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March 28 2010

An illeistic Tommie Kelly writes:

"Looks like things over at Road Crew are speeding up. Not only has Tommie Kelly got his new Book collection NOTHING'S SHOCKING up for Pre-order from today but you can also pre-order Issue Two of the New Bi-monthly Road Crew comic FOR SALE! The Pre-orders are open for one week only and in this time you can get a host of free bonus's including Ecomics, Music downloads, free miniposters and all books/comics come signed. Not One to be missed, especially as the VERY SPECIAL EDITION of Nothing's Shocking will only be available in this one week window. It contains ten extra pages, a variant cover and a nice big inked sketch from the author. You can get more details at http://www.roadcrewcomic.com"

# Posted by John Robbins
March 26 2010

From Jimi Gherkin :

Dear All,

Please see below for some information about an event that we are organising with CreativeCapital. The idea is to engage surburban communities in the arts. If you're interested in taking part then please contact Amneet at the email address below.
If you're an artist, small press comix creator or zinester, please come along and sell your work at our mini-fair communal table. Also, the local comic book shop, Calamity Comics (160 Station Road - http://www.touchharrow.com/business/map), are opening their doors for the first time to the small press, and will be dedicating some shelf space to underground comix, so go along and show them your work.
love all round
Alternative Press and CreativeCapital Present:
A day of free zine making, comix and self-publishing workshops for people aged 19 and over. Including mini-comic fair, and local opportunities for self-publishers.
Saturday 17th April 2010
1 - 6pm
Trinity Bar
378-380 Station Road
Contact: amneet@creative-capital.org.uk
Bristol Small-Press
Another opportunity for small-pressers thanks to Terry Hooper of http://www.comicbitsonline.com/ Excelsior comics in Bristol are looking to stock small press stuff sale or return, email marcuskent@hotmail.co.uk for further info. Cheers Terry.
Tapestry Goes West!!
Barry Stillwell who organises Tapestry at St Aloysius has arranged for an Alternative Press area at the upcoming Tapestry Goes West all day music festival in July. Small pressers will be welcomed to sell their work and join the area, as well as run workshops and add their work to the reading area and festival zine library! Check it out here http://www.tapestrygoeswest.com/ , tickets available here with early bird discount http://www.wegottickets.com/event/76662

# Posted by Richard Cowdry
March 24 2010

P.R.E.S.S. Event
10th April 2010

A celebration of small press publishing, showcasing books, poetry, zines , comic books, artists books and prints.


# Posted by Leonie

Its going to be a busy Saturday - Orbital comics is holding a Murky Depths signing with the talented Luke Cooper on 27 March.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
March 22 2010

Two events happening in London next week - I'll be at both!

The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing returns - This will be the seventh year!

A couple of hundred yards away, Schmurgen Con 4 opens it doors at 4pm till late, and will incorporate an awards ceremony!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
March 16 2010

From Gareth Brookes :

The next Alternative Press Hour will be on Thursday the 18th March at 8pm on Resonance FM. It's the second of three shows documenting our adventures at the Angouleme International Comics Festival and features Stripburger from Slovenia, Chilli con Carne from Portugal and Robert Crumb!

It will be available to listen to shortly after broadcast at www.alternativepress.org.uk along with the last two shows.

# Posted by Richard Cowdry
March 14 2010

worm's eye view of comics side 1

worm's eye view of comics side 2

Back in the days of the London Cartoon Centre (in Kensal Rise) Steve Whitaker did the Saturday morning Kids' Class (& I helped out a little bit).
Steve thought it would be a good idea to do a leaflet boiling down some of the basics that he tried to teach & we devised a hand-out, but inertia being what it was it was never completed (mainly my fault).

It's now available as a pdf to download - to use as a teaching aid or whatever - please distribute it as you need.

# Posted by mooncat
March 8 2010

Avoid The Future, a UK/France based comics blog, have posted a piece on their favourite comics from the Alternative Press Festival and Brighton Zinefest.
Their choices include comics by Hurk, Kevin Ward, Dan Locke, Jimi Gherkin, Julie Homersham, Karoline Rerrie, Peter Lally, Bird, Hannah Glickstein, and me!

# Posted by Richard Cowdry
March 4 2010

24 hour comic challenge: 13th March

Independent press organisation P.R.E.S.S. teams up with the Tyneside to deliver an exciting 24 hour event!

24 hour event is now booked out but there are still free public drop-in sessions during the day and you can folow a live stream of the event and message participants via the learning revolution website.
More info here.

# Posted by Leonie
March 3 2010

the next Alternative Press Hour will be going out at 8pm tomorrow, Thursday the 4th March on Resonance FM. The show will be the first of three Angouleme Specials, focusing on the Alternative Press Collective's adventures at Angouleme International Comics festival as they try to find out about the world wide small press scene. Shortly after there will be a link to the show available on the website www.alternativepress.org.uk

# Posted by Stevo Tillotson
March 2 2010

The Caddy, the new comic book by Malcy Duff, is out now on Missing Twin.
The 32 page comic features a cover screen printed by Heavyrock Screenprint .


# Posted by Leonie
March 1 2010

Insomnia Comics visit Harlow Library on Saturday 6th March, 10.00 -12.00.
Tickets Free from Harlow Library.
Panel discussion with Alasdair Duncan, Lauren Sharpe, Alex Willmore, Tony Wicks
and Peter McLeod, Followed by a workshop for aspiring writers and illustrators to have a go.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

The 'Thing' is happening 27th March, at Mile End, London. Drinks will be happening throughout and afterwards at the Wetherspoons nearby, if you're one of those that likes your minicomics smelling faintly of beer.

I'll be dishing out FREE copies of 'Deja Vu' and 'Foot-Balls of Fury'. Say Hi if you see me.

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Buy The Greatest Adventures of Captain Winston Bulldog trade paperback for half price (5) this week only. I just did!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000

A few quick hits -

Andy Luke's 24hour comic 'Absence' is recommended.

Newcomers Ben Cook and Esme Baran preview LETS*GO!, plus Cook and Jim Wilkins introduce Neutron Boy - You can probably find all creators at "The Force Is Coming II" on May Bank Holiday weekend (1st May to 3rd May 2010).

# Posted by Dan Fish1000