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April 30 2010

Psychiatric Tales: Out At Last

Darryl Cunningham writes:
At long last my graphic novel Psychiatric Tales has been published.

Psychiatric Tales by Darryl Cunningham

Psychiatric Tales is a book that attempts to demythologise mental illness. Forget what you've seen in movies or on TV. This book shows what the experience of mental illness actually is for both patients and the staff who treat them.

Media representations of people who suffer mental illness tend to be appalling. We live in an age where racism and sexism is considered unacceptable. Yet the mentally ill are still considered fair game for ridicule and are subject to the worst kind of prejudice. I had an e-mail recently from a young man who intended to buy two copies of the book when it came out. One for his mother, and one for his step-father. He wanted to show his family that the bipolar disorder he'd been diagnosed with, was a real illness, and that he needed their understanding not hostility.

We still live in a world, sadly, where depression is seen as weakness of character, and psychosis (such as hearing voices) is considered proof of dangerousness. Even the psychiatric nursing profession itself suffers prejudice. I've worked with many general nurses who considered psychiatric nurses not to be real nurses at all.

I'm hoping that Psychiatric Tales will be a real stigma-busting book. An empowering book for those who suffer the illnesses described, and a insight into a much-misunderstood world, for those who know little of the subject.

Buy it here from Forbidden Planet

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April 29 2010

short sharp shocks
If heroes, villains and giant drunken robots are your thing, Short Sharp Shocks #1 - by Ger Hankey - might be for you.

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April 28 2010

Swarm is a magazine on the internet, wherein articles about art - and places that exist to go to - feature alongside articles about getting by in the world, ways of talking to people, comics, mystical practices, sexual difficulties, inappropriate behaviour, goblins, wizards, clothes, nostalgia, mechanical marvels and many other fantastic whimsies and trifles.

If you know about any of these things or simply feel a primeval urge to contribute to Swarm, read the premiere issue and get in touch.

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Reading about comics with some good pictures: interviews with Ralph Kidson, Leonard Rifas (Barefoot Gen, Feet First Comics) and reviews of works by Scroobius Pip, Lara Phillips (The Ministry) and CAAT and a stripblogger drawing 366 panels a year and a reviewer going through 365 a year.

Oh and some grand signs and portents from the Irish comics scene.

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April 27 2010

HOMEíBAKED: LITERARY ARTZINES IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET - Mike Weller describes recent individualized and collective little press publications produced on shoe-string budgets (pdf).

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April 26 2010

The site of Him & Her's Smuggling Vacation has the latest details on the drugs trial the comic has been embroiled in; and news of follow-up book Him & Her's Day Of The Deal.

(Smuggling Vacation reviewed at TRS2.)

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April 22 2010

War - The Human Cost

There are still about two weeks left to get a comic that contains Spain Rodriguez, an album containing Michael Franti and the Spearheads, and donate to Campaign Against Arms Trade. Donations are required for printing costs. See Paper Tiger Comix and IndieGoGo.

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April 19 2010

The Alternative Press Half Hour series starts next week on Resonance 104.4fm

Starting next Tuesday and continuing for six weeks, the Alternative Press Half Hour is a weekly dispatch from the world of DIY culture, reporting on Britainís hidden cottage industry of self produced, self distributed art. Everything from Zines, Comics and Music to Art, Poetry and Fashion are covered, the show aims to expose the work of little known creators and to encourage newcomers to get involved.

20/4/10 Gareth Brookes reports from the Alternative Press Fair, where he talks to Panel Borderís Alex Fitch and comic artist Paul Ashley Brown. Peter Lally talks to Brighton Zine Symposium organiser Emma Jane Falconer. Plus music from Shug and Trent Miller .

Download previous APF shows here : http://alternativepress.org.uk/

Alternative Press Half Hour/ Tuesdays 10.30pm / 104.4fm

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April 17 2010

Artist's Book Fair at Gallery North

Time: June 26, 2010 all day
Location: Gallery North, Squires Building

Event Description:
Gallery North Artist's Book Fair
University of Northumbria, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
NE1 8ST, England.
Open to all artists working with book arts, small press publishing, comic artists, printmakers and zines.
A programme of events including talks, demonstrations and exhibition of contemporary Artist's Books at Newcastle's Literary & Philosophical Society. Situated in the centre of Newcastle, Gallery North invites national and international Artist's Book Makers to the region to sell and promote their work directly to the public.
For more information contact theresa.easton@northumbria.ac.uk

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April 12 2010


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April 11 2010

The Eagle Awards (I already have my suspicions about the winners), and a new episode of everyone's favourite web-based comic, Carter's Column.

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April 9 2010

Zarina Liew's webcomic Le Mime starts today - Here's a handy instruction for reading it!:

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April 5 2010

Pat Mills, "the Godfather of British Comics" will be talking about his graphic novel series "Requiem" and signing copies at WATERSTONE'S DUBLIN, DAWSON ST on Thursday, 15 April 2010, 6:30PM - 8:00PM.

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