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July 30 2008

If you're in Oxford tomorrow evening you may like to pop by The Oxford Jam Factory from 6:30pm onwards for the premiere launch of the Caption Cartoonists Collective Exhibition which runs the month of August. It also "runs the gamut from the autobiographical to the fantastic, in a broad range of styles and
media. You'll find narratives to follow around the gallery, keenly
observed slices of life, adventure, surrealism and humour."

# Posted by Andrew Luke
July 29 2008

A UK creator has made the final round in the international Small Press Idol competition over at Comicspace. Here's what he says:

Against all odds the super pop chaos of Tokyo Gonzo is through to the final round of Dimestore's Small Press Idol 2008. The most sales of the 32 page issue 0 gets the winner a four issue mini series.

You can see the submission here
Get backstage access here
And buy an issue here

Issues cost $3.50, around £1.70 and if you're in the UK chose to post it to 'retailer' when you order and you get seriously reduced postage. We're also offering our famous money back guarantee and will refund you should you not think it is yummy as yummy is.

Competition closes July 31st.

Tokyo Gonzo is written and drawn by Daniel Cox and Bob Molesworth.

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July 23 2008

Speech Balloons: the latest in the world of comics.

# Posted by John Robbins
July 22 2008

The Technique needs some explaining. (One-page strip.)

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July 20 2008
# Posted by Stevo Tillotson
July 18 2008

Out of the bag in the last few days Oli and the LUC men are putting together "Low Energy Day", following the success of No Barcodes. Scheduled for August 30th, it features more tables, similar price structure and 'Tales from the Flat's Lawrence Powell as DJ.

More details and the YouTube video on the official announcement, and specific visitor and exhibitor info here.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
July 17 2008

Chris Doherty has new pages from his comic, Video Nasties, up at his live journal. go see.

# Posted by Oliver East
July 15 2008

Due to unforeseen circumstances Jimi Gerkin's much anticipated 'Pens, Pencils and Photocopiers' Comics and Zines Event this Saturday is going to cost exhibiting contributors £7 each. The full story is here, and Jimi has asked that contributors get in contact with him to confirm.

Low Energy Day. Its Coming....

The Jam Factory Oxford will be holding a gallery viewing of ten British cartoonists affiliated with Caption, through the month of August. Several special events are being talked about, including a confirmed launch party the night before Caption.
Heres the flyers,

Both being hyperlinked to their respective Facebook listings. Or you could visit, The Jam Factory Oxford Website or Caption.org

Low Energy Day. Its Coming....

# Posted by Andrew Luke
July 14 2008

Tickets for the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds on Saturday, 15th November are now available to purchase online! £6 or £4.50 concessions

The first 500 people to buy their tickets online will receive invites to the after party at the exclusive Thought Bubble bars at the brand new Alea casino development, as well as being entered into a prize draw to win fabulous prizes!

Convention tables are still available on the 15th November for exhibitors at a rate of £55 for dealers, retailers and publishers, and £35 for small press and professionals.
Download the booking form

contact: thoughtbubble@hotmail.co.uk

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# Posted by Andrew Luke
July 10 2008

Underfire Comics Sketch-In at Borders in Brighton

Underfire will be having a signing and sketching session at the Churchill Square Borders store in Brighton (the one on the first page of Rock Night) on Saturday 19th July from 12.30 - 3.30 pm.

We'll be set up by the Graphic Novel Section where we'll be selling books, doing sketches and live writing demonstrations and talking about small press comics with anyone who wanders past. Come and find us on the day and pick up one of the few remaining first editions of Rock Night.

info here

# Posted by Oliver East

reminder- the comics and zines event is happening next saturday, the 19th july, and the line up looks pretty good. there is going to be pre-event flyering this saturday, meeting at 1pm at the Plough, 27 museum st, london. contact jimigherkin@yahoo.co.uk for more details.

# Posted by Stevo Tillotson
July 3 2008

From the originating publishers of Warrior, Comics International, Halls of Horror, Comix: The Underground Revolution, Miracleman, V for Vendetta and lots of other fine stuff, comes the 15th anniversary special of the world's first-ever magazine devoted to the work of the King of Comics: Jack Kirby.

Chrissie Harper's Jack Kirby Quarterly #15 is a special 68-page full-sized magazine, overviewing the entire 60+ year career of the master of US comicbooks, with contributions and insight from top comics creators and specialist journalists including Kevin Eastman, Mark Evanier, Paul Gambaccini, Paul Gravett, Nigel Kitching, Peter Laird, Bob McLeod, John Morrow, Dez Skinn, William Stout, Greg Theakston and Marv Wolfman.

The pre-publication offer provides sample pages and much detail (which includes news of the return of comicdomís best-loved column - Sez Dez!). 'Nuff said!

# Posted by John Robbins

'Tales From The Flat' and London Underground comics are the focus of this short documentary film (9:44), filmed on location at LUC Camden and the Bristol Expo.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
July 2 2008

Hullo there,

If you're in Ireland and you're about Dublin city on Wednesday 9th July come on down to the joint launch party for Gazebo (a comic Liam Geraghty and I did) and The Comic Cast (a new Irish-based comics podcast hosted by Craig O'Connor and Liam Geraghty) and say hi.

LOCATION : Downstairs in Thomas Reads, Dame Street, Dublin.

DATE/TIME : Wednesday 9th July / From 7.30pm

Music on the night from Schmackey and the Salads and Mary Bellos.

More details on me blog: http://www.blackshapes.com and http://www.thecomiccast.com

thank you much,

# Posted by John Robbins