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May 16 2009

Barry Renshaw is relaunching his excellent magazine (featuring lots of small-press stuff) REDEYE. Barry writes:

"REDEYE Vol. 2 will be a monthly full colour PDF magazine available for download for 1/$1 at enginecomics.co.uk.

You need to send your press releases, images, review copies and links to me, the editor@enginecomics.co.uk and start getting your work out there and seen.

Following the same format as before with news on indies from across the world, previews of upcoming books, indepth interviews with legends in the industry and future stars, definitive articles on all aspects of the medium, a huge critically acclaimed reviews section, and feedback from our readers, we'll also be including, due to popular demand: a monthly Guide to Self Publishing Q&A for those looking for some advice, an open submission for a 10 page comic strip each issue, and a rotating guest column from those in the industry. Feel free to offer suggestions for other additions to the format you'd like to see."

# Posted by Dan Fish1000