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March 1 2008

Hi. Its Andrew L. "Well of course it's not all comic shops !" is a Q & A session with reports on external venues from Cliodhna Lyons, Malcy Duff and Jeremy Dennis. Comics Village
I'm revising my publishing schedule to announce I'll be printing a new comic thing every Saturday of this month to premiere at Camden and The Thing. If you're in London today, I'll be debuting the completed redrawn 'Optimus and Me'. The first twenty copies sold will come with an optional free original from the book. Orders over the web are welcome, its 50p a go, plus 50p p&p.
I've also re-aligned my 24hr comic 'Gran', and its now available in pdf format, for 50p. (1 extra for printed version)
(Paypal orders are welcome for both c/o drew dot luke at gmail .com) Fill in the amount, and email stating which books and versions you'd like facilitated your way.

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