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April 18 2009

This week the Comic Cast sat down to chat with four peeps from the Irish small-press comic scene - Philip Barrett (Matter, Blackshapes, Lint, Gazebo), Katie Blackwood (The Linguistic Goat, The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Raindrop, The Elephant and the Top Hat), Ronan Kennedy (Mindpuss volume 1) and Paddy Lynch (The Last Bus, In The Aquarium, You Can Never Return). They discuss their work and what makes 'em tick!

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April 16 2009

Paper Tiger Comix Fundraiser - Brighton - TONIGHT

"Tonight at THE SANCTUARY 7-11pm: Our Community Arts Projects fundraiser. 6 Great bands/ musicians, compere and performance and raffle with over 270 worth of prizes including a 30 voucher for food for friends, a massage of your choice, organic wine, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, organic dark chocolate, arts and ceramics, gifts etc. Plus "MAKE TEA NOT WAR" teapot auction! First band on at 7.10pm...get there early!" (gmaps link)

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April 7 2009
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Amy Letts has just posted the fourteenth installment of her fantasy webcomic, Epic Fail. Worth looks.

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April 6 2009

I attended a barcamp for the first time yesterday, Heres my response to Matt Badham's suggestion of a Comics Barcamp. Please read, edit, reprint and circulate!

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April 4 2009

Culled from Facebook,

Oh, right. Theres an alexfitch.com simple, tidy linking to his various stuff online and his extensive bibliography.

Holy Cross and Dredd artist Paul J Holden for a reasonable fee offers to create hand-drawn colour avatars for folk.

Save the DFC group on Facebook and SuperComicsAdventureSquad, were the affiliated creators have banded together for a plethora of fabulous wonderful strips and illustrations. (via Barnaby Gunning's http://www.savethedfc.blogspot.com/)

Matthew Badham blogs asking if anyone is interested in a comics related barcamp? I think hes onto something, read more about it.

Andrew Luke provides some clues on the start of his major work due out in June, and makes it available for advance ordering.

Dickon Harris talks to Jimi Gherkin about alternative press fairs and zine age kicks (MP3/Streaming)

I decided to go looking for Edinburgh cult cartoonist John Miller and found a strip featured on The List (May of last year). From 2007 AJ Smith blogs about Glasgow's 'Electric Sheep' shortly before its relaunch last summer

The search took me to a page for Kingly Books Hairy Hi-Fi were some of his stuff is reprinted. Hairy Hi-Fi was a sp mag back in the Thatcher days were "Marc Baines, Ed Pinsent and a host of other tortured contributors covered the gamut of the coolest pop culture, taking in legends like Moe Tucker, Richard Hell, Savage Pencil and Tav Falco" You can read more about it at the Kingly Books website

Ellen Lindner's collected Undertow
is now available to order on Lulu, in electronic or paperback form. My, it looks pretty. (see visual post below)

D'Israeli has a rather fantastic article up on the renditions of 2000AD's Mega-City One.

"Eclectic Micks are a collection of Irish professional comic book artists" who blog together. Wonderful fun. Prepare to be amazed and horrified by Bob Byrne's Mole Man.

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April 3 2009

Early last year Bugpowder linked to a 'call for submissions' to 'Side-B: The Music Lover's Comic Anthology'; I responded with a two-pager, and it's made the cut. The anthology (Diamond Order Code APR090973) is published by Poseur Ink and seems to mostly consist of US cartoonists, but one name I recognise from the UK scene is Sean Azzopardi. There's a hefty linked-list of contributors at http://www.poseurink.com/sideb/ - well worth a delve!

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Hello all!

Missed your chance to buy a copy of Undertow at this past weekend's THING?

You can still grab one on Lulu.com. Also, I'll be stocking them in select UK comix shops in the coming weeks, so keep a lookout!

Thanks very much!

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