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March 7 2008
# Posted by Andrew Luke

Comics festival, free of charge ? A charity's festival, With A-listers ? How do they do that I wonder ? Certainly theres got to be material in there for my home column.

2D, The Northern Ireland Comics Festival, will return this year and will take place from the 5th - 7th June in the Verbal Arts Centre and other locations here in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Theres a forum, some gorgeous photos from last year on the website. and more information on this year's event, from the Artist in Residence's livejournal.

# Posted by Andrew Luke

See that ? Thats the attitude cartoonists need to get into their work as much as possible.

Its also the theme of a new comic anthology Cliodhna Lyons is putting together. Maybe see yours on those pages ? More details here.

# Posted by Andrew Luke