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February 25 2009
# Posted by Dan Fish1000
February 24 2009

Comicker Tanya Meditzky and pals Girls Who Draw are having an excellent-sounding private view this Thursday - if you're in the Capitol, do come along and check it out!

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February 21 2009

the bristol international comic expo is in a different location and smaller scale this year, but there is also going to be a separate (but in conjunction with the main con) small press expo nearby on saturday 9th may- exhibitors can book now, at the reasonable price of 30.

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Alex Fitch talks to David Baillie on his Resonance FM show.
"(David has been self publishing comics since the beginning of the 2000s and has recently produced his first graphic novel - Tongue of the dead - a pastiche and welcome update of 1970s and 80s Sword and Sorcery comics. David also has worked as a comics commentator for various publications and has recently seen his first "Future Shock" published in the venerable British periodical 2000AD.)"

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
February 16 2009


its the brighton zine fest this weekend- 21/22 feb

leonie o' moore's Monstrum Horrendum Vol.2 Book 1 is now available from lulu.com

wobbly goggy has a new blog

howard hardiman has rejigged the cute but sad website

two mad strips by matilda tristram here and here

here's the facebook link to a small press event in portsmouth on the 4th april

and lastly, paul rainey sez: Like Doctor Who? Like The Jeremy Kyle Show? Like Doctor Who but don't like
The Jeremy Kyle Show? Don't like Doctor Who but love The Jeremy Kyle Show?
Don't like Doctor Who and don't like The Jeremy Kyle Show? Then you're going
to love my new strip The Doctor Kyle Show starts today at

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February 11 2009

Well, here's lovely - Karen Rubins has won a comics art residency at the V&A Museum. Top stuff. There's a spot more info over at our chums on the FPI blog.

# Posted by Jez Higgins
February 2 2009

The Alternative Press Fair seems to have gone well:

(Above: David O'Connell, Sarah McIntyre and Wes White share a table at the Alternative Press Fair. Image by David.)

Reports 'n' stuff:

David O'Connell's report.

Sarah McIntyre's report.

Chamonkee didn't have a comic prepared and so he handed out this ace temporary tattoo.

Some sketches (There were too many things to buy apparently).

A photo of and short blog post about Vivianne Schwarz's haul from the fair.

Tom Hughes' report.


The text of a piece that Gavin Burrows read out at the Fair.

Zarina Liew thanks attendees.

Jeremy Dennis sulked and missed the Fair (but with good reason - get better soon, Jeremy)!

More photos!

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