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May 31 2010

Some pics from the Expo, featuring lots from the Comics Village (courtesy Sean Azzopardi).

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Jon Scrivens had a bit of bad luck at the weekend when his bag was stolen - losing his overnight stuff, and more importantly, his Macbook. If you have any information, let him know. You can also make a donation (in return for a sketch), or buy one of his books to help out - see his website for details.

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May 30 2010

The MCM London Expo has been and gone now - Here are some of my highlights:

The DFC had a large presence - You can buy a full set of all 43 issues for under half-price, plus there are the new collected editions - If they do well, it could mean a (welcome) return for the comic.

The Failboat Press 2000ad Fanzine was several shades of awesome - Contributor Warwick Johnson Cadwell previewed some stunning upcoming work.

Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood's upcoming projects look great - a Sherlock Holmes spinoff, and Anthony Horowitz horror adaptations.

Paul Fryer has a new copy of Rockfall, and he's working on a 3rd issue, experimenting with a new art style (it looks great)

My Cardboard Life deserves it's continuing success - You will believe a cardboard can cry...

The award winning Yuri Kore premiered new work at the expo

Stunning work from Van Nim.

Gorgeous print editions of Zarina Liew's Le Mime.

Sarah McIntyre & Gary Northfield continue to generate applause-worthy stuff.

Richard 'Elephantmen' Starkings is a gent.

In business unrelated to Small Press Comics, Paul Cornell's new TV show PULSE looks good (available now on iPlayer), the new Ultramarines movie looks impressive, and Kieron Gillen like bacon sandwiches.
Did you know the local bar does £3 cocktails during Happy Hour (5 till 7pm)? You do now.

All the people I haven't mentioned were awesome too.

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May 27 2010

Among other things, Dan Merlin Goodbrey will be selling the first 100 Planets minicomic at the MCM Expo this weekend - Featuring not-yet-published strips! So if you buy one, it'll be a bit like visiting the future. A bit.

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May 20 2010

'Comics Village' line up is looking good for the MCM Expo:

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May 15 2010

THIS MORNING the nationís comic-book shops will open their doors and invite customers to view treasures from one of Irelandís overlooked cultural industries. Today is Free Irish Comic Book Day, an annual event that offers punters a chance to take home free samples of locally produced work...

Irish small press covered by The Irish Times.

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May 9 2010


Matter creator Philip Barrett is interviewed by Andy Luke at Altern8.

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May 8 2010


For a reduced price of Ä4.00, download issue 38 of Albedo One at http://www.albedo1.com/html/albedo_pdf_download.html.

This issue's fiction is headed up by an evocative fantasy by the estimable Bruce McAlister, with further distinctive contributions by Aaron Polson, Priya Sharma, Matthew F. Perry and Martin Belderson. These stories range widely across the genres of SF, fantasy and horror. The issue also features a fine, surreal horror, from Allison Francisco, which was placed third in the Aeon Award 2008 contest.

The issue also features an in-depth interview with a true legend of SF, Jim Gunn, as well as book reviews from our regular columnists Juliet E. McKenna and David Conyers, with further contributions from Peter Loftus, John Kenny and Peter McClean. The fine cover art this issue comes courtesy of U.S. artist Jacob Probelski.

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May 7 2010

29-30 May 2010 sees the arrival of 'Europeís answer to the San Diego Comic Con', the London MCM Expo @ Excel Centre, London.

Of interest to bugpowder readers will be the Comic Village section, with loads of creators lined up, including the likes of :

SelfMadeHero, Matthew Craig, My Cardboard Life, Gronk Comics, Paul Duffield, Marc Ellerby, Gary Northfield, Jamie McKelvie, PlanetRuskin, Fahr Sindrams, Daniel Merlin Goodbury, Chris Bottoms, Sonia Leong, Lee Townsend, Tony Lee, Jon Scrivens, Sarah McIntyre, Melody Lee, Gary Erskine, Oliver Lambden, Sean Azzopardi, Dan Boultwood, Phillip Spence, Sarah Burgess, Jake Harold, Hannah Saunders, Rachel Saunders, David Wynne, Ian Sharman, Holly Rose, John Charles, time bomb comics, Cobalt Cafe, David Goodman, Tempo Lush, Rich Johnston, Lizz Lunney, Murky Depths, Paul Fryer, FetishMan, Richard Starkings, and more, from both small press and 'big' press. Theres also lots of tv and film guests, and people dressed up as stuff.

Kids aged 10 and under get in for free. Bigger kids have to pay.

To find out about the London MCM Expo, visit www.londonexpo.com.

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May 3 2010

The City of Abacus, a new comic by singer-songwriter VV Brown, film-maker David Allain, and artist Emma Price launches this coming Thursday with an exhibition at The Book Club in London's swinging Shoreditch.

There's not a great deal on the website bar a countdown and I confess to being a little wary of this kind of "hey, wow, look at me" launch, however Paul Gravett featured it at ComICA and he's not a man who gets caught up in hype. The exhibition runs from May 7th until the 29th.

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May 1 2010
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