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September 28 2008

rob jackson has a new comic out, called 8 stories

also keep an eye on the forbidden planet blog, as they have promised a week of small press reviews, starting with ben powis's whale hunt.

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September 24 2008
# Posted by Stevo Tillotson

Joe Gordon just posted up a piece on the FP blog with Declan Shalvey, which touches on the UK small press scene, working on Eagle-winning Hero Killers & the help Jon Haward gave to him. Includes some interesting examples of the creative process.

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September 23 2008

Things have been a little hectic for us here at Stately Bugpowder Mansion. Our apologies for the infrequent updates. Remember, its never too late to volunteer to join the crew! Membership gets you backstage access to the Bugpowder HQ, the ability to plug whatever small press event and/or product you fancy, and the respect of your peers.

In other news:

Here's cartoonist Liz Greenfield on the process behind her new web-comic Steak and Kidney Punches (which appears on the Dark Horse webby thang).

An interview with The DFC’s David Fickling is up.

Top Shelf have recently put eight new strips of Joe Decie's up on their webcomics page

Decadence #6 is a special space themed comic anthology from the Decadence regulars.

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September 19 2008

Making its debut at the Birmingham International Comics Show will be my latest MicroComic presentation - "Stuff For You".

Think of it as a little refreshing commercial break to read between greater more worthy tomes.

As well as showcasing modern advances in Male Grooming, this issue also features amazing celebrity cameo appearances, including A-List superstar Christopher Walken*! Walken completists, this is one you won't want to miss.

*(Christopher Walken does not endorse this unnofficial appearance).

Absolutely free, you may find this MicroComic lying around at Birmingham, thrust randomly into your hand, or available on request from myself. Stop me and try one!

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September 17 2008

Pillar of the Small Press Shane 'Smallzone.co.uk' Chebsey has released details of events at the upcoming Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS for short). The 'All Killer No Filler' schedule includes (of possible particular interest to Bugpowdees) the "Incredibly Strange Comics" panel hosted by Paul Gravett, portfolio reviews (DC Comics, Disney & Titan) for those wanting to go Pro, plus there'll be over 50 Small Press publishers exhibiting at the show.

I've bought my tickets, there were still rooms available when I booked this week. If you see me, say 'Hi!' (optionally followed by 'What are you drinking?').

Oh, and BICS has a message board forum now apparently.

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September 10 2008
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September 7 2008

Sheridan Cottage returns for another series of Sunday night runs. Last week featured a spotlight on Dan Lester and 24 Hour Comics, this week is a broad retrospective on UK comics in the last few years, and where we might be heading next.

State of the Union is online now.

Columns over the next few weeks will be reporting on my experiences running a stall selling mini-comics at the Oxford town and county market, as well as the month long Collective exhibition at the Jam Factory.

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September 6 2008

Marc Ellerby has a new mini comic out, Sad Girls for Life- details here

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September 5 2008

There's a new issue of the comics magazine Colouring Outside The Lines coming out with an interview with Liz Lunney amongst others. I keep an issue by my toilet. It's very good.

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September 3 2008
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Limited Time Top Shelf sale again. (Via the very readable LITG)

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