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August 26 2010

With the 'Thing' seemingly no more, something new has stepped into the void - The London Comic and Small Press Expo - Go see the website for details. March 12th 2011 is the date to pencil in the diary

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August 25 2010
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August 18 2010

Just a friendly reminder - The Hypercomics exhibition at the Pumphouse Gallery, Battersea plays host to the 'Comiket' small press fair this Sunday - Get yerself over there quick-smart, there's a good chap.

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This looks Awesome.

Al Davison's new serialised webcomic, Muscle Memory: A Survivor's StoryThe prologue is up now, and the internet is beginning to buzz about this.

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August 14 2010
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August 11 2010

the leeds alternative comics fair is happening on the 18th sept in 'a nation of shopkeepers', a bar just behind the city art gallery. more details at the leeds alt comics blog. there's also a facebook group if you like that sort of thing.

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August 10 2010

From this Thursday, August 12th, until September 26th, the Paul Gravett curated Hypercomics: The Shapes Of Comics To Come will be exhibiting on each of the four floors of the recently refurbished Pump House Gallery in London’s Battersea Park, Adam Dant, Daniel Merlin GoodbreyDave McKean and Warren Pleece will explode the narratives in their work from the printed page into the gallery space and beyond.

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August 9 2010

The Eagle Awards will be happening at London MCM Expo - London's Comic Con at ExCel this October. As of 2011 and going forward, the awards will become part of London MCM Expo's May event.

Eagles administrator Cassandra Conroy described London's Comic Con as "the nearest that the UK has to San Diego!" (referring to the infamous San Diego Comic-Con, rather than literally speaking in geographic terms).

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August 7 2010

Gwen Turner is launching Domestic Bliss, and offering a free preview at her website, where you can buy the book in various formats.

Domestic Bliss Synopsis:

The story is a parody on modern living. It is about the journey of three main characters (amongst others): Bliss, a domestic cat and her elderly owners Mr and Mrs Hobnob. Bliss gets lost and has to learn to fend for herself in the wild, whilst the Hobnobs need to move out of the past. It is about two kinds of survival; on the one hand, Bliss and her struggle in the wilderness and her dangerous encounters with the agricultural industry, and on the other, the Hobnobs quest to stay alive whilst playing their roles in an increasingly modern and alienating world. The story is told with very few words as we enter the first episode…

She will be at the Hypercomics comiket comic fair event in Battersea on the 22nd August, selling Domestic Bliss as part of its launch...

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August 3 2010

The Mad Scientists have retired back to their mountain core fortresses following another successful CAPTION this past weekend. They're looking for new committee members if any readers fancy getting involved.

I had a fun time, meeting up with the usual crew, plus a few I hadn't yet met, and attempted to create my own Frankenstein's monster with a mixture of Beer, Burgers and Comics, using my by then ink-stained fingers.

On arriving Saturday morning, after a quick browse, and depositing my new 'Trevor the Ant' minicomic on the freebie table, I drew a page of stickers with the Dino-Saw-Us crew (Tim Winchester, Philippa Rice, Lizz 'Lizz' Lunney et al), then took part in Jeremy Day's (formerly Jeremy Dennis) apocalyptic jam comic workshop.

Then PJ Holden gave an informative interview with Matt Badham, followed by Melinda Gebbie's revealing conversation with Jenni Scott.

Paul Gravett hosted the Webcomics panel next, with PJ, David O'Connell, Philippa, Lizz, and Sydney Padua, making her comics convention debut (Creator of the excellent Lovelace and Babbage webcomic, which I'll be catching up on as soon as I've written this).

John Miers gave a talk next, which I missed, but heard was excellent, and would have been right up my street. You can buy his book online, its beautiful stuff.

The art auction followed, then Atomik Burgers for dinner, closing with Tony Hitchman's Mad Science quiz, then back to the B&B for cocktails and dancing girls.

Sunday followed (as is traditional), starting with the DFC Library panel - Sarah McIntyre (I had the pleasure of looking over her shoulder while she sketched Melinda Gebbie - See her page for the results, and a great CAPTION write-up) and Neill Cameron showed off the first six DFC books (can't decide which is my favourite), and shared reminiscences of the much-missed DFC comic.

Paul Cornell chatted about his work (Knight & Squire from DC sounds great - Am I allowed to mention that here?), then Sydney Padua clued us in some more on her webcomic, and her work on animation for films including Clash of the Titans and Iron Giant ("Suuupperrrrrrrmaaaaannnnnnn!!!!").

Darryl Cunningham discussed his experiences which inspired his Psychiatric Tales book and other work, then the 'Comics as Mind Control' panel followed, and we all shuffled off to find our ways home. I haven't seen those dancing girls since.

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