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June 16 2010

Chrissie Harper has been updating her 'strip-blog' Club Comicana, which you might describe as 'H.P. Lovecraft' meets 'Friends' meets 'American Splendor'. Go read!

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
June 13 2010

Cerebus.TV are starting a "Small Press Comics Focus" feature, and they are looking for submissions for future episodes. Email indie@exoss.net for details. You can see a promo for the first one HERE. The 'pilot' has been put together by the guys at Cerebus.tv and features the minicomics of Dan Fish (Hey, that's ME). It appears as part of Episode 30, which streams online starting Friday 18th June and 24/7 all week long.

# Posted by Dan Fish1000
June 9 2010

attention northerners! the bradford zine fayre is taking place next sunday, the 20th june at the Impressions Gallery, Centenary Square, Bradford, featuring:
* Zine Stalls (email if you'd like to book a space, stalls are free)
* Individual zine table, where they'll sell your zine for you and then at the end you can collect your money and any left over zines. You don't need to book for this, just turn up and give them your zine.
* Workshops on zine related stuff and beyond! (if you want to do a workshop or team up with someone on something, please email bradfordzines@hotmail.co.uk)
* Northern Indymedia Online Zine Library. Upload your zines to the library with our scanner and laptops and have a nosey. Help will be on hand if you need it. And we'll be using 100% free software!
* Draw your own imaginary map of Bradford - group doodling fun!
* Bar selling alcoholic and not so alcoholic drinks

the event continues in the eveining at the 1in12 Club, Albion Street for;

* Food in the cafe on the top floor (which also houses the largest anarchist library in the UK. And a zine library of course!)
* Entertainment on the gig floor featuring music from Violet Violet, Lost From Atlas, Numm Tongues, The Flaps, plus Fanny Accordion and Heavy D.
* Cheap drinks thanks to the 1in12's excellent 'no rip off' policy.
(the event at the 1in12 is open to members and guests)

confirmed so far:

Marching Stars Zine Distro
- Aspire Mag
- Recycled Crafts
- Radical Routes InfoStall
- Jeez Louise Zine Distro
- Memo and the fine city friends
- Other Asias
- Mrs Sew and Sew selling some fine crafts
- Ultrahorse/Constipated Rhythms
- On t'Road Zine
- Banal Pig Comics
- Reet! Comic

- Kerb Crawled? Workshop (we'll make a whole zine at the workshop hopefully!)
- Running a Zine Distro Workshop with Lizzy from Marching Stars
- Bradford Zines Worksho/Talk - How did we get here? Where are we gonna go next?

that email again; bradfordzines@hotmail.co.uk

# Posted by Stevo Tillotson
June 8 2010


The Point Village Comic Festival is on this Saturday (12th June) in Dublin. More details on the website.

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June 4 2010

24hour copy

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