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June 29 2008

Irish comics wiki

Manchester zine fest. (oe: i've heard tables are free at this but don't quote me on that)

# Posted by Oliver East
June 27 2008

New one-shot comic Bulkhead by Ciaran Cross- now available to buy from www.acibox.com...
When a photographer is sent to gloss over the activities of a ruthless export company stripping a Latin American nation bare, he comes face to face with an insurgency that threatens to ask him the very questions he is trying to avoid asking himself, in a language he cannot fail to understand...
You can take boxes out of the country,
but you can’t take the country out of boxes...

Just £3 with FREE UK delivery
40-pages / 100% recycled paper

(oe: got mine today, looks mint)

# Posted by Oliver East
June 25 2008

Last Bus is a new self published ongoing comic book from Irish creator Patrick Lynch. The first issue contains 3 separate stories: “Last Bus”, “What Became Apparent...” and “These Things I Know” engaging such diverse themes as public transport, street violence, absent friends and dream logic. Check it here

# Posted by Oliver East
June 22 2008

Monkeys Might Puke! is proud to present their latest anthology. Entitled 'Who Gives A **** About Mickey Rourke?' it's a kaleidoscopic study of the troubled actor, featuring work by Steve Tillotson, Paul O'Connell, Rob Jackson, Dan Lester and more. Order it at www.monkeysmightpuke.com/mickeyrourke

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# Posted by Richard Cowdry
June 20 2008

Where Grows The Bitter Herb is a new comic by Ben Powis

"All is not well in the village, a mother lies sick and dying. The only thing that can save her is a magical herb that grows atop the tallest mountain, but who will be brave enough to quest for it?"

Looks great. Check his site and get it from Gosh furra fiver.

# Posted by Oliver East

Manhole #3, by Mardou, has just been published. There are two pages available for viewing at the USS Catastrophe site.

# Posted by John Robbins
June 19 2008

Matthew Craig writes:

Hi-Ho, Bugpowderites!
I've been given a stall at the Flair Designer Maker Fair this Saturday, 21st June, at the Light House, Wolverhampton. I'll be selling my full range of comics and associated merchandise, including Hondle and Trouble Bruin. The Fair runs from 11am to 4pm, and admission is free. The Light House is on Fryer Street, around the corner from the bus and train stations. I hope to see you there!
Matthew Craig

# Posted by Peter Beare

Thought Bubble is "a four day annual event which celebrates sequential art in all its forms, including everything from superheroes to independent small press. Thought Bubble will also feature a very special day-long convention at Leeds' largest newest venue, Saviles Hall, on Saturday 15 November."

# Posted by Peter Beare

Travelling Man in Leeds have a Drink and Draw tonight. Also a Small Press Night coming up on July 3rd. I'm not going: I'm nowhere near Leeds. But maybe you are.

# Posted by Peter Beare
June 14 2008
# Posted by Oliver East
June 13 2008

Alex Fitch interviews Oliver Lambden and The Hunter guys, and Oli Smith and Sean Azzopardi. (Sean's 'Necessary Monsters' is progressing nicely too).

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

Blank Slate has a new blog. Should be interesting watching a new publisher find it's feet.

# Posted by Oliver East
June 12 2008

it seems like i pick the weird ones- the work of Rodrigo Estrada Gil

something a little bit more straightforward- D'israeli explains his processes

lastly, the blog of Stephen Collins, who does a weekly strip for The Times Work section, and a lot of excellent illustration work.

# Posted by Stevo Tillotson
June 8 2008

Willie Hewes writes:

I have a new comic out under the new ITCH brand: GothBoy, Something Big. It's a 24 page comedy story with four normal housemates in a strange, strange world.

It is the first in a series of silly little books full of day-job stress, undead horrors, tentacles and stupid jokes. Each part of the series will be a self-contained story.
More info and orders here

# Posted by Oliver East

This Wednesday, Paul Gravett will be "in London for June 11 at the ICA for the next Comica event with brilliant graphic novelists Mike Dawson, Mio Matsumoto, Woodrow Phoenix and Warren Pleece (plus the launch for BEST CRIME COMICS, my latest book with Peter Stanbury!) More cetails here

Two comics pub meets happening in London next Saturday June 14,
Comics Creators Guild of Great Britain
2:00pm - 6:00pm at the White Swan Pub
20 Farringdon Street, London (view map

Descrived as "A Place for the British Small Press creators to show up, show their comics to other creators and just gab about comics! No admittance fee, just bring yourself and your talent!"
Email: webmaster(at)comicscreatorsguild(dot)couk, and Giovanni Spinella has set up a facebook group.

