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August 27 2009

What a week.

Adrian Brown, manager of the widely respected 'Just 1 Page' comics has been tweeting his trip around London. Hes following the routes in Campbell and Moore's From Hell, and mapping it onto Google. (The Twitter feed) Writer/Artist David Baillie was one of those accompanying him and has posted some photos on his blog

Lew Stringer presents a brief friendly and convincing media analysis of The Beano's battle with political correctness and media uncorrected.

Surely seen by many this week, but a formidable announcement nonetheless. "Kenny Penman, director of Forbidden Planet International (and Blank Slate publisher) has recently been overseeing the refurbishmet of Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham. Penman has decided upon an open applications policy for stocking small pressers and the phrase 'possible small press section if successful' has been mentioned. John Freeman over at downthetubes has more information, as does the FPI blog.

Another important piece comes from the Smallzone Comic Book Alliance, GM Jordan, Steve Merchant and David Lloyd.

The aim of Cartoon Classroom is to actively promote the teaching of cartoon-related skills by introducing educational organisations to professional cartoonists with lecturing or teaching experience.

On the board, Jordan provides compelling information for why you should circulate the link to this project.
I've reprinted the text here
The website is www.cartoonclassroom.co.uk and there professional cartoonists and representatives of schools/colleges, libraries, galleries or other organisations should pre-register. Please circulate the link to any contacts that may be able to help.

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August 23 2009

For those not in the know: GeoCities is closing on October 26, 2009. Your GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and you will no longer be able to access your GeoCities account and files.

I've no plans to move my own Geocities site elsewhere or to upgrade to Yahoo! Web Hosting, so consider this a final invitation to drop by - I'll get the kettle on.

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August 19 2009

Lizz Lunney is doing a comic a day for August and selling the original artwork in her online shop.

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August 18 2009

Matt Badham's Events trail leads him to debate with Mike Allwood about Bristol 2009.

Kieron Gillen is writing Thor for Marvel.

Caption 2009 reports from the weekend are coming in, with a new blog entry by Garen Ewing and collated posts at the Caption website

Jon Ronson, author of 'The Men Who Stare At Goats' has an upcoming Numbskulls story for The Beano.

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August 16 2009

The first two episodes of Carter's Column: The Princess of Tsyzac are available for viewing at Birmingham Mail's Speech Balloons. Written by Paul H Birch and drawn by the Wolverine, Spider-Man and Excalibur artist, John Royle, it's an unashamedly sci-fi adventure romp. Nice!

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August 11 2009

Four Derangements is a new hypercomic by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey,

"A man with nine eyes observes the inhabitants of a mysterious, featureless complex of buildings. Endless dreams, premonitions of doom and ghosts of loves long dead become intermingled in this four part derangement of the comics form. Originally created to coincide with an exhibition of my work at SICAF 2009 in South Korea."

I like it a lot. Its very affecting as his comics often are. A poke around his hypercomics will remind you why Daniel's work should be in your head come award days and for cultural department funding of comics.

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August 9 2009

there's a nice write up of "are you zine friendly?" on dazed digital.com

and Shabs has posted a vast array of photos from across the five days of the alternative press festival here

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August 8 2009
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August 1 2009

The first edition of excellent Small Press mag REDEYE (vol 2.1) is now out!

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Website now live for Windell Classics Compendium Superhero Showcase - 68% satisfaction guaranteed!

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