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September 15 2009

The latest issue of Paul Rainey's long comic There's No Time Like The Present is now available. Costing a measly 2.50, you can get it direct from Paul or from finer comic shops around the country. Earlier issues are also available and the first thirty odd pages are online for your previewing pleasure.

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September 13 2009

A nice man from Canada has just told me about The Captain Star Omnibus, collecting Steven Appleby's Rockets strip that ran in the NME and elsewhere.

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September 11 2009

FISH1000 COMICS to restructure: Renamed FiSH1000 Comics

Daniel Fish, of FISH1000 comics today announced that he will be stepping down from his position as 'Big Cheese' at the head of the minicomics production house, and confirmed the company will be rebranding itself - From FISH1000 Comics to FiSH1000 Comics.

The little 'i' is part of a proud longstanding tradition, contributing to the success of many institutions, such as music players and applications (iTunes), Web Portals (iGoogle) and in the game 'I Spy', in which the little 'i is used to 'spy' an item beginning with a letter of the players choice.

Mr Fish denied rumours that the business was to be bought out by a multinational media corporation, but hinted he was open to offers of cash.

Departing 'Big Cheese' Dan Fish will be assuming the newly created role of 'Grand Overseer', but will continue to work as the company's main creator. The next release under the new branding will be the sci-fi mystery thriller 'Deja-Vu', which will be available in Birmingham at the British International Comics Show. Deja-Vu sees a return to the classic FISH1000 format of a double-sided A4 page crammed with stuff, a style that earned him the nickname 'The Chris Ware of British MiniComics'.

"You'll start to see the new branding everywhere, from the products to the website" said Dan Fish, press spokesman for the company, "Unless I forget or change my mind at some point" he added, before going on to say some other stuff that was interesting, but I can't read this handwriting.

Go to FiSH1000.BIZ, or follow @fish1k on twitter for further breaking news.

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September 8 2009

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