The second event ties into one a month ahead:

London, Saturday July 19th
Upstairs at the plough pub, next to the Cartoon museum on Museum Street (near Russell Square)

Mr Jimi Gherkin will be organising an event with support of the Cartoon Museum and others. Free to the public, no word yet on "if stalls will cost anything, if they do they'll be dirt cheap. Basically it'll be a first come first served scenario on the stalls, but there'll also be a communal table for people to leave comics on too. if you want to be involved.."
Email Jimi at jimigherkin(at)yahoo.co.uk, Sean Duffield also adds "If you can help publicise it, please do and forward contacts/ emails onto Jimi."
Jimi got in contact with me and explained he'd like it to work like a collaborative old zine. There'll be a meet in The Plough next Saturday (14th) to discusss how this will come together. I guess thats an open invite.

June 22nd, 1-6.30pm - Comics Day at Dundee Literary Festival. Metaphrog, Ilya, Roger Sabin and others will joinPaul Gravett for a packed afternoon of presentations organised by Chris Murray. For details

To those who weren't already aware of it, Jack Brodies, the comics and cakes store in Camden closed its doors two months ago. Which is a bit sad.

I'm taking a two month leave of absence from Bugpowder. A Low Energy Day. Should be back in time to promote the Comics Collective gallery show running in Oxford through August, Caption (10th-11th August), and whatever it is the LUC boys have planned for that month. 'Along with lots more!' Go easy on those journos !

# Posted by Andrew Luke
June 6 2008

Its been ten years since the publication of Jenny Linn-Cole's 'Cribbage'. The rules of the game explained by a Captain Pugwash-alike, featuring other characters of Jenny's own creation, These found their way into background parts in the 200 odd page Gurkin Trifle, and its spin-offs over the years. Linn-Coles' pirate comics revolve around the world of Septimus Le Plage, the loveable but thoroughly incompetent pirate and his partner, the firey Captain Kat. This great wee stand-alone tale chronicles one of Le Plage's rare opportunities to access power denied his station, and his girlfriend's attempt to enlighten him practically on the burdens this brings.

Parts of this comic could work very well as a serialised newspaper strip, delivering in short form energy gags and transition, while being inclusive of a larger narrative. Theres plenty here that should appeal to viewers of refined sensibilities in its style, with enough endearment fot those who enjoy a well crafted pop comedy. The comic has a good ink to white ratio, and this sits just as well at the A6 pocket size JLC has chosen for this collection. Theres quite a bit in the way of talking head and shoulders but expressive kinetics of this take the story through to the second half were it becomes more multi-locational. JLC suceeds in crafting a smart and funny philosophical comedy without hitting anyone over the head with it. Which is kind of the point.

Gun Boat Diplomacy has a colour cover and Copies are about £2.50. To get hold of one email Jenny through her website. (28-32pgs)

And after you're done, and while you're waiting on this mini-comic reaching your port, theres some more of that.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
June 3 2008

Shameless plug;

The fancy new Trains Are...Mint hardback collection, collecting the first three, is out now and available at these stockists. If one's not near you, the book's in next months Previews, so you can bug you're local shop to get it in.

as you were

# Posted by Oliver East

Paul Gravett's all over the place:

His new book "The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics", is officially out
July 18. Copies will be available at Between The Panels 2 at the ICA on June 11th.
For our Finnish readers, Paul will be at the most northern of all comics fests, in Kemi on June 5-8.
Paul will be talking crime comics at the Dundee Literary Festival" on June 22nd.
He'll be at the Ipswich Arts Festival with Bryan Talbot in July.
and finally you can have a sneaky Paul's other new book over here.

# Posted by Oliver East
June 2 2008

The No Barcodes Festival was probably the best comics festival I've ever been to. A huge success. Heres a video. The first minute sucks, the second is amusing, from minute three on, its sheer gold.

I expect reports will be lighting up the blogosphere and local collectives forming to harness the energies of this thing they call 'the market'.

James Kochalka is putting his recommended Superf*ckers online three times a week.

Sean Azzopardi and Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey's Necessarry Monsters is also online !

And one from myself,
In exchange for your joining WikiWorldBook and one of the groups created there by Andrew Luke within the next two weeks, Andrew will donate an amount of his time as a promoter or assistant to your work in comics or another area.

I’ve been fundamental in contributing to Bugpowder, Caption and London Underground Comics in the past – just the tip of what I’ve done as an independent media professional.

As a creator, I’m aware there are lots of things to do that could use someone doing the work for me. Please get in contact and discuss. (email drew dot luke at gmail dot com)

# Posted by Andrew Luke
June 1 2008

have a look at this craziness, Powwkipsie by Iain Laurie

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