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February 2 2010

Movie mag Little White Lies is running a film to comics competition. If you can condense your favourite film into a six panel comic strip, you could have a page in the next issue of Little White Lies, sitting under a John Romita Jr Kick-Ass cover. Sound like fun? Well read the details and then get cracking because the closing date is the 12th of February.

# Posted by Jez Higgins


In Don't Get Lost Making A Graphic Novel totemic small-presser Andy Luke details the typically atypical process he experienced in creating his graphic novel Don't Get Lost. It's fascinating stuff, as ideed is the novel itself - a fractured narrative that requires a willingness to submit to idiosyncratic storytelling, but which manages to coalesce into something meaningful and rewarding.

# Posted by John Robbins

The latest issue, number eleven, of Paul Rainey's long comic There's No Time Like The Present is available now. Paul confirms that the series will conclude in two issues time. I haven't seen a copy of 11 yet, but Bugpowder chum Richard Bruton recently reviewed issue 10 on the FPI blog. TNTLTP really is a terrific comic - I recently read all ten issues in more or less one one go, and then sat snivelling for a few minutes while I recovered myself.

# Posted by Jez Higgins