, this, and email Jez @ jezuk . co dot uk, mentioning Bugpowder in the subject line, and if hes not too busy he 'll set you up with posting rights.

Simon Gurr writes,
"The Bristol Story was written and researched by my friend and
collaborator (speculative fiction novelist) Eugene Byrne and drawn and designed by me. The Bristol Story runs to nearly 200 pages covering the city from prehistoric times to the present. If you're in the area it's available, for free, from Bristol libraries and museums, Blackwell Bookshop on Park Street, Arnolfini Bookshop, Watershed Media Centre and Waterstone's Bookshop in the Galleries,
Broadmead. More information at http://www.bristolreads.com"

A new horror comics anthology by Dave Hitchcock is mentioned in Lew Stringer's retrospective on horror comics in the High Street.

Storyboard artist and Comics Lecturer Roger Mason is offering tuition in creating comics. He's previously worked on Mongo Le Magnifique, London Inferno, 2000AD and The Mice. "A wide range of topics are covered, including creative figure drawing, writing stories, cartooning tips, art techniques and advice on which materials to use. Please go to www.looksgoodonpaper.co.uk to view Roger's artwork. Rates negotiable, call 07941 250077 for details. Based in NE London."

Our very own Mardou and husband Ted May feature in this report on the St. Louis comics scene.

February 7th Marcy : University College Falmouth hosts a one-day symposium exploring visual storytelling.

Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's new webcomic, Freak Angels, is up.

Steven Grant discusses thought balloons

"How Manga Took Over The World" runs in Manchester, March 13th to September 27th at the Urbis Exhibition Centre

Finally for now,A few announcements on my blog about my schedule for this year ahead in comics, featuring some wider revelations about UK comics events in general. Including exhibitions, symposiums, graphic novels, and London Underground Comics (yes Oli, it does mention Eddie Campbell)

# Posted by Andrew Luke

The seemingly tri-annual Eagle Awards are back.

# Posted by John Robbins
February 13 2008

The draft programme is now available for Orbital's Eastercon 2008 (London, March 21st - 24th), featuring Neil Gaiman, Matt Brooker, Bryan Talbot and many others.

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February 7 2008

David Baillie is popping up everywhere nowadays - Make sure you keep your Baillie quotient fully topped up, by:

A. Reading this interview at the awesome looking new IndieReview site

B. Reading this recent three-part interview with Matt Badham (part 1 here)

C. Francophiles should point their browsers to the latest issue of the fabulous BD Zine

D. Finally, make sure you visit David's own site regularly, for the latest BellyButton Chronicles (now 33% complete!). Baillie-deprivation is harmful, and should be avoided at all costs.

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February 6 2008

I know it was only mentioned a few days ago, but I couldn't resist posting the trailer for Bob Byrne's Mr AMPERDUKE Graphic Novel, now on sale!

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Jamie Hewlett's 'Get the Freebies' comic from Face magazine is coming to BBC3 as "Phoo Action":
Tue 12 Feb, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins

New drama. London 2012. Based on the Jamie Hewlett comic strip, Get The Freebies. Super hero Whitey Action joins together with tough gay Buddhist kung-fu cop Terry Phoo, to thwart the crimes of The Freebies Gang.

Terry Phoo ....... Eddie Shin
Whitey Action .......... Jaime Winstone
Chief Benjamin Benson ........... Carl Weathers
Lady Elenor Rigsby ........... Talulah Riley
Footballer ........... Robert Craigs
Dr Evelyne Conan-Bell ......... Geraldine James
Sir George Conan-Bell ........... William Chubb
Lord Rothwell .......... Danny Webb
Sifu Chien .......... Richard Woo
William ........... Ed Weeks

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# Posted by Dan Fish1000
February 5 2008

Details here of the much-anticipated launch of Mister Amperduke, the graphic novel by Irish cartoonist Bob Byrne (of The Shiznit, MBLEH!, 2000AD fame). Lego it over there and have a goo!

# Posted by John Robbins

Buffalo Roots looks gorgeous and I really must get a copy. Fortunately, John Cei Douglas' Myspace page accepts Paypal. These look to remind me of a time when I enjoyed Spider-Man comics, and Drawn & Quarterly loveliness.

