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July 29 2008

A UK creator has made the final round in the international Small Press Idol competition over at Comicspace. Here's what he says:

Against all odds the super pop chaos of Tokyo Gonzo is through to the final round of Dimestore's Small Press Idol 2008. The most sales of the 32 page issue 0 gets the winner a four issue mini series.

You can see the submission here
Get backstage access here
And buy an issue here

Issues cost $3.50, around 1.70 and if you're in the UK chose to post it to 'retailer' when you order and you get seriously reduced postage. We're also offering our famous money back guarantee and will refund you should you not think it is yummy as yummy is.

Competition closes July 31st.

Tokyo Gonzo is written and drawn by Daniel Cox and Bob Molesworth.

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