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February 24 2010

International conference on graphic novels and comics - Manchester Metropolitan University. 13th - 14th April.
Guest speakers: Martin Barker, Mel Gibson, Paul Gravett, Roger Sabin.

# Posted by Leonie

Oliver East's new comic is now online and free to read in your own time.

It's REALLY good.

# Posted by Richard Cowdry
February 23 2010

TIM SKINNER: TOTAL SCUMBAG, by the Eagle Award-winning team of Andy Winter and 28 Days Later artist Declan Shalvey, is now available to download for FREE at moonfacepress. The entire download runs to 43 PDF pages and also includes Skinner's first appearance from 2005's SHRIEK! one-shot. (Click on the cyclical SKINNER banner at the top of the page.)

# Posted by John Robbins
February 19 2010

From Hilary Lawler (of Longstone Comics):

A table-based comics event is proposed for mid June in The 02 Village, Dublin. The main focus will be on selling and promoting all types of comics. Table space will be FREE.

Further details will be sent out as soon as I have them - at present it is a names-gathering task. Those interested in taking up this opportunity, please express your interest by emailing 02villagefreetable(at)gmail(dot)com.

# Posted by John Robbins
February 16 2010

Bugpowder over-saturated with Irish comics coverage by the location of it's writers? This one's very good. Fractured Visions is a short documentary on the Irish Comics scene spotlighting the work of Bridgeen Gillespie and Malachy Coney. There's also appearances by David Campbell of the 2D Festival, Declan Shalvey and Englander David Lloyd. The video is open-source and on Youtube. Coney and the Belfast arts also feature in my latest market diary column for Alltern8.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
February 15 2010

Contact creator Graham Pearce for a free PDF copy of Sgt. Mike Battle #11 - See Millarworld for details.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
February 13 2010

Here's a multi-part feature on comics pub meets in
Scotland and Wales,
South England and
Northern England.
It also doubles as a handy events listing.

# Posted by Andrew Luke
February 11 2010

We're all getting ready for this Saturday's Alternative Press Fair, and are hoping you can join us. It starts at midday and carries on till 6pm. THEN there will be open mic DJ's to 7pm before the commencement of a night's free entertainment, including some of the best spoken word acts from the London scene, the band 'The Awkward Silences', and the return to town of the Singing Sensation of the Nation, 'Trent Miller'. Interspersed throughout will be open mic spots, so come along and watch or take part, as you fancy. The evening will be compered with aplomb by the man with such a big heart they even put a bit in his name, Kevin Reinhardt.

There will be food and drinks on sale from the kitchen, as well as something stronger from the club's modestly priced bar.

Any promotion you can do for the event is very welcome.

Alternative Press Fair
Saturday 13th February
St. Aloysius' Social Club
Corner of Eversholt Street and Phoenix Road
London NW1 1TA

Nearest Tube: Euston

12 pm - midnight (FREE)

A day of zines, comix, poetry, radical literature, printmaking and anything else self-published! Then from 6pm there will be a birthday party to celebrate our 1st year - with music, spoken work, DJ's and open mic. So come along and be a part of the day.


# Posted by Richard Cowdry
February 8 2010

Full Oscar-nominated film of 'Granny O'Grimm', directed by Nicky Phelan, produced by Brown Bag Films, and written/voiced by Kathleen O'Rourke. Nominated for Best Animated Short Film 2010!

# Posted by John Robbins
February 6 2010


And to celebrate we're going to have a right old knees up round the Old Joanna round at The Telegraph.

Entry fee of 3 will get you:

- Fantastic live music from the likes of The Stillwells, Sleepwalk and assorted other local folks, including a potential comics-creator supergroup that could make all other comics-creator supergroups look MERELY ADEQUATE!

- Free copy of the latest all-killer-no-filler anthology from the Paper Jam Comics Collective, SPACE MONKEY... AND THAT. Our latest venture is all ages big format full colour cover fun with a capital F! We didn't quite get to have a proper launch for this one, so let's celebrate it with some vigour!

- The regular cakes and sweets, available to all who attend, free of charge! Some home baked if you're lucky. If you'd like to bring your own baking, feel free!

- Small press from local creators available on the night, comics of all kinds available! Why not interrogate the creators themselves about where they get their crazy ideas from?

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Time: 7:30pm - 11:30pm
Location: The Telegraph, Orchard Street, Newcastle, NE1 3NY
Street: Orchard Street NE1 3NY
City/Town: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


# Posted by Leonie
February 2 2010

Movie mag Little White Lies is running a film to comics competition. If you can condense your favourite film into a six panel comic strip, you could have a page in the next issue of Little White Lies, sitting under a John Romita Jr Kick-Ass cover. Sound like fun? Well read the details and then get cracking because the closing date is the 12th of February.

# Posted by Jez Higgins


In Don't Get Lost Making A Graphic Novel totemic small-presser Andy Luke details the typically atypical process he experienced in creating his graphic novel Don't Get Lost. It's fascinating stuff, as ideed is the novel itself - a fractured narrative that requires a willingness to submit to idiosyncratic storytelling, but which manages to coalesce into something meaningful and rewarding.

# Posted by John Robbins

The latest issue, number eleven, of Paul Rainey's long comic There's No Time Like The Present is available now. Paul confirms that the series will conclude in two issues time. I haven't seen a copy of 11 yet, but Bugpowder chum Richard Bruton recently reviewed issue 10 on the FPI blog. TNTLTP really is a terrific comic - I recently read all ten issues in more or less one one go, and then sat snivelling for a few minutes while I recovered myself.

# Posted by Jez Higgins
February 1 2010

Watch Will Sliney's comic Age Of Heroes accrue. (Link via paddybrown.co.uk)

# Posted by John Robbins

Over at blackshapes, Phil Barrett continues to cough up some sterling work.

# Posted by John Robbins