Camden Underground comics get a personal endorsement from Alan Moore.
(Also included in a feature article examining their success)

Orang Utan Comics writes to promote Baby Boomers, debuting on the 22nd March this year. "Just two babies fighting with Jerry Bruckheimer producing and John Woo in the director’s chair." says company founder Peter Rogers.

Professional Matthew Badham is offering a proofreading service to small pressers. "Flat rate: £20 a comic (and that includes big anthologies like Accent UK's Zombies). If your comic is a mini, then get in touch. It's possible that I'll proof it in exchange for a comp' copy."
Type to him mattbadham (at) hotmail comm

Also, THE Matthew Badham talks to THE Ellen Lindner

The Breaking Into Comics event last weekend looked brilliant. I wished I could have been in many places at once. Thankfully notetaking that will help your grades has been undertaken by John Freeman and Selina Lock Shiny !

Factor Fiction Press website has a gorgeous update, btw, which includes A LEE KENNEDY ARCHIVE !!

You lucky, lucky, lucky people.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
February 3 2008

The guys at IndieReview write:

We have some exciting new features over at IndieReview, including the ability to host your own site with us, and a personalised url such as www.indiereview.co.uk/whateveryouwant! Check out the new Press Release
Hope you enjoy the new look site, and please give us some feedback in the forums of what you think!

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Manchester's Black and White Cat Press finally has a new website here and a new Extricate comic from David Birchall is fresh off the press available for £3.00 including post and package.

The press is also planning to publish a compilation of various comics and drawn work in the summertime, deadline for submissions is end of May.

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February 2 2008
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A big update from Paul Gravett:

Hello and Happy New Year!

- and Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat as well next week!

Back from a fantastic Angoulême festival and busy with loads of projects.

First up is my first ever trip to Ireland, stopping off at Cork tomorrow for
a potentially amazing event for this summer, and followed by an overnighter
in Dublin where I'll be taking part on Saturday Feb 2nd in a whole day of
manga and anime events at the Chester Beatty Library - details here, hope
some of you can be there:


Further ahead, I'll be very involved with Birkbeck's exciting Graphic Novel
Study Day on Saturday February 23rd, 10.30-4.30. David Lloyd, Nick Abadzis
and Steve Marchant are among those taking part. Don't miss this. Details,
poster and booking here:

http://www.bbk.ac.uk/ce/news/graphicnovel, or

The big (and free) exhibition looming on the horizon is MANHUA! CHINA COMICS
NOW, from March 7th to April 11th at the London College of Communication,
SE1. It's been a fantastic opportunity for me as curator to research this
culture and work with some excellent experts to source both major mainstream
hits and cult and underground alternatives, from mainland China as well as
from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Details are on the site and much more info and
images will follow soon:


Another date for your diary, Tuesday March 25th, 9.30am-6pm, brings a China
Comics Now Study Day, all day with a dozen international guests including
major artists. This will be a free event, supported by the China Now
Festival, but you will need to book, as numbers are limited. I'll email you
as soon as know how you can book. There will also be an evening reception

Finally, Comica stirs again on Thursday March 27th with a celebration of the
life and legacy of the King of American Comics, Jack Kirby at the ICA. Paul
Gambaccini and other admirers tbc, including Christine Harper from Jack
Kirby Quarterly, will be in conversation via satellite phone link with
stateside biographer Mark Evanier, whose Kirby artbook from Abams is
launched that evening - and with John Morrow, from Jack Kirby Collector,
hitting its 50th bumper issue. Rare audio clips, a viewing of collectors'
item original artworks, and more make this an essential event. Tickets are
not bookable yet but will let you know soon as they become available.

Look out for Peter Stanbury's and my report from Angoulême this coming
Sunday. And all the very best for a gr8 '08 - may it be your best year yet!


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Read Sarah McIntyre's Hourly Comic here. She links to several others too, and they all look good.

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February 1 2008

According to The Guardian, schoolchildren in Germany are using comic books to learn about the holocaust, courtesy of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam (which stocks several volumes of fine-looking educational comics in a variety of languages - you can order some here).

However, the closing quote of the article threw me a bit: "...it turned out that many teachers we spoke to had already used Astérix in their history lessons."

Astérix? I would have thought the history portrayed in those books was a bit suspect, to say the least.

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