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May 3 2009

News reached me this morning of the death of Adrian Kermode, a creative writer who had many connections within the British comics industry.

If you didn't know the name, as a writer Adrian Kermode contributed to many publications including Vicious and Borderline Magazine, the latter of which included Miffy, a collaboration with Terry Wiley. He also served as co-creator with Wiley on the much-loved Petra Ecetra Petra Etcetera won the Knockabout Award for Best Self-Published/Independent Comic in the 2001 The National Comics Awards. It made Sequential Tart's recommended 'slice of life' reading list, was frequently recommended by Rich Johnston, Warren Ellis and others, and was recently exhibited in Harrods. His contributions to Borderline were as part of a winning ensemble in the 2002 National Comics Awards for Best Comics Magazine or Website. His work on Petra Etcetra was also nominated again that year. He contributed a number of strips to Factor Fiction Press and their long-running British anthology The Girly Comic, including Dr Lovemonkey.

With Mike Juniper, he was the co-creator of the independently published Dr Sorrow, and Deadman & Hyde with Kieran McKeown.

Adrian was found dead in his home on Saturday, cause as yet unknown.

More information on Adrian's life and passing on Matt Brooker's piece.